Spreading Pampers Cheer

Each year as we begin a new year, I like to reflect on the year before and see if and when I've been able to make a difference. As parents, we lead by example and our … [Read More...]

Balancing Family Life and Sleep Schedules for Kids

Sleep Schedules for Kids In our home, we have a wide range of ages.  My oldest is twelve, while the youngest is twenty months.  I have two more kids in between, and they … [Read More...]

Winter Survival Tips for Cold and Flu Season (Giveaway)

Winter Survival for Cold and Flu Season This time of year tends to be a hard one for me. We are through many of the holidays, it's bitter cold, and it seems like someone … [Read More...]

Early Orthodontic Treatment for Kids – What is it?

Dr. Chris Stansbury of Wired Orthodontics explains when children can benefit from early interventive orthodontic treatment.   Austin, TX - Did you know that … [Read More...]

Back to School #KidsGoals With Gymboree

Setting #KidsGoals School is just about in full swing here in our home. My older two boys started last week in 4th and 6th grade and my 4 year old will start Pre-K next … [Read More...]

Earn Gifts and Savings With Pampers Rewards

How Many Diapers? In the last 11 years, I estimate that our family has used over 25,000 diapers. That's a lot of diaper changes between 4 kids! Our youngest, who is … [Read More...]

Essentials for Summer Outings with Baby (Giveaway)

Summer Outings With Baby This summer, we've been on the go most days. The kids have loved to go swimming, play at the park, spend time at the children's museum and more. … [Read More...]

Family Fun at Cherry Hill in Utah

Cherry Hill, Your Family Friendly Destination With 4 kids, we are constantly on the lookout for family friendly activities that everyone would enjoy. As a little girl, I … [Read More...]

Sears Grand Reopening At Jordan Landing ($100 Gift Card Giveaway)

Sears Jordan Landing, Grand Reopening For many years, Sears has been my go to for many items when I am shopping. I remember scouring many stores years ago, looking for a … [Read More...]

Getting Healthy Before Getting Pregnant

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is a must while you’re pregnant for the safety of the baby. But how healthy you are before pregnancy can also play a … [Read More...]

Potty Training: Boys Versus Girls

As of 3 months ago, my daughter is officially potty trained!  It was definitely an exciting milestone for us and a different experience.  I've potty trained two boys, but … [Read More...]

Should I Consider Getting Prenatal Genetic Testing?

Prenatal genetic testing includes screening and diagnostic procedures that are conducted throughout your pregnancy. Screening tests tell your doctor the risk that your … [Read More...]

Happy Mother’s Day To YOU!

  Each year, we have a day to celebrate women who fulfill the mom role in our lives. You could be celebrating be your mom, grandma, sister, friend or even you! … [Read More...]

Thank You Nurses, Giving Back to Those That Give

  I've always admired nurses. Their ability to give selflessly, care and their wealth of knowledge. As I've had my babies over the years, I've had so many … [Read More...]

Peace of Mind for Baby’s Feedings With BlueSmart mia

Bluesmart mia My youngest child is just 9 months old.   I returned to work when he was ten weeks and it was a very hard transition for me.  I've returned to work after 3 … [Read More...]

Getting Through Winter With a Sick Day Survival Kit (Giveaway)

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and 20th Century Fox. All thoughts and reviews are my own. Sick Day These last few weeks have been a bit of … [Read More...]

Super Bowl LI Party Tips

  The big game is this weekend!  The Super Bowl LI is a time that friends and family get together to watch football, root for their favorite team, eat and … [Read More...]

Greatest School Nurse Contest + Giveaway

Sick Just Got Real Since we are officially deep into cold and flu season, its inevitable that sickness is going to be passed around. We've passed around the never ending … [Read More...]

Nominate a Nurse – Pampers Thank You Nurses Program

I am a part of the Pampers Baby Board! This post was written in partnership with Pampers, however all opinions remain my own.   Thank You Nurses! When I think … [Read More...]

Knott’s Berry Farm Review for Families

Knott's Berry Farm Review Last month, our family headed out on a fun vacation in Southern California. We had been planning it for quite some time and we were all … [Read More...]