Health Master

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As moms, aren’t we always looking for products that make our lives easier? I know I definitely am. So when I heard about the

Health Master and how it could make my life easier by combining 20 different kitchen appliances, you’d better believe I was interested. The Living Well Health Master was introduced by Montel Williams with a focus to help others include a healthy diet in their everyday lives.  

Pros: We’ve been through quite a few kitchen appliances in our house in the last few years. Choppers, blenders and mixers; we’ve had at least 2 of each of these. The Health Master packs a serious punch, and is incredibly powerful.  As taken from a Health Master press release:

“The HealthMaster’s design enables effortless food preparation without compromising efficiencies. The machine can perform numerous processing functions while working with one large batch. It features a 1100-watt, dual horsepower motor with a 100-year warranty and commercial-grade culinary angled stainless steel blades that emulsify at over 3000 RPM. Such blending reduces graininess and results in mixtures that don’t chunk or separate for extended periods of time. The centrifugal friction allows soup to naturally cook, while simultaneously presenting the option to make a frozen sorbet—all with the same machine.”


Isn’t it amazing that you can cook soup in this? I’m sold right there!


The first recipe that I tried was a banana strawberry smoothie. I put everything into the health master and turned it on. It was completely pureed in less than 10 seconds. Best of all, there were no chunks, it was so smooth. My boys devoured these smoothies. I felt good knowing they were getting fruits and dairy without the added sugar.
Other pros?  Watch the video below:
Cons:  None!  Where was this appliance when I needed it!?
The Bottom Line:  A professional grade emulsifier that does everything!
Price:  $199
Where to Buy: Health Master Website
Rating:  Excellent!


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  1. 41

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  2. 42

    8/6/2012, 2:06AM EST
    I am very angry at the present time for I purchased online the Healthmaster Elite from the Montel Williams Healthmaster website. I read the terms of agreement. I was advised that I had a right to a full refund if I was unsatisfied with this product or did not want it, so long as I returned the product for a full refund within 60 days from the date I purchased it.
    I purchased this product on 6/11/12 and returned it via USPS delivery confirmation on 7/31/2012 at 6pm, as clearly stated on the Montel Williams TV program I originally watched and as was informed of the refund policy and also outlined in my purchaser’s terms of agreement outlined by TriStar Products, Inc. Therefore, I am well within my rights to expect an immediate refund, which is totaling $100.86. It should be credited back to the credit card of my son, Tyler, who used to make this purchase as a gift for me.
    The reason I returned this product was after receiving it, I realized that the blender already in my home was just as sufficient as the Healthmaster Elite device and performed 90% of the same functions. And since I had already paid for my other blender, I decided to repackage the Healthmaster Elite in red and contact the TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff and request how to proceed with properly returning this product. I initially contacted the TriStar Product, Inc. customer service staff during the week of June 20, 2012 to request how to proceed with returning this product. However, instead of a simple return and refund conversation, I was told that a senior customer service staff member would have to contact me at my home at a more convenient time to him/her.
    I patiently waited for literally one full month, until the second week of July 2012 to contact the TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff yet again. This time, after being put on hold for more than 10 times and forced to stay on hold for more than 45 minutes prior to a staff person taking my call and another 25 minutes of being forwarded to various customer service staff and eventually to a male supervisor, I finally was provided with an RA number, which is a Return Authorization number. I was also told I would have to pay out of my own pocket to return this device.
    The TV show that advertised the Healthmaster Elite blender information included Montel Williams emphatically and repeatedly stressing to potential buyers of this product that there was a 60-day, no-hassle return policy, which included free shipping and a free return policy. To date, I am now being denied the right to a full refund of $100.86, and I am being told by TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff that as of 8/1/2012, my product was accepted as a returned product by their company.
    However, no refund of $100.86 will be refunded at this time due to the credit card my son used to purchase the Healthmaster Elite not being open and able to accept refund presently. This is entirely not true. And despite the numerous attempts I’ve made yesterday and again today to resolve this issue with the TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff and supervisors, I’m being given a new excuse now, that my son will not receive a full and complete refund due to the fact that I returned the Healthmaster Elite well after the 30-day initial trial period expired. This is not true, as once again, this product was purchased with a written agreement (terms of use for the product and purchase) and live on TV with Montel Williams promoting the product, that I had a full 60 days to review this product and return it for a full refund, which again for me would be $100.86.
    In summation, please advise me as to what immediate course of action I should presently pursue in order to ensure that TriStar Products, Inc. is forced to immediately refund my son in full $100.86 for a product he graciously ordered for me and which I never used, only opened, reviewed, and then within the 60-day limit, returned with insurance on the product and delivery confirmation from the Enola, PA 17025 postal office. If possible, have a member of your legal team contact me for a brief overview of my son’s and my present situation with TriStar Products, Inc. and perhaps offer me some much needed legal advice as to what legal actions I must pursue at the present time to immediately remedy this most unfortunate of circumstances. Thank you ever so kindly for your time.
    Note: Should a member of your legal team attempt to contact me unsuccessfully, please advise him/her to leave a detailed voice mail message, to include the date, time, and specific reason for his/her call. Finally, provide me with specific dates and times which are most suitable for me to return his/her call. I will also require a brief explanation of the specific information I should have at my disposal when I am best able to return his/her call. Thank you ever so kindly once again for your time and attention to this situation at hand.

  3. 43

    Very nice review — this blender/mixer/cooker sounds amazing! Soup and smoothies in one appliance! Nice.

  4. 44

    I made mashed potatoes and was turning my machine off and it surged and smoke came out and now the motor is dead. I have no idea what happened. It was on 1 setting and surged to 8 by itself. I love my machine and have only used it a dozen times or so and now it is gone. The motor just went poof! I’m with you gal!

  5. 45

    I must say your post has a LOT of good information! I really appreciate all of the comments from all of your readers. I think I will stick with the juicer I currently use now.

  6. 46

    I have two Healthmasters, one standard model and the other overpriced even more Higher HP model that claims to have more power. So with two different units, I couldn’t tell any difference between the so called “Extra Power” to the standard model.

    Within a few months, the “Deluxe Model”, like many other complaints I’ve seen online, began leaking grease from the motor into the base, then started getting oil/grease into the contents in the pitcher, which also started leaking.

    The lower cost unit, also proved to be a piece of….junk, also Made in Communist China, and routinely trips the circuit breaker on both the unit itself and the GFCI outlets in the kitchen where it is used. I haven’t tried grinding a concrete block like Montel Williams claims on TV, but I can say apples, carrots, and other hard veggies or fruits don’t do as well.

    I bought these to lose weight and get greens, fruits, and other so called healthy foods into me that I wouldn’t normally eat. However not only did I gain weight, but some of my health issues got worse following their recipes.

    I’ll take part of the blame for not sending them back immediately when I opened the “Repacked” box to the inner box and saw in big bold black letters: “MADE IN CHINA”.

    So at $267 per unit times two, I’m out of over $500 worth in crap I can’t use, made in China for pennies on the dollar.

    I wonder if we should start a class action suit against Montel Williams? After all, he is here in America where we can get to him in the courts. China, no chance.

    I think today I’ll start calling consumer reporters, Montel Williams show, the Better Business Bureau, and any news agency I can think of about the POS blender. I was among the first people, like many others, that thought this would be a great kitchen appliance when it first came out. Now I’m man enough to admit I was wrong.

  7. 47

    I bought this machine earlier this year and have used it about 3 times. The last two times the machine would not come on. I tried different outlets, nothing. This is such a disappointment. I need an address on where to return this machine.

    • 48

      Make sure you locked the pitcher and the lid or the machine will not come on.

  8. 49

    This has been a very informative thread. Although you found the Healthmaster a wonderful gadget it was good to read that they’re is a recall on it and I will wait and see if the defects get fixed. Thanks for your review.

  9. 50

    I am soooo glad I read these reviews. I was going to buy one of these machines until I decided to do some research. I always do and it has served me well.

    I will now get a vitamix if I buy one at all. Until then the blender will have to do.
    Thanks everyone.

  10. 51

    it sounds lile the montel health master is having the exact same problems as the jack lalane health master.I returned the jack lalane ,rust, leaking ,and the rivets breaking off after miminal use.I had no trouble with coustomer service , they gave me a full refund in real time.I want to buy another blender but after reading all the complaints I am a little fearful of the montel.

  11. 52

    This is such a great review! i’ll have to pass this on to my health concearned mom.

  12. 53

    This whole blog has been an interesting read. I have owned one for about 3 weeks now and am very impressed, as were many of you when yours were new. A few things should be pointed out. When I first opened up my Healthmaster the first thing I noticed was that the gear on the bottom of the pitcher is made of cast iron or a metal similar. The first flag that goes up is rust! If you put this in a dishwasher water will sit in the base and cause the mechanism to rust! From day one mine gets rinsed out good with hot water and dried. No rust yet and I don’t anticipate any. The pitcher is made of a strong plastic but, exposing plastics and rubber items to high heat, which you find in most modern dishwashers will KILL them!! No mater what the manufacture says! This day and age you MUST be smart about taking care of the products you buy, because unless you pick it up at Walmart, you can’t just walk in and exchange it or get your money back. The problems people are having with the motors I can’t talk to yet because mine hase run 2-3 times a day for 3 weeks and not had a problem. If the company is not honoring their warranty though…they need to be shut down. Time will tell. Semper Fi

  13. 54
    Fred Swain says:

    Don’t waste your money. Words cannot express my dissatisfaction with the equipment I purchased and I am even more disappointed with the customer services provided. I purchased the Blender in August of 2009. I receive it about a week later. January 2010 the motor stopped working. While bending vegetables the motor started smoking and I immediately turned the unit off and unplugged it and emptied the contents. Waited several hours and tried to use the unit again it would not work. I used my unit a total of 15 times since I received it in August. I paid extra for all the bells and whistles only to be disappointed after using it a few times. Talking to Customer services was very frustrating and my only option is to return it at my expense and send 30 dollars with the broken unit so that a new unit can be sent back to me. If I had it to do all over I would buy a very good commercial grade blender from a store that would honor my return with no cost. I trusted Montel and this product and I was let down. I rarely buy thing off TV or the Net but my faith in Montel proved to be the wrong decision.

    Fred Swain

  14. 55

    I also need to mention that my case is not an isolated incident. This company is no longer a member of the BBB and they have had 187 complaints filed in the last 12 months.

    You can check them out yourself by searching the (BBB of Washington DC & Eastern PA) then type in Tristar Products. Also check the website (ripoffreport) 16 pages thats 238 complaints regarding this company. My opinion is buy at your own risk, I hope this helps.

  15. 56

    Save yourself a huge headache and some money and do not purchase. This is distributed by Tristar Products the same company that distributes the Jack LaLane blender of which lasted 2 months before the motor interface teeth totally stripped out and was blowing rust, also the bottom seal leaked so the rust was shot up into my smoothie, then I was blending bananas and yogurt and it just quit altogether.

    I called customer service and spoke with a nice young man Jeremy (rep #T20)who said they would honor the warranty after I faxed copies of my proof of purchase which I did and then called him to verify he got it. He stated he would send me out a new base unit the following day. I waited 1 month then called, he said it had been shipped and would track it and call me back, which he did and said he would send another one as the last one was lost. Well 6 weeks went by and I called again and left a message for T20 and he never returned my call after 2 more weeks so I filed a complaint with the BBB. An attorney from the company finally called me and all but called me a liar, I had given her the Jeremy’s name and rep rep # and recap of what transpired and she spoke with him and he denied ever speaking with me.

    After a few more conversations with her and me threatening to call the consumer fraud hotline for not honoring the warranty I finally received a new base unit 3 months after mine burnt up. The new one lasted less than 1 month before the rust- rubber container-motor teeth issue again. I did not call for another one but you can make darn sure I will post my review to anyplace that will let me. I know the Vitamix is a lot more expensive but I went ahead and got one and it is so worth it.

  16. 57
    Jeanne Kelly says:

    I purchased the Montel Williams Healthmaster. I made great smoothies and soups about a dozen times. It is now leaking. When I called the customer service center to report the defect, I was told they would not replace the defective pitcher unless I paid for it. $25.00! I asked to speak to a supervisor, but was told I could not do that by Keble T71 in New Jersey. I am insulted that I paid $200 for this machine and Montel does not stand behind it. Beware!

  17. 58

    Marian- just one comment on the soy milk situation: I have recently read and looked on the back of the products label at the nutrition labels fact sheet- there appears to be a high level of manganese which is associated with breast cancer and hormonal imbalances. I have made the switch to almond, rice, and hazlenut milk. Just a thought 🙂

  18. 59

    I caution anyone who is considering buying the Healthmaster blender. Yes the motor is strong, but a concern has arisen with the blender blade and shaft assembly. Ours is out of warranty and has only been used a few times. When ever it is used now a brown water soluble substance is slung out of the shaft area and onto the blender housing top and lower part of the pitcher.The substance does have a metallic smell (rust?) and is not oily. When I called Healthmaster they said that they had some one call earlier about the same problem. The phone operator put me on hold and returned after a minute telling me it was normal lubrication and if I wanted a new picture it would cost $49.00.

  19. 60

    Do not buy the Montel Williams Healthmaster, try to save a few hundred dollars more, and get a Vitamix. The Montel Williams Healthmaster, is a re-release of a former machine (The Jack LaLanne Healthmaster) with a new digital display. The Jack La Lanne was a good blender until rust developed, and the bearings would strip, rendering the machine useless, usually after six months. The same defects are now starting to show with owners of the Montel Williams version. The customer service is awful, and you will have to incur additional s/h charges to send it back, and hopefully get a refund/or replacement. The complaints about this machine are starting to surface, and unfortunately, duplicate the same complaints from the Jack La Lanne users. Save your money and do not buy this product.

  20. 61

    I was thinking about buying one of these machines to live healthier. Now I will wait until I hear that Laura Hairston has had her machine replaced or refunded the money. The machine is no better than the people that represent it and it sounds like they are not doing a very good job of it.

  21. 62
    Laura Hairston says:

    I recieved my health master near the end of september, put it on the kitchen counter and left it, early october i purchased a army of veggies to begin my return to good health with montels healthmaster. I plug in the machine and nothing; not even the clock came on, i called cut service to see why i hadent recieved the return label that they were suppossed to send me because i aslso purchased a warrenty.

    they told me they would not send a return label until my second payment went through….yeah right!! like i am going to give them another penny. they are thieves and this is how they make the money….sending out products that dont work and they keep the money you’ve already paid knowing you wont send them anymore.

  22. 63

    There are no reviews on, as of September 30, 2009, they don’t even sell it on there yet. I also have not scene anything that states the kind of plastic they use to make the container. I have to agree with the other posters that they are probably from people from a competing company.

    I would like to say thanks to the Mom that posted this informative video. You have given me the most helpful information in my search for on this product. I would still like to see a juiced drink before I decide to buy the product, because then I could get rid of my Jack Juicer.

    Thanks again.

  23. 64

    Does anyone know where the montel Williams machine is made? does anyone know how long the company has been in business/ 100 year warranty is such a joke. No one in the world will be around to collect in 100 years! These conmpanies that offer RIDICULOUS warraties raise a huge RED FLAG WITH ME! To mr Hilling, what does 1100 watts have to do with anything, if the rest of the machine is not also the same standard! It sounds like at least Mr. Wasserman has had serious issues. I can buy a Breville made in Australia with a 1,000 watt motor and a 7 year warranty for $about $ 200! Beville is probably going to be around in 3-4, 5, 7 years to back up their warranty and even longer if it is an inherent machine defect.
    Info. on above would be appreciated. I must say I ahve been doing in-depth research into silver/amalgum fillings for over 4 years. I have 15 scientists all Ph.D.’s, D.M.D.’s, and M.D.’s who will punch your words very far back into your brain about their being no problem with them. Even the WORTHLESS INCOMPETANT FDA, admits as do most major Medical schools, all agree just one little thing called autism and numerous cancer’s are caused by the silver amalgums. There are no dentists in the U.S. A. who will voluntarily tell any of thier patients that they should get this deadly toxic material out of their mouth. The reson they will not is they know it would be an instant CLASS ACTION SUIT against the entire DENTAL industry by some law firm. Thier own “ADMISSION” or suggestion to a patient to have the silver/amalgums removed would be the prima facie evidence against themselves, and they do not want that! So if you want your deadly silver/amalgums out of your mouth you must ADVISE YOUR DENTIST TO DO SO! You must be the one who initiates the action. The DENTIST afor the reason metioned above will never initiate!In fact many old time DENTISTS which I might guess Mr. Hilling is , continue to tell persons how these deadly amalgums are just fine ok , don’t worry! In fact the more I think about Mr. Hillings advice to search the mixed up most often lopsided incorrect partisan,Big Pharma funded,along with other traditional sellers of deadly poisons which kill hundreds of thousands of people every year, politically funded QUACKWATCH (it is an M.D. who writes it and he hates anything to do with “ALTERNATVE MEDICINE” )is definitely a place to read and take ANYTHING YOU SEE THERE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT! Quackwatch is about as innocent and accurate as the ACORN group of Community organizers!!

  24. 65

    (I’m sorry Tina, I just did what I said Laureen did 😀 My bad!) I Meant to direct that comment to Paul Wasserman.)

  25. 66

    To Tina Hansen: You are referring to the “Jack Lalane HealthMaster” and not the “Living Well HealthMaster” that this blog is trying to review… I am (and many others are) still unable to find any reviews with the star ratings system. Maybe it’s too new as of yet?

  26. 67

    To Alexandra Foster: It wasn’t Paul Hilling who was trying to scare people, it was Laureen. Paul was just trying to give reasons why one shouldn’t freek out as much as Laureen did, stating the same points that you just stated. PLUS, the newer machines are made only out of copolyester now, so no worries there anyhow! 🙂 I ordered the “Culunary Grade” Living Well Healthmaster just today… Does anyone know what the biggest difference is between the Culinary Grade machine and the regular machine? I have YET to find any reviews besides this blog. Thanks!

  27. 68
    Alexandra Foster says:

    @Paul Hilling,

    It sounds like you are only trying to scare people. Why do you think there are organic produce you can buy and what about those who grow their own. Also you can put your vegetables into alkaline water and rid it of any thing that’s toxic. You sound like you are trying to promote some thing of your own. I have a vita mix and like it but I don’t think it can do what the health master can. the Health Master has 1100 rpms! When you have a con, please be so kind to back it up with a link.

  28. 69

    To Tina and all the rest:

    I have been searching reviews for this product, and can’t find any reviews about it on Amazon.

    My father and I are planning on trying this out. I think, after watching informercial after infomercial about juicers that this one sounds the best.

    As far as the BpA and such, there were many MANY things that we all grew up having BpA being one of the ingredients to our toys and appliances. (At least if you grew up in the 80’s – 90’s.) The bottom line about BpA is just being careful. Remember though, going haywire to protect your kids, as in one such extreme case here doesn’t necessarily rid you of the problem. As I stated, toys, appiances, Plastic Chairs, etc; have had the problem for a long time.

    But back to the original point, I’m excited about this little machine, good or bad. 😀

  29. 70
    Tina Hansen says:

    Paul Wasserman – I tried to find this product and its reviews on, but have been unable to. There are several Vita Mix and BlendTec products but no HealthMaster (Montel Williams). Perhaps you can provide the link where you read these reviews? I have just received my HealthMaster and made my first days’ meals with it. So far I am very pleased, but would like to read consumer reviews regarding follow-up, warranty and service.


  30. 71
    Paul Hilling says:

    The fear about “chemicals” and how they might harm our children is not justified in most if not all cases (I strongly suspect that BpA is one of these). The most basic tenet of toxicology is that “it is the dose that makes the poison.” Most people don’t understand that there are many “natural chemicals” that would kill us in sufficient quantity. An example is the huge number of natural pesticides in broccoli; these are probably more harmful than the few synthetic pesticides that farmers use to keep away the pests that the natural pesticides don’t. I really want to see the public educated away from the fear of so-called “chemicals” about which they know very little? Check out, do a Google search on Bruce Aames and please get informed on this subject. Modern technology has provided a standard of living unthinkable as recently as of the 19th century. The amount of testing done on synthetic chemicals (including pharmaceuticals) often goes way beyond what is needed to establish a significant level of benefit over risk (another principle the public seems incapable of comprehending; what is better, to lose one person in 1000 to use of a drug or lose 100 who didn’t take the drug for fear of dying?). Consider how the media goes nuts and scares the public unnecessarily when, for example, it is discovered that a wonder drug may have previously unknown side-effects. There seems to be little interest in the benefits of the drug and the fact that the users of the drug often are willing to accept the risks (e.g., Vioxx for arthritics who were able to function again). How about those people who have their silver-mercury amalgams drilled out for fear of mercury poisoning? I have a long list of the synthetic chemicals contained in the white fillings used to replace the silver ones. Do the people who have these placed in their mouths have any inkling as to the harm these chemicals might do (many of the names are very scary sounding indeed)? I consider the dentists who remove silver fillings for health reasons to be ideologues or crooks; either way, at a minimum, these characters should be drummed out of the profession. Another excellent website for people who are concerned about their health and especially those who shun standard medicine in favor of alternative medicine is PLEASE check this website out along with!

  31. 72
    Kevin and Mari says:

    I am curious as to why they would not honor a warranty?? I am concerned as I paid $30.00 extra for the 7 year warranty.

  32. 73
    wendy morrison says:

    I noticed the comment on leaching BPA. According my latest information both VitaMix and HealthMaster are made of BPA free Copolyester now. Does anyone know the cons on that material?

  33. 74
    paul Wassermann says:

    You should check out all the negatives on Amazon concerning this machine. Works great until the bearing burn out and the jar leaks, the blade rusts. Warranty not honored, and customer service is a joke.

  34. 75
    Laureen says:

    I can think of one con. The container is made of polycarbonate which is a material of concern for leaching BpA (bisphenol-A), an endocrine disrupting chemical. A couple of years ago, I had ordered the VitaMix and was thrilled with it for a day, until my ever-health-conscious mind made me question what the container was made of. Since I am passionate about health and the environment, I knew years ago about the dangers and presence of BpA in various common items. I called VitaMix and asked what their containers were made of (polycarbonate) and told them my concern. At the time BpA was not in the mainstream news and they had no idea what I was talking about. I asked if they had containers made from any other materials, but they said “no.” I was disheartened to return the machine and have been without ever since, not wanting to take a chance with my three young daughters. Happily, VitaMix has recently changed to another material for their containers (copolyester, I think). There is no longer a concern about BpA. Of course one might say that we may be as-of-yet unaware of chemicals that could leach from copolyester… Anyway, good luck with the machine. To minimize exposure to BpA, don’t use it for hot liquids/foods or if the container is worn. 🙂

  35. 76
    Marian Burns says:

    Thank you! I bought one and haven’t used it yet. Thanks to your excellent instruction now I will! Probably shouldn’t admit that I hate soy milk. Thanks for assuring me that milk is just as good. I know-common sense…. Found the blender a little daunting but I am ready to tackle it now. Beautiful lady and baby. Please-more instruction!

  36. 77
    Kelly @ Parenting Princesses says:

    It looks like a great machine. I’d love to have a blender that could actually blend

  37. 78
    Heather says:

    How nice is that!?! Emma and I make so many smoothies especially in the summer. Definitely worth the investment if I can get rid of my indecisive blender. =)

  38. 79
    LIFE IS GOOD! says:

    Is this the same one that they demo at Sam’s club. I have been impressed with the demo there. You did a good job with the demo. Hmmm I have a birthday coming up.

  39. 80

    oh that looks yummy! Very cool appliance!

    • 81


      • 82

        I couldn’t agree more! It was a waste of my money. I am so angry. I’m sure I used mine less than 15 times, and then out of no where the motor just stopped working. I refuse to pay more money to ship it to them. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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