Layers Swimwear – Review & Giveaway

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layers swimsuit 2Summer is coming, that’s inevitable.  Layers Clothing definitely knows it.  I have been looking for a good swimsuit for the summer; something that will hold up, is comfortable, and has a great style.  I don’t exactly love my post baby body, namely my tiger claw tummy, and like to be more covered up.   Of course my beautiful boys are worth every stretch mark, but showing them to everyone, definitely out of the picture.  As I was browsing through Layers Clothing summer swim line, I was excited to see the hip trendy styles and was excited to try one out.

Pros: I mentioned that coverage is extremely important to me.  I’m 5’9″ and so most times a one piece is Layers Swimwearout of the question.  My torso is long and I have yet to find a one piece that I feel comfortable in.  I’m either pulling it up at the top, or pulling it out of my rear.  Just keeping it real. 🙂  So a two piece is a must for me, although I won’t go the bikini route now that I’ve had my boys.  I am now the proud owner of this fabulous tankini in style Marty.  Isn’t it adorable?  When I first put it on, I was pleasantly surprised, the length was exactly what I was hoping for.  It is nicely lined which makes me know that it will hold up. Because it is lined so well, I feel it actually helps hold in my tummy and gives a more flattering fit. It includes soft bra cups that you can remove, and they are the perfect amount of padding.  I hate when swimsuits don’t have some sort of padding, it makes me extremely self conscious; I’m sure you all know what I am referring to.  Another feature I loved about this swimsuit is how comfortable the halter tie is.  I’ve had a few halter swimsuits that pull at my neck and actually make it sore.  Layers  uses really soft, high quality fabric and I didn’t even notice the tie at the top.  The bottom is really cute too.  They are also fully lined and have a fold over band detail.  I like this because if I have the band folded up, I feel like it holds my tummy in a little bit.  Or I can fold it down and get that funky detail on the bottoms.  

A few days after I got the suit, I decided to take it for a test drive.   We have a membership to our local rec center and actually go swimming there a lot.  I liked the suit just as much while swimming in it.  My favorite part – my top stayed down and I wasn’t having to pull and tug at it.

Layers has such a cute swimsuit line this summer, but they also sell awesome basics and tops.  I have a few of their basic undershirts.  They really hold up, are made of a great high quality material, don’t stretch out, don’t shrink, and are super soft.  

Cons:  I do wish that the bottoms had a bit more coverage.  This could be just me though.  The last swimsuit I owned had boy short bottoms, so I got used to having the coverage of shorts.  It also could be due to the fact that I maybe should have ordered a size larger in the bottoms.  I actually wish that they had an option for a boyshort bottom, or coverups. 

The Bottom Line: Well made, trendy swimsuits.  I will definitely go back to them again for a swimsuit!

Price: Swim Top: $46  Swim Bottom: $26

Where to Buy: Layers Clothing

Want to be outfitted in a trendy layers swimsuit this summer?  Layers Clothing is going to help you onpicture-23 your way by giving one  reader a $25 e-gift certificate!

Here’s How to Enter:

  • Visit Layers Clothing and tell me your favorite style from their swim line

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Giveaway is open to US residents only and will end June 10th 11:59 MST. Winner has 48 hours to reply to winning e-mail or I will give the prize away in a live giveaway.

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    I love the Sandra Dee 🙂

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    My favorite is the Babette suit!

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    Their Tallulah suit is my favorite.

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    I like the Farrah style. thank you

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    I liked the Zoe tee in the sweet pea heather. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

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    My favorite is Minnie Dot

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    I would get the Lulu top.

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    i love the kennedy blouse in sapphire 🙂

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    I think the Maisie bathing suit is such a beautiful color and so pretty!

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    My favorite designs at Layers Clothing are the Billie dress and the Marty swimsuit.

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    I love the Babette!

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    Heidi W. says:

    I love the mini dot swim suit. I have bought from Layers in the past and have always been really pleased with my purchases.

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    The Sandra Dee swim suit looks so awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    I like the Sandra Dee swim suit, very pretty.

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    Sandra Dee.
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    I love the Farrah swimsuit!

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    I like the sandra dee.

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    I love the Sandra Dee and am not surprised that it sold out!

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    Sandra Dee was my favorite, next is probably the Minnie.

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    My fave style is their Minnie Dot

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    My favorite is the Sandra Dee.

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    My favorite is the Sandra Dee- too bad it is sold out! My second favorite is the Babette. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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