Log Cabin Syrup – Review & Giveaway

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Log Cabin SyrupPancake syrup is a staple in our house.  Mainly because we have an old family pancake recipe that is to die for.  The recipe comes from my husband’s side and he grew up on them.  Therefore, whenever he makes breakfast, we have pancakes.  My boys love them, so of course we always have syrup on hand.  I’ve been looking for healthy alternatives to regular syrup, because of the high fructose corn syrup and calories.  We’ve tried light syrup and although it doesn’t have the calories, you sacrifice taste, and the consistency isn’t as thick.  I was excited to learn the Log Cabin has recently reformulated their syrup by replacing High Fructose Corn Syrup with natural sugar.

Pros:  I like the idea that it is formulated with natural sugar.  Even though sugar isn’t always the best thing to put into our bodies, it is MUCH better than high fructose corn syrup.  I found a really great article at The Good Human on high fructose corn syrup vs. natural sugar.  An exerpt from the article reads:

From what I understand, high fructose corn syrup is a bunch of corn syrups that have undergone a process to increase their fructose content, thus making them sweeter. The reason you see it in everything from soda to cookies to energy bars is that real sugar can be expensive and it is much cheaper to use HFCS as a substitute. Plus it has a longer shelf life than sugar, making it even more attractive to food manufacturers.

You can read the rest of the article here.  I’ll get off my soapbox now about sugar and give you the lowdown on the syrup.  The taste was actually very good.  It still has the same rich flavor as regular syrups, and that classic Log Cabin design.  We tried the original syrup at our house, but it also comes in sugar free and lite.  It also comes in a very generous 24 oz bottle, and I found it for under $3 at a local retailer, so it is competitively priced as well.

Cons: The consistency is runnier than normal syrups, it reminds me of the consistency of light syrup.  I didn’t realize this when first using the syrup and completely saturated my pancake.  It also still has a lot of sugar and calories, but then again it’s maple syrup.  I’m interested in trying the lite syrup and think I will pick up a bottle next time I’m at the store.

Remember how I mentioned above that we have a fabulous buttermilk pancake recipe? How about I share it with you? (As you can tell, the recipe card has been treated with love and has some pancake grease that won’t come off 🙂 )  Try it though, you won’t be disappointed!pancakes

The Bottom Line: Great new formulated syrup, has the same great taste, but is a bit runnier than original syrups.

Price: Around $3 for a 24 oz bottle

Where to Buy: You nearest grocer

Win It
One reader will win a bottle of Log Cabin Syrup

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Tell me your favorite type of pancakes (blueberry, buttermilk, chocolate chip) You get the picture

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    Jessica says:

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    Jessica says:

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    Jessica says:

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    Jessica says:

    I love buttermilk pancakes the best, thanks for the great review!

  5. 104
    TammieF says:

    Always buttermilk!

  6. 105

    I am following your blog! (FrIeNdS)


  7. 106

    Definitey blueberry pancakes!


  8. 107

    I have a sweet tooth-strawberry pancakes with whipped cream

  9. 108

    i like buttermilk and chocolate chip the best

  10. 109
    Gabriel J. says:

    We love waffles with chocolate chips!

  11. 110

    Blueberry and pecan pancakes are my favorite!

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    Email subscriber entry 2


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    beth shepherd says:

    I would love to win this. I really like whole wheat pancakes. Thank you for the chance

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    jan koontz says:

    lots of blueberrys yum

  17. 116

    whole wheat blueberrie

  18. 117
    Karen Gonyea says:

    Creme Brulee pancakes 🙂

  19. 118

    Buttermilk pancakes. Mmmmm… Thank you for the delicious give-away.

  20. 119
    Kelly Ann T. says:

    My favorite pancake is a Finish pancake that is baked. Its called a Krupso.

  21. 120

    Homemade Buttermilk pancakes are out favorite



  22. 121
    Denise B. says:

    I like buttermilk pancakes, but I can never find regular buttermilk in the stores. It’s always the light stuff.

  23. 122

    My favorite pancakes have banana and walnuts! Yum!

  24. 123

    Blueberry, definitely!

  25. 124
    tonya dreese says:

    blueberry is what i love……yummy to my tummy

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    Thomas I. says:

    I love just plain pancakes (so I can drown them in flavored syrup!!!!!)

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    Cheryl W says:

    I like Blueberry Pancakes best. Thanks!

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    I love buckwheat pancakes!

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    I am a subscriber via email.

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    My favorite pancakes are strawberry with chocolate.

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    Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I love all kinds of pancakes, but I really love blueberry. Thank you!

  33. 132

    banana pancakes are my favorite. And I use peanut butter and syrup on top. Yummy!

  34. 133

    blueberry pancakes

  35. 134
    Ellen Ring says:

    Blueberry pancakes are our favorite. We will sometimes do banana or apple. but blueberry is our first choice.

  36. 135
    Cindy Merrill says:

    Have you ever had Rye flour pancakes with thin slices of apple mixed into the batter? Oh Girl! You haven’t lived at all yet! You just have to try it.

  37. 136

    Pancakes topped with berries and syrup

  38. 137

    My favorite pancakes are ones with chocolate chips and coconut flakes in them.

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    MRS.MOMMYY says:

    ok my favorite are bananas mushed in with applesauce also mixed in subbed for eggs.

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    my little brother in law who is 14 makes THE best chocolate chip pancakes!

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    alma gros says:

    i love plain pancakes so that i can add what i want. i often eat them with nothing at all!

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    i love strawberry pancakes, I also have a great recipe for stuffed apple pie pancakes! yummy!!!!!!!!!

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    I love blueberry pancakes… (and french toast… but you asked about pancakes…)

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    Brandon Ralston says:

    For sure my favorite flavor is blueberry!

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    I love buttermilk w/ fresh fruit and whipped cream.

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    Blueberry pancakes with butter and syrup are my favorite!

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    i love blueberry pancakes yummo!!!

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    My favorite type of pancake is chocolate chip with bananas!

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    I like just about any kind of pancake, but blueberry ones are my favorite.

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    I like blueberry pancakes

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    I like blueberry pancakes

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    SUZANNA says:

    i am a purist just Buttermilk Pancakes remember i that little Tin Log Cabin Syrup came in

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    My favorite is chocolate chip!

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    Cynthia C says:

    I like blueberry pancakes. Thanks!

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    I love just regular pancakes. I have a recipe my mom and dad always used and I love Log Cabin syrup on top!

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    I love buttermilk pancakes drowning in butter and syrup.

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    I like banana pancakes.

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    Kenneth Scoville says:

    Our favorite is taking a box of Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix; preparing mix as directed and adding 1 cup of flower to the mix. Truly makes the greatest pancakes in the world.

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    Michaela says:

    Definitely chocolate chip! 😀

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