Shred it with the “Shred Sled” -Review & Giveaway (closed)

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Written by Avry, Guest Reviewer

The Shred Sled
The board that rides like a skateboard yet has the movement and work out of a snow board also known as the “Shred Sled.” 

I must say we really like the name of this board The Shred Sled; it just sounds COOL!    This board is flexible and movable in the middle section. It has 4 inline wheels that swivel & turn with the movement of the board.  It comes in three different colors including:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Pros: This board has been a huge hit at our house with the boys and men.  It takes some time getting used to and is somewhat difficult for a first time user to get on to and get the hang of.  When I tried mounting onto the board I had to hold onto a wall and even after I got going I noticed it takes some coordination.

Although my 13 year old son jumped right on the shred sled and away he went.   I think this is great for boys who have experience with skate or snowboarding.  To keep the momentum of the board going it takes some ankle movement and knee bending. One thing that is really  nice about this board is that you never have to put your other foot down like a normal skateboard to keep it moving.   The Shred sled  gives a great lower body work out and the faster you move with your knees and bend your ankles, the faster the sled will go.  The bendable center also gives the rider the ability to turn sharper corners unlike the “Rip Stick” or a normal skateboard.    It is made of heavy duty materials so it will hold up for a long time especially with how rough kids are with their belongings.  The board also glides very smoothly on the pavement which is a sure sign it is made with high quality products.  The base of the board is also big enough for large or small feet.

My son owns a Rip stick and now after trying out the Shred Sled he likes how the Shred Sled moves and bends alot more with him.  He also likes that it has 2 more wheels and he said it definitely rides better.   The Shred Sled was a hit with everyone at a Barbeque we had recently – my brother in law, brother, husband and neighbor boy all jumped on and gave it a whirl!   They loved it and said it only took a minute to catch on.  (I guess I am just not as coordinated as they are!)

Cons: I would not recommend this board for younger kids unless they are very coordinated and catch on easily.  My 3 younger daughters tried it & struggled even getting onto the board and staying on it.   Perhaps if they made a smaller version that wasn’t so big for little peopole it would work with the smaller children.  This item is great though for preteen, teens & adults!

Christmas is coming up & this would make a great gift! It gets your teen up out of the house, away from the video games, and gives them a little exercise at the same time which is what every mother wants!


Where to Buy:The Shred Sled Website

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    My son LOVES snowboarding and this would be so much fun.
    It has a cool feel–combination of snowboarding and skateboarding.

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    When you get used to the movement of body to propel the board, you may try the turns and other interesting tricks.
    My sons love doing all kinds of tricks and this would be a blast for them.

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    I love that it has 4 wheels.

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    My favorite feature is that it can be used by varying sizes of kids (and their feet), so my nephew and niece could both use it.

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