Tandem vs. Side by Side Strollers – Featuring bumbleride

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bumbleride-iconLooking for a Double Stroller?
When I got pregnant with Rowan, I knew I wanted and needed a double stroller.  The boys are just over 2 years apart, and I knew Chan wouldn’t be able to walk everywhere when Rowan made his debut. Plus, we love going for walks.  I didn’t do much research and bought the first double stroller I found.  I settled on a tandem. It seemed to do the job, but as the boys got bigger, I noticed it got harder and harder to push.  I found myself leaning into the stroller and really working hard anywhere we went.  When I got the opportunity to review the Indie Twin by bumbleride, I was more than thrilled.  You definitely know you are a mom when a new stroller feels like Christmas.  I immediately began to compare it to my tandem stroller and was shocked at how easy it was to push and how smooth the ride was.  I noticed the boys interacting more with each other and was pleased to see how well I could jog with it.  It definitely makes me motivated to exercise!bumbleride3
As an introduction to the bumbleride, I wanted to actually show you some of the pros and cons of both a tandem and side by side stroller – basically a comparison. For those of you looking at double strollers, I hope this will give you a little guidance as to what kind of stroller you will buy.

If you can’t tell by the video, the way the stroller manuevers is definitely my favorite feature. 🙂

A few more reasons I prefer the side by side Indie Twin:

  • Each child has a great view. In a tandem stroller, the child in the back has a limited view. I would often notice Rowan fussing and sticking his head out the side the older he got. He just couldn’t see very well.
  • Although the tandem stroller is better for very crowded places and malls, both seats do not fully recline. Both seats on the bumbleride fully recline.

Want to learn more about the bumbleride? Watch for another post next week, along with a bumbleride Indie Twin giveaway!

The product reviewed in this article was a sample provided to me by the company or PR representative. These views and opinions are my own and I was not compensated by this review.

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  1. 30

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  2. 31

    Great review – definately makes me want a side-by-side!
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Brandi Carlile "Give Up The Ghost" Review =-.

  3. 32

    I can understand kid products being like christmas! This one has to be so much better for your back too! And I love that both kids get an equally great view! and soon, they can share toys!
    .-= amy´s last blog ..Win free childcare for a year! =-.

  4. 33
    Miranda J says:

    Great review, this is a stroller I will consider purchasing for my boy girl twins.

  5. 34

    I really like that you added that the boys interacted well with each other in the side by side
    .-= Melanie B´s last blog ..Bumbleride Indie Stroller Giveaway =-.

  6. 35

    I worry about fitting through aisles at department stores with the side by side, but love the idea of more interaction! And the motivation to work out more… That’s a MAJOR plus for me! With our tandem stroller, if I even try to walk fast, it starts to wobble and get all crazy. I hate that!
    .-= The Jacobsen Family´s last blog ..Labor Day weekend trip- part 2 =-.

  7. 36

    I am pregnant with my 2nd and my boys will be 21 months apart. I have been debating over and over with myself about which type of stroller i want. Thanks!

  8. 37

    I vote for side to side…I just think the kid in the back gets the shaft on the tandem strollers 😉
    .-= Andreina´s last blog ..Guess who passed? =-.

  9. 38

    Odds are that we will have another child in the next two years, making it necessary to get a double stroller. I find the side-by-side stroller much more appealing than a tandem. Thanks for your great review of both options.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Bumbleride Indie Twin Giveaway =-.

  10. 39

    I have a tandem but after using my friends side by side, I wish I would have made a different choice. My son that rides in the front gets banged into things all the time. You can’t see the child in the front when you are steering it. Poor kid we should have gotten a side by side!

  11. 40
    Julie Gonsalves says:

    Thanks for being so clear about the differences. I’m really hoping to get a bumbleride for my 2 year old and infant.

  12. 41

    Thanks for the post. This is great info on which option to pick out!

  13. 42

    What a great stroller that Indie looks like! Can tell how much you enjoy it!
    .-= Emily H´s last blog ..Blogging Looked So Easy =-.

  14. 43

    I always thought I would prefer a tandem, but this is a great review and plug for side by sides — especially this one is so narrow!

  15. 44
    Janaca Cann says:

    Nice comparrisons! I think the side by side is really cool and would love to have one…just don’t think I can afford it but am excited for a chance to win one.

  16. 45

    Great video! And great point about both children having a good view this way. I bet that alleviates some fussiness!
    .-= Beeb Ashcroft´s last blog ..Win a Halloween Costume at ShopDebtFree =-.

  17. 46

    We hope to need a double stroller soon and I appreciate your honest review. We have a single Bumbleride and just love it!

  18. 47
    Clarissa Neiding says:

    i am currently trying to decide on a new double stroller. The Bumbleride looks great..but when did strollers get so expensive!!?? all the really nice ones my husband would croak if i bought!
    looks like i will probably be getting a graco. i am thinking quattro double

  19. 48

    I have a sit n stand stroller and I would LOVE to try a side by side one!
    .-= Ashley B´s last blog ..Win a Bumbleride double stroller! =-.

  20. 49

    commented on tandem-vs-side-by-side-strollers-bumbleride-sneak-peek post…http://www.babesandkidsreview.com/2009/09/tandem-vs-side-by-side-strollers-bumbleride-sneak-peek/#comment-17760
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Check out Vanilla Joy =-.

  21. 50

    Thanks for sharing the pros and cons for both types. I am now even more determined to get me a Bumbleride.
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Check out Vanilla Joy =-.

  22. 51

    Ooh! Pretty! I love it. I have heard that going with a side by side is so much better, so when we have more kids we’ll definitely look into a Bumbleride!
    .-= Trish´s last blog ..Bread Making Class Tonight =-.

  23. 52

    what a gorgeous mama, and a gorgeous stroller! I bet the boys love it! It also looks really easy to navigate comparison wise. plus I am a sucker for orange! great review girl!
    .-= Karissa´s last blog ..Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens, Review and Giveaway =-.

  24. 53

    We’ve just started talking about getting a double. I’m glad you’re doing this review (and giveaway… I hope I win when you do it!!)

  25. 54

    Thanks for the review. I have a good friend I go walking with who has the same tandem as you have. It is so hard to push and maneuver! We take turns pushing her two because it is really very difficult, especially on crummy sidewalks.

  26. 55

    I love your comparison of the two. It looks like a wonderful stroller! And I love the color & design!
    .-= Staci´s last blog ..Kenmore Crazy Cleaning Confessions Blog Tour =-.

  27. 56
    Erin Riley says:

    Great comparison. But you should check out the Phil & Ted strollers. It is considered a “stacked” stroller, rather than tandem. I have one & I absolutely LOVE it! I get comments on it everywhere I go. It was pricey, but well worth it!

  28. 57

    Thanks for the comparison of the side by side and tandem. I’ve never had a tandem stroller, but I’ve had really good luck with our side by side Indie Twin. Seeing the two strollers next to one another in your video, the Bumbleride doesn’t even look that much wider, really.

    I love the color of that Indie Twin, by the way!
    .-= The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..TGIF: Sales, Coupons, Discounts & News (9/4) =-.

  29. 58

    Great post! If I had ended up with a 2nd child close in age like you, I would definitely need something like that.
    .-= Shawn Ann´s last blog ..Red Wings Fans all over =-.

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