The Truth Behind Pampers Dry Max

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Before you even begin reading this post, I need you to know that I am a mom. I have two boys that I care deeply about and have some experience in diapers and diaper changing. In fact, we haven’t had a break from diapers in our house in 4 1/2 years. We even had the two boys in diapers together for about 16 months. I’ve tried everything I can get my hands on. In fact, when I first started this blog, I did diaper reviews on every diaper I could find. I bought them myself, tried them out for at least a week, and then wrote what I thought about them. I reviewed Huggies Natural FitHuggies Snug and Dry, Luvs, White Cloud, Tendercare, Target Brand, Pamper’s Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Baby DryBaby Basics Supreme, Seventh Generation,  and Nature Babycare.  After trying all of these, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I like in a diaper, and what to look for.

It’s no secret that I went to Pamper’s Headquarters last week. They paid for my family to fly out, a few meals, and my hotel accommodations. We were there for all of 24 hours, so it was a very very quick trip. There’s also been speculation as to how else we might have been compensated. If you MUST know, I also received a few Proctor and Gamble products like a razor, kleenex and hairspray, along with 2 coupons for free diapers.  It’s been interesting to note the cynics who have said we were “bought out” by P&G.  Yes, it was very gracious of P&G to fly us out, but do you think I would put something on my child that I didn’t feel 100% about?  No.  Being a mom is my first priority and my biggest passion.  No amount of diapers, or a one day trip is going to change that. I am entitled to my opinion and if you don’t want to read about how I feel about it, you don’t have to.

If you aren’t familiar about the controversy surrounding the Pampers Dry Max, let me give you a little background.  Back in August of 08, Pampers started blind shipping the new Pampers Dry Max, which they had been working on for 5 years to perfect.  It was a way for them to integrate them into the market, and they came packaged in the old packaging.  I honestly didn’t give much thought to it when I’d buy Cruisers, but this is the one thing I don’t think is fair to consumers.  Even if it is a diaper that is 200% times better, I think consumers deserve to know that a new product is being shipped out to them in old packaging, even if there is no change to the ingredients.

Fast forward over a year later, January to be exact. A Facebook page starts up from an angry mom who doesn’t like that the diaper has changed.  Conversation goes on, other moms agree.  A few months later, this group starts complaining about leakage, saying the Dry Max leaks.  Not too much later, the group starts discussing rashes their children have been getting, and the word “chemical burn” is tossed around.  As a mom, I’ve dealt with diaper rash on many occasions.  Rowan had a bleeding diaper rash last fall and it broke my heart.  He would scream every time I changed his diaper, and more often than not, he didn’t have a diaper on.  I looked to friends and family on how to make it better, and over a week’s time it healed.  I’m not 100% sure how the diaper rash occurred, but it could have been many things.  He was on antibiotics at the time and was experiencing diarrhea. (It was an especially bad winter for us, and Rowan was on antibiotics and steroids multiple times.)  I didn’t automatically think the diaper we were using had caused the rash, I thought about underlying conditions that could contribute before I came to my conclusion. As sad as it seems, approximately 2.5 million children in diapers in the US are experiencing diaper rash at any given time.  That’s 25% of the 10 million in diapers. As far as the “chemical burn” goes, there have been no diagnosed cases by pediatricians.   It’s amazing to me how moms can unite when they feel passionate enough about something.  Social media has created an outlet for us to express ourselves, and I’ve definitely seen that with this Facebook page. Most times, if a parent experiences a rash and thinks it is attributed to a diaper, they change diapers without thinking twice.  They may call the company, but most will just change the diaper, maybe tell friends and family about it, and move on.  In the past, we haven’t had the networks to connect with thousands of other moms that experienced a problem with that same diaper.

As far as leakage goes, I know there have been concerns as to whether this diaper is causing more leaks. Most times when I go up a diaper size, leaks are fixed as there is more coverage for my child. After watching an actual time lapse with the dry max diaper (left) vs. the leading brand (right), I am convinced that it holds more. After 3 minutes, the dry max felt dry to the touch while the leading brand was wet.

So what exactly happened to the Pampers that makes them different? Everything used in the diaper is THE SAME. Pampers simply figured out a better way to distribute the superabsorbent gelling material (a common polyacrylate) that is found in most diapers. After literally tearing into one diaper, we saw how the gel was distributed, and that some of the pulp was removed.  The pulp and gel on the left is the new dry max.  The pulp and gel on the right is from the old cruiser.

I’ve heard the accusation that the gel is toxic and right up against baby’s skin. This gel has been shown to be non-irritating, safe for skin, and safe even if ingested. One of the men who works for Pampers actually ingested some of the gel while we were there, and he’s ok. In a size 4 diaper, there is 5% more gel than there was before as some of the pulp was removed. And the part of the diaper that is right against baby’s skin – a nonwoven material made of polypropylene.  These diapers have been tested again and again, and since they have been blind shipping since August of 08, they have actually been on babies for over a year and a half.

Linking Cases
It was particularly interesting to me to see what Pamper’s reaction is to everything that is going on. They have been staffing their phones more days and hours than usual, they have been trying to link particular diapers back to manufacturing to see if something went wrong there. (Each diaper has a number on the side that allows Pampers to track the day, time, and even person working when that diaper was manufactured.) So far, they haven’t been able to find any links between the diapers that are sent back by consumers. They’ve been exhausting their resources to figure out what’s wrong, and haven’t been able to find anything. I think it’s nice that they have been trying to figure out what is wrong, but I’d like to see them reaching out to more moms. It was refreshing for me as a mom to see how things work and to realize that as parents we are cared about. I think there are a lot of moms not feeling that right now.  And if Pampers is doing more to help and listen, consumers want to know about it.

As moms, we are empowered.  We are stronger and have more influence than we realize.  I believe that we need to educate ourselves and exahaust all resources before coming to a conclusion.  Concerns?  Comments?  Questions?

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  1. 50

    I don’t care what is in any or all disposible diapers…I’m just glad I use cloth diapers instead so I don’t have to deal with this kind of garbage!

  2. 51

    I first heard of this controversy today at TPRP where somebody posted looking for people to help with a boycott. We mostly use cloth, but we do use and keep disposables around because they are very convenient. Before switching to cloth, we used Luvs because they hold in leaks (now that they have the elastic legs and waist) and they are cheaper. I have always felt that Pampers were more comfy and they are the most absorbent of all. Pampers Cruisers are the only disposable diaper we have used. We have not had any problems with rashes or blisters except once and it lasted less than a week before we traced the cause to a new food we had introduced.

    People are so desperate to be part of something – I get emails and letters asking me to be part of frivolous class-action lawsuits at least 2-3 times per year. People won’t make more than a few hundred dollars, but I truly think people just want to feel like they are part of a movement. Unfortunately, it is easier to talk bad about something than to contribute something positive. I think it is the same reason people create computer viruses – they can’t think of anything good to create so instead they find a way to destroy something. Great post!
    .-= Larry @ Cakeblast´s last blog ..Tons O’ Fun Giveaways 6/1 – 6/7 =-.

    • 52

      Thanks for your comment Larry. It just doesn’t make sense to me why now and why this diaper. I bet if Huggies made some change to their diapers and kids started getting rashes, the same thing would happen. I don’t ever want to play down the fact that these kids are getting rashes, and some of them may be attributed to the diaper and sensitive skin, because it’s sad when your child is hurting, but I honestly don’t think we see the positive side of the story. And when someone tries to bring about the positive side, it gets brutally attacked. I think it’s smart when parents make their own decisions and try different things. I know more and more parents that are cloth diapering and that’s awesome that it works for you. 🙂
      I agree about being desperate to be a part of something. I can’t believe you get e-mails like that all the time, that just seems crazy to me. Thanks again for your input, it means a lot!

  3. 53

    I appreciate you sharing what you learned. As a mommy I’ve come to rely on other mom’s and what they’re learned.

  4. 54
    R HICKS says:


  5. 55
    Rachel C says:

    I haven’t had a problem with any brand of diapers – I buy whatever is on sale or that I have coupons for! Everybody’s bodies react differently to things, so maybe these kids with bad rashes or burns had some type of reaction to the diapers. In that case, I don’t think I would blame the company. I would just choose a different diaper. Maybe cloth is the way to go?!?

  6. 56
    Christina G. says:

    Wow, what a fascinating story! I don’t have a child in diapers, so I’ve not been in the loop. I laughed when I read about the guy at P&G eating the diapers to show how safe they are. LOL! Did he know he’d have to eat diapers when he took the job? This story reminds me of a movie I’m watching, Duplicity with Julia Roberts. It’s about two rival companies like P&G and the lengths which they go to outdo the other! It’s a dark comedy/thriller. Exciting stuff!

  7. 57
    fancygrlnancy says:

    Thanks for the info.. looks like you learned lots and really got some of your questions answered.

    Personally I will stick to cloth.. I know there are not gel chemicals in them. Everyone makes the choice that works for themselves. If your comfortable with using Pampers then that is your choice.

  8. 58

    Wow that’s a really great post! Good to know! My daughter got a small rash and it got me wondering if it was from the Pampers but then I realized she was wearing Luvs diapers! lol
    .-= Amy @ Marvelous Mommy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Garlic =-.

  9. 59
    RNmomma says:

    My daughter developed a significant, blistered burn from using the new diapers. Yes, they are new. Read this article

    It breaks everything down completely and makes perfect sense. I am medically trained and I know of people who have been professionally diagnosed as having a “chemical burn” so that is not an inaccuracy. Sure, many of these cases are probably coincidental diaper rash. Many are not. Our case was one of those. She developed this within 8 hours and the blisters were healing with 24 hours of switching diaper brands. She is 2 years old and has had diaper rash before while wearing Pampers (which she has used her entire life) and I can assure you that this was anything but. It’s sad that Pampers responds to this by flying 4 bloggers out to their headquarters vs. acknowledging the issues.

  10. 60
    Lauralee Hensley says:

    I just think some people are jealous and just want to bash those who get to do the things they wished they could get to do.
    Just ignore them and do things your honest way.

  11. 61

    When my newborn was in the NICU, they provided us with Pampers. They were totally fine. Seeing how much work and care they focused towards my daughter makes me think they wouldn’t want to throw it all away by putting diapers on her which could harm her.
    Mean people, don’t attack someone for having an opinion. Get your own hate-spewing blog and stick to it. 🙂 Have a lovely day!!!

  12. 62

    We’ve never used Pampers on either of my boys (we use cloth diapers) but I’ve heard a lot about the “chemical burns” from the Dry Max. This is the first I’ve heard the Pampers side, and it’s very interesting information thank you for sharing.

    I do have to admit that I’m a bit wary of any company that tests new products on the public blindly. I understand the that Dry Max is very similar to the old Cruisers, but I prefer not to use new products on my children unless I’ve heard great reviews from them.

    • 63

      Jodi, from my understanding, the product had been in the work for 5 years and was tested and ready to go when they started “blind shipping.” It just means that you get the new product without the new packaging basically. So they weren’t testing the products, but they definitely weren’t informing anyone either….

  13. 64

    I love Pampers it’s all I use. I did my own blog post two weeks ago and am now headed to the HQ’s on June 8th.

    It’s all about what you use. I’ve always been a Pamper user.

  14. 65

    I find this all very interesting and their are some very good points and facts from everyone, thanks!

  15. 66

    I’ve used Pampers several times and loved them. I agree with what has been said…each child is different and you need to find what works for you. I find it interesting that pampers was blind shipping the new diapers since 2008 and only recently has there been any complaints.

  16. 67

    First, your post is really well written.

    Second, when people on the internet unite, most of the time it isnt positive and can get really out of control. Its like a rumor mill and its saddening. I am not going to believe someones rants over something without trying it and experiencing it on my own.

    Regarding leaks… um, it has crap and pee in it. Leaks happen. Lets be realistic here.

    I just think people need something to bitch about.
    .-= trisha momdot fashion blog´s last blog ..Lilikiks Active Wear for Active Girls! =-.

    • 68

      Amen on the uniting on the internet and most of the time it not being positive. Sadly, I’ve had personal attacks on me as a person and my family which is completely unfair. Aren’t I still a person who is entitled to opinion? Thanks for your comment 🙂

  17. 69

    I used Pampers when my kids were little, but its been three to four years since I’ve have to diaper a child. I have tried a million diapers and even cloth diapered for awhile. No brand was hideously crappy, some just worked better for me. My children have extremely, extremely sensitive skin and if they broke it, it was my negligence. Either way thank you for the information!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Top Tech News This Week =-.

  18. 70

    I’m a mommy who has used Pampers Dry Max and we didn’t experience any ill effects. Thanks for all the information!
    .-= Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy´s last blog ..Dreft for Your New Baby’s Laundry Giveaway =-.

  19. 71

    My son did not get a rash using the Pampers Cruisers with dry max, however2 nights in a row his diaper leaked. twice in one night. I got fed up gave away the rest of the box and switched to the baby dry- SAME SIZE and the baby dry did not leak. I now am using the baby dry.

  20. 72

    While both my boys are out of diapers and I’m a true Huggies girl til the end (Pampers ALWAYS leaked) it is each parents choice to use what they want.

    I am going to Chicago on Tuesday all expenses for 4 days to Wilton that doesn’t mean that they control me to write a positive post. Will I? Of course, but it’s because I truly love and believe in the company. Not because they paid my way on a trip. To treat you poorly is pathetic.

    I personally believe some people just love to fight and put people down. Don’t let them get to you. If you like Pampers and they work for you…then why would you NOT use them?

    Glad you had a fun trip! Yay for Pampers flying your family out!
    .-= Jennifer @ J. Leigh Designz´s last blog ..Aloha Friday – =-.

    • 73

      There will always be cynics, no matter what. That’s just how the world works. I definitely agree that it’s each parents choice in what works for them. Have a great time at Wilton!

  21. 74

    Receiving any kind of compensation for a review, positive or negative is payment. If people have been putting Dry Max on their children for over a year now how do you explain the parents who are still buying the old Cruisers? Also, even though Pampers/P&G have been around for decades doesn’t mean they are strangers to this type of problem. If you are old enough or know anyone who is, P&G was FORCED to recall a product in the late 70’s. Rely Tampon ring a bell? So to say they wouldn’t put people in harms way because they stand behind their product has been proven wrong by history. Maybe that is a better analogy than the Toyota situation.

  22. 75

    I think it’s funny about people saying the gel is toxic. If that were the case then my dog would be dead. 🙂 Dogs love diapers and somehow she manages to pull them out of the garbage. Disgusting.


    I have tried many diapers myself and never liked pampers diapers (except the swaddlers, LOVE the swaddlers.)

    I would use Huggies if they weren’t so expensive, but lately I have found myself loving LUVS. I think what I didn’t like about pampers what that they were so stiff and didn’t have the stretchy side flaps. They could have changed that now, but I like the price of LUVS and how they fit my kids.
    .-= Ashley B´s last blog ..Logan rides his bike =-.

  23. 76

    I used Pampers for my son when he was in diapers. Although I now use Walmart brand because they are cheaper for my daughter I was curious about the problems surrounding Pampers. Thanks for the information and the time you spent researching these issues.

  24. 77

    I wore Pampers as a baby way back when, and both my kids have as well. I had issues with the other brands giving my kids rashes and always went back to Pampers. I did have issues with Pampers once with leaking when my oldest was a baby, and they compensated me for the defective package, and also sent me some Luvs coupons because I had mentioned how expensive Pampers were for a young family. I always chalked up the rashes to my kids’ body chemistry (it can change) since I have weird body chemistry myself. Not every single person will have the exact same experience with a product.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Living on Post =-.

  25. 78

    We have used Pampers Baby Dry since my son was born , 29 months ago. I don’t know about the Cruisers, the DryMax, or the debate surrounding them, but I do know that on the two occasions we attempted to use a diaper OTHER THAN pampers, my son broke out. We will stick with Pampers until both of my kids are toilet trained.
    .-= Virginia from Lady V dZine´s last blog ..Vote for Hannah =-.

  26. 79

    I have used pampers on and off for years and have never had a problem. I appreciate your honest opinions and details of your trip. Thanks for sharing and I wish the best of luck to moms and pampers alike and hope they can all reach even round.

  27. 80

    I wore Pampers back n the Stone Age. My daughter wore some form of Pampers until she was potty trained in 2009.

    Back in the ’80’s my nephew got a rash from Huggies, or so my Mom says. She went back to Pampers. I don’t remember a massive hate fest about Huggies. She simply found a brand that worked.

    I highly doubt that if Pampers was selling a product that was causing such severe rashes, it would still be allowed to be sold. It is possible that these poor babies are simply ALLERGIC to something in the diaper and not getting chemical burns from it. Could it possibly be a reaction between the diaper, diaper rash cream or powder and the babies own skin chemistry? Stranger things have happened.

    If the diaper and it’s components are the issue then I expect there to be a recall. But until then, you all need to act like civilized adults and stop attacking everyone and anyone who has a positive thing to say about Pampers.
    .-= Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog ..10 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me =-.

  28. 81

    I am just far too skeptical, especially considering things I have seen written by Pampers trying to deter parents from using cloth diapers. I am very happy using cloth because I know that no matter what, whether the new Pampers are exactly the same or not, my daughter won’t get a chemical rash from using them.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday | Sweet Baseball Seats! =-.

  29. 82
    Jennifer says:

    Re your comment “Why don’t you think there’s been a recall yet? I know the CPSC has launched an investigation, but is having a hard time finding anything….”

    I’m curious as to how you know the CPSC is having a hard time finding anything. That there has been no recall yet doesn’t say much to me. If a company decides to voluntarily conduct a recall, it can happen quite quickly, particularly if it is done under the CPSC’s Fast Track Program. Most recalls are, in fact, voluntary. Absent a voluntary recall (and it appears that P&G is not moving toward a voluntary recall), the process can take a good deal more time and can involve findings by the agency, negotiation, notice, hearings, etc.

    I haven’t come down on one side or the other on this issue, as my older son wears Target diapers, and my youger one is in Gdiapers. I do think that the mere fact that the same ingredients go in doesn’t answer the question, particularly where P&G admits the quantities and processing are different.

  30. 83

    it would have been nice if you would have spoken with several moms whose children have been affected by these diapers to get the other side of the story. but i understand that’s not what pampers paid you for.

    noneya refers to the diapers being snuck in the old cruiser packages as early as august 2009 because that is what jodi allen, president or pampers north america, has publicly stated in a number of articles and on various websites online during pampers’ damage control campaign. parents are also being told the same thing by customer service representatives when they call pampers directly to complain. poor pampers has trouble keeping their stories straight.

    same with their claim that the diapers are the same. their massive, proactive PR campaign claimed that the diapers are remarkably different–20% thinner, “technological advance”, blahblahblahh, but while doing damage control pampers has claimed there is no difference in the content of the diaper. they need to choose a story and stick with it.

    you all should check out this review of the pampers dry max fiasco. there are four parts, but this is just one. none of the authors was paid by pampers and, certainly, no one was paid by all of the moms whose babies’ diaper rashes and chemical burns have all been caused by “social media.”

    • 84

      Jen – I was checking with one of the other bloggers, and she had August of 2008 written down as well. I recall seeing a graph of the entire thing too. I will double check on it though.
      I do wish that I would have taken more time to address concerns before, but the trip was very impromptu and I only had a few days notice. Kate, from The Shopping Mama, did get a very detailed list of questions from zrecommends and I have looked at their posts.
      I don’t understand why you think Pampers paid me to write this article. I didn’t gain any monetary compensation for posting, but I guess if you consider a 1 day trip with 8 hours of traveling and a day of meetings compensation, then it is what it is. I think anyone would feel this way no matter who Pampers had brought out.
      The “technological advance” is just a better distribution of the gel that is in the diaper. There is 5% more gel, but they just figured out a better way to distribute the gel. It used to just be lose in the diaper, and now it is placed. So while there is a difference in how bulky the diaper is and how they’ve placed the gel, there is no difference in the ingredients.
      I really appreciate your feedback, it’s nice to see different views and how moms feel about it. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

  31. 85
    Suzy Araujo says:

    Thought I would also post my stories for the others reading this blog…and if anyone would like to see the pictures send me and e-mail ( and I will e-mail them to you…looks like my daughter is wearing a sunburned diaper!!! Here is an e-mail that I sent to Health Canada thought it would be easier to Copy and Paste instead of re-writing everything…

    Good Evening,

    I am writing you becuase I think it’s my dudiligence. I just arrived home today with my 15 month old daughter from the Hospital after being admitted on Wednesday night.

    My Parents called me at work on Wednesday (they babysit her), she had a fever of 40.5, her butt looked like she had a very bad sunburn in the shape of a diaper(picture attached), and to the touch her bum was on FIRE (VERY VERY HOT). When I got there she had no emotion becuase her fever was so high, she would just stare into space and not even move. I took her to my Family doctor, Dr. Parlea and as soon as she saw her she told me to go to Grand River Hospital (Waterloo) as she called a pediatrician to tell him we were coming.

    Than when the pediatrician saw her bum, and her fever he said 100% she would be admitted as it was that severe just looking at it, and she would need IV antibiotics; He initially diagnosed it as cellulitis (an infection in her buttocks). He figures it happened becuase she developed a blister the previsous week (which I didn’t think anything of at the time), and than when it popped, something got in there and it caused the infection.

    On Thursday she also started to develop small blisters all over her butt cheeks along with the existing Redness. This made it clear to the Doctor that this was a chemical burn, becuase with cellulitis you do not develop blisters. She did infact still have the cellulits caused by the initial blisters, but on top of that also had a severe chemical burn and this is why she had all the blisters and severe redness which only outlined where the diaper was…it was a perfect line from where the diaper was…It was like she was wearing a sunburned diaper on her bum! I have included pictures to this e-mail for your review. She goes between Pampers Baby Dry and the Cruisers which are the one’s that seem to be having so many related issues!!

    That same night she had an awful night, no sleep as her fever kept coming back as the tylenol wore off, and her bum was very uncomfortable. My Husband and I both slept at the hospital with her.

    After speaking with the pediatrician, he too said we was going to submit to Health Canada the fact that there was another case.

    We are now home, and my Daughter Maya is feeling much better, the blister are starting to dry up (turning yellow), and the redness is definatly going down!

    I just thought it would be best that I took issue a formal Complaint! Also I did e-mail Pampers the same e-mail and have heard back from them…they said they are going to e-mail me a package…and will refund the diapers that I have left.

    Suzy Araujo
    Kitchener, Ontario

    Please see below the response I got back from Pampers…

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your experience with Pampers, Suzy.

    I’m very sorry you had this experience. I’m sure it was upsetting and we certainly share your concern about the irritation your baby had while wearing our diapers. We hope your daughter is feeling better.

    Many of us on the Pampers team are parents, and we share your deep commitment to the health and safety of babies. We want to understand any negative experiences about our products as thoroughly as we can. In order to gather additional information, a member of our Health and Safety Team will be following up with you via postal mail. Our goal is to understand more about your unique experience, your baby, and the products you typically use on your baby. Once you receive our mailing, we would greatly appreciate a few additional minutes of your time to complete the information requested. Please hold on to the package and any remaining product for two weeks in the event our Health and Safety Team needs to get them back.

    Again, on behalf of Pampers I want to apologize for the experience you had, but I also want to assure you that Pampers with Dry Max is one of the most mom-and-baby tested diapers in our history. Before the launch of any new product, it is extensively tested to ensure we have a broad understanding of what moms will experience. In addition, we sample products regularly throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our quality standards are met at every step of production. However, at Pampers, we also know every baby is unique and a baby’s skin can be especially delicate. Therefore, we greatly appreciate your taking the time to contact us so we can continue to gather data on as many babies as possible. We are closely monitoring and reporting all comments we receive and take each comment seriously.

    If interested, there is more information about Dry Max posted on There is both a video from Kerri Hailey and an FAQ link. Kerri not only helped create Dry Max, she did it while her youngest was in diapers so she saw the product in action at work, and at home. To view these, click on the link below:

    In addition to our request for more information, I’d like to send you a refund for the product. Please let us know the amount you paid for the product then allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

    Thanks again for writing.

    Pampers Team

    • 86

      Suzy, I can’t believe your poor Maya had to endure that. 🙁 Thank you so much for sharing your story. I only know the stories that I hear and that I have read on the Facebook page. I’m curious to know how you feel about how Pampers handled it? Was your baby using the dry max? Was there anything else that could have triggered it besides the diapers? If not, it sounds like she did have some major sensitivity to them. I’m so glad that she is feeling better.

  32. 87
    Suzy Araujo says:

    I would like to share with you an experiance that put my daughter in the hospital last week, and it was becuase of the diaper. If you could provide me your e-mail I would love to show you the picutres…It looks like my daughter is wearing a sunburned diaper…my pediatrican said forsure it was a chemical burn.

    Let me know,


  33. 88

    Secret shipping of the new Dry Max diapers actually started in 2009, not 2008. Your claim that no pediatrician has diagnosed a “chemical burn” should be fully researched before being stated – I doubt you (or Pampers) has checked with every pediatrician. I just highly doubt that contacting you, or even Pampers, is a doctor’s first priority when their patients need any kind of treatment. It’s wonderful (or idiotic) that one of the Pampers’ employees was willing to eat the gel – but were they willing to rub it on their genitals? That would have been a better test to show its safety, no? And what did they show you as far as safety of the polypropylene? Did they mention the problems that heat or sunlight cause with polypropylene? No? Try searching the internet for reliable information about that – it just may teach you something.

    All that said, if you consider yourself an ace investigator that can show the world the truth about Pampers products, perhaps you should put more effort into researching the information Pampers gives you before spewing it out as infallible truths. The 25% of all diapered children having diaper rash at any one time – that was a number Pampers picked from a study they decided had the best number for what they were trying to prove… and it wasn’t even a study in this country… AND the study never said that 25% of all diaper-clad children have it at the same time. There are plenty of other studies that refute these numbers.

    I am glad that you trust everything that’s told to you without proof. I, however, do not. I don’t believe everyone who claims their babies have been hurt by the diapers. I don’t believe Pampers, either. I believe that parents are unhappy. I believe that Pampers is lying about many things. I believe that Pampers is using underhanded tactics to avoid having to deal with a situation and denying any and all responsibility in the most vile of ways – by making inflammatory remarks about parents as a whole. I don’t need to see damage on any baby to prove to me that Pampers is just another big company that thinks it’s smarter than, not only the average person, but EVERY person. Unfortunately, they’ve managed to fool enough people with their attitude that they think they are right – that humans are unintelligent beings who are unable to think for themselves and will believe ANYTHING they read.

    • 89

      Noneya, thanks for your comment. Blind shipping of the product did start in August of 2008, that was stated by more than one person from Pampers. If you want me to get proof for you, I will. I am curious to know where you found conflicting information that they did not start blind shipping until 2009. There are other diapers that use polypropylene, so chances are if you use disposables, your child may have used this. As for the gel, it does not have contact with the skin, no? And it’s the same gel used in capsules of pills which we consume often.
      I think that if a pediatrician attributed a diaper rash to a particular diaper, that they would take action.
      I never once claimed to be an ace investigator, I was simply stating what I learned and said early in the post that if you didn’t like what I had to say, you didn’t have to read. You say that I trust everything without proof, however you were not there that day with me, to see and experience what I did. I was trying to give readers a glimpse. I didn’t rose coat everything either. I don’t agree with the blind shipping, and I totally agree that they need to reach out to parents more. I know that there are tons of parents who aren’t happy.
      You are entitled to your own opinion, and I am mine. I assume that you are a mom and your best interest is your children as is mine.
      If you don’t like Pampers, you don’t have to use their products. I however do trust them because they’ve been around for DECADES. I think they probably have a hint of what they are doing. Why don’t you think there’s been a recall yet? I know the CPSC has launched an investigation, but is having a hard time finding anything….
      It sounds like you have made your own educated conclusion, and I have made mine.

      • 90

        The Dry Max was first introduced in 2009. Here’s your link to Reuters:

        Granted, I’m sure anyone who takes Pampers’ word as gospel will believe Reuters is in on the conspiracy started by the “small number of parents…[who] support competitive products and the use of cloth diapers.” But I’m pretty sure Reuters was sure to get their facts straight. Remember, Pampers is full of double talk – even you admit that they have not been handling this situation well. So, I’ve offered you proof and I’ll be happy to see yours.

        You did not mention whether Pampers clued you in to the problems with polypropylene. My point was not which diapers use it, rather that the polypropylene can cause problems when exposed to heat or sunlight. Quality control is a significant part of the process of any product. This alone could explain reactions to the diapers. While the gel may be something you consume in pills often, I do not. And I have definitely NEVER rubbed them on anyone’s genitals. The gel is, indeed, in contact with babies’ skin… Pampers has stated publicly that the gel is “printed on” the lining of the diaper, rather than “poured into” the diaper. My point remains – this employee ate the gel but did not offer a test of the gel being used in the way it is used on babies. The first thing that comes to mind here is sumac. If touched, it causes a rash like poison ivy. However, it is a fairly common spice in certain cuisines. It is eaten without reaction, yet contact with the skin can cause a somewhat serious reaction.

        Again, I doubt a pediatrician would contact you or Pampers because their patient needed treatment. So, I highly doubt you would know, personally, whether any pediatrician has diagnosed anything in connection with any diaper. If, for some reason, they did run to Pampers – do you honestly believe Pampers would tell you during a meeting they set up to convince you that everything is perfect? Think about it. Pampers originally claimed they had received 4000 complaints. Several days later, they claimed they had only received 400. Not exactly a shining star of honesty, don’t you think? (if you need links to news stories to prove those numbers, I’ll be happy to oblige)

        You are absolutely, 100% allowed to have your opinion! But spewing out the same words verbatim as Pampers used in their press statements isn’t exactly indicative of a fact-finding mission. It’s the result of being manipulated – which is showcased quite well in the “commercial” P&G made for themselves using your name and face. I am curious where you got information saying that the CPSC is “having a hard time finding anything”. They usually stay pretty tight-lipped until they release a decision, so I’d be curious as to how that information was leaked to the public. As for trusting Pampers… well, P&G has had quite a few issues over the years. Yes, Pampers has been around for “decades”, but Toyota has been around for “decades” longer – are you suggesting we ignore the problems they’re having and go buy a 2010 Corolla?

        • 91

          2008 was what was quoted to me multiple times while I was there. They even showed graphs with it, so I will double check to make sure this was right. As for taking things verbatim from press releases, I took my information from my own notes taken during 7 hours of meetings that day.
          No, they did not tell specifically about the problems polyproylene, but I would be happy to ask them about it. If it’s so incredibly harmful, how are ANY diapers with this ingredient even allowed to be manufactured? That’s a bit scary.
          I also want to bring to light the number of parents that are satisfied with the diapers and that actually like them? Does that not count for anything? My son has not had a reaction to the diapers, does he just have super skin?
          And really, could you tell me one product that is 100% perfect, I’d love to hear about it. I’m not claiming that they are perfect. I just like them. 🙂
          I understand that P&G is a massive company and very commmercial, but I also understand that there are people behind the scenes that I got to communicate with. Indivduals that have families and care about their product and what they believe in.
          As for comparing Toyota and Pampers, I would still buy a Toyota, and it’s a little different than diapers. 🙂

          And for the record, I wouldn’t leave your comment in moderation. I think what you have to offer and say is really enlightening and you’ve obviously done some hard research.

          • 92
          • 93

            It is scary that polypropylene is used in any diapers. That’s why quality control plays such an important part in the manufacturing of any diaper. Let’s imagine a situation: Pampers gets some shipments of polypropylene. The shipment looks fine, so they use it in the diapers. They check random diapers for absorbency. Everything seems okay. So, they ship them out. Problem is – what if the polypropylene manufacturers left the large shipment in a hot truck for several days before delivering it. Or the shipment was exposed to sunlight for some reason. Then we run into a harmful product (note that even Pampers tells consumers to store the diapers at a temperature no higher than 85 degrees – at least on their website). That scenario would only put Pampers at partial blame (for not fully checking every aspect of the diapers’ quality), but it would demand a recall – much like the Tylenol recall. Tylenol did not add ingredients to the medications to cause people getting sick, the problem was in the manufacturing.

            I am glad that there are obviously plenty of people who have had no problems with the new diapers. It should, theoretically, count for something – but that happens with most products that are recalled. Some people are fine, some aren’t. Let me allude back to the sumac. Some people react and get a rash, some don’t. It’s still a plant we are taught to avoid for it’s potentially toxic capabilities.

            Toyota, I think, isn’t a far stretch. Yes, it’s comparing probable fatalities to probable rashes, burns, whatever one wants to call them. HOWEVER… There are only certain models of Toyota that are affected. I own a Toyota – I have had NO problems with my accelerator – it’s not one of the years that have been recalled. I am highly doubtful that I would avoid purchasing a Toyota in the future. I would definitely avoid any vehicles on the recall list, however, because something obviously went very awry with the manufacturing of those vehicles. Is it hard to believe that a similar thing happened with Pampers?

            I don’t think anyone is accusing Pampers of deliberately harming babies (if they are, well, they may have been bitten by the mass hysteria bug). They are claiming that the diapers they used have brought harm to their children. Instead of researching the problem, Pampers has called these parents liars and conspirators. They have implied that the parents are just shy of abusive by telling them to change diapers more often and “educating” them on diaper rash. This, after their big campaign that tells consumers the diapers are good for 12 hours – without any mention that Dry Max diapers should be changed just as often as the old versions of the diapers. Their reaction has been less than responsible and equals the maturity of a kindergarten child on the playground.

            For the record (since you did a bit of researching), you should note that I have never been one of the people screaming for a boycott. I believe that every person should make their own decision as to what they feel comfortable with. I don’t agree with the people who are claiming that all of Pampers’ products are harmful (and I honestly hope I never find that I am wrong). But I won’t discount their experiences or opinions. I prefer to be a truth seeker. So far, from Pampers, I have heard/seen very little truth. From angered consumers, I have seen high emotion, graphic stories, and even some graphic photos. Some of it’s truth, undoubtedly. And I’m sure some of it isn’t – though I am also sure that almost everyone who has claimed a problem believes it is the truth. From happy consumers, I see an awful lot of blind following of Pampers and a lot of insults thrown at the unhappy consumers as if to say, “how DARE you blaspheme our diaper god.” What I know is this – as with any situation, the truth lies in the middle somewhere. We will all have to await the CPSC’s decision. Until then, I would recommend caution to parents who continue to buy the Dry Max and, just in case, be sure to treat any diaper rash swiftly.

          • 94

            Thanks for the info on polypropylene. I honestly did not know any of that about it, and I appreciate you taking the time to tell me why it can be harmful.
            I also appreciate the fact that you are a truth seeker. I absolutely want to hear the other side of the story, and I do want truth, and I think you’ve stated a lot of truthful points in an appropriate manner. Sadly, some comments that I’ve had to moderate have made personal attacks on my family which I will not stand for.
            I think if anything, the Facebook page and the fact that some of us went out to headquarters makes us realize that Pampers knows the issues at hand. How they respond to parents is directly up to them, but we did let them know that we didn’t feel like it was being done in the right way. Hopefully things change and somehow they can bring across the point that they really do care.
            It’s interesting to me see how the internet works. Like you said, some of what has been presented in the way of rashes is truth, and maybe some is not. I’ve even been accused of not even writing this post. lol. I guess we need to take everything with a grain of salt.

  34. 95
    Camille says:

    I haven’t had to buy diapers for about 3 years, but when I did, I swore by Pampers. They made a quality product and earned my trust, it is great to hear that you backup their new products as well. I’ll be using them soon!

    Great review. Thanks for putting the time and effort into researching this for the rest of us moms. I appreciate it.

  35. 96

    I have had all sorts of products give my children rashes in the past anywhere from lotions to shampoos to something they have eaten. Do I run out and blame the product or the producers of the product? NO I just switch products until I find what works for myself and my children. I feel sorry for the bored stay at home mom’s who had nothing better to do than to spread accusations. Bottom line is if the diaper were causing what these mothers are saying I am sure the better business bureau or the FDA or whoever approves them would have pulled them off the market by now. There are hundreds of thousands of people that use these diapers and I have yet to see a TRUE doctors note that says the diaper has actually caused the burns. There are so many speculations that go on. I don’t doubt that Pampers (P&G) has done everything in their power to correct the problem. I over heard someone say that their “friend” had tried to call their hotline over and over but could never get through to file a complaint so I tried the hotline several times throughout the day just to see and got right through.

    Thanks for being so informative to all the mother’s out there. I am sure if the mothers who have actually made the complaints could see all the measures Pampers has taken on this issue they would probably be whistling a different tune! 🙂
    .-= Avry´s last blog ..Life as we know it =-.

  36. 97

    Thank you for the clarification. I know I am a diaper snob and it’s pampers or nothing in our house. There is always going to be a group out there that feels passionate about something. Kudos to
    Pampers for working so hard to make sure there are no issues.

  37. 98
    Jeralee says:

    very informative. Diapers have changed a lot in the past 6 years since my youngest was in them. Sounds like some good research. Can’t comment otherwise since we are well past that stage here!

  38. 99
    Jason N says:

    Great post! Thanks for all the information.

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