The Things Kids Say – Vote Now!

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Here are the top five stories chosen in The Things Kids Say contest. Please read through each one, and then vote on your favorite at the bottom. Voting will go until midnight 8/19, mountain standard time. Only one vote will be allowed per IP address!

Top 5

1. My son heard my husband snoring the other night. He asked me, “What happened? Did Dad swallow a choo-choo train? How can anyone sleep through that racket!” I had to giggle and agree!

2. We went to a BBQ one day and there was a younger girl who had tattoos all up and down her arm and on her neck. My little one was only about 3 or 4 at the time. The young girl came and sat down at our table and my little girl asked her “Is your mommy here?” The younger girl answered no shes not, she is home. In which my little girl goes phewwwww, cause if she was here you would be in soooooooo much trouble for coloring your arms with markers. I nearly died!

3. A few weeks ago while my then 2-year old granddaughter was taking her nap, a firetruck went down our road with the sirens blowing. I was glad it didn’t wake her because this gramma had some work to finish while Lillia was napping! About an hour later when she did get up she asked me if I heard a siren and wanted to know what it was. When I told her that it was just a firetruck going down the road she asked “did it throw candy?”……
After laughing to myself first, I had to explain to her that a fireman’s job is not JUST to throw candy out at parades!

4. So I was in Joann’s fabric store with my three boys, ages 5, 4 and 2. I know crazy! They weren’t listening very well, and they could tell that I was upset.
We got out to the car and my 4 year old Tanner said: “Mom are you mad at me.”
Me: “No, I just wish that you would behave when I ask you to.”
Tanner: “Well maybe if you wished upon a star, I would.”

🙂 I had a good 5 minute laugh…

5. One of my colleague’s (1st grade) students was studying her alphabet strip on the wall at the front of the classroom. The teacher asked him to focus on his work. He replied, “Okay, but you forgot a letter up there.” She asked him what he meant. He replied, “There should be another N up there. You know, X, Y, “N”, Z.
We still giggle over that story in the teacher’s lounge.

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  1. 5

    Sorry I missed the voting- just catching up on a backlog of posts! Great stuff!

  2. 6
    Erin Davis says:

    I was wondering if the date on when the voting with end is right? It says 8/17 and it’s the 18th today…

  3. 8
    Lauralee Hensley says:

    I kind of like the ones that make the adult around the child kind of cringe with a touch of embarassment.

  4. 9

    Those are so cute! I love hearing what little kids come up with.

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