George Foreman Multicooker Review

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Written by Avry, Guest Reviewer

George Foreman Cooking
I have had the same George Foreman Grill for almost 12 years and I love that thing still to this day. I use it at least once maybe even twice a week so when I was introduced to the George Forman Smart Kitchen Multicooker, I was very excited to try it out. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and love to cook, but when I do cook it usually turns into a huge mess with me using multiple pots and pans. The George Forman Multicooker has been designed with healthy, smart and economical factors in mind. I love the concept of being able to cook an entire meal in one pan. The first thing that caught my attention is that it is used to steam rice or vegetables. This caught my eye as I am always looking for healthier ways to cook instead of using oils or grease to cook with.

My Experience
The interior of the Multicooker cooking pan is made with Teflon so you can cook your ground hamburger or meat before adding the remaining ingredients to your soups or casseroles. The probe that is plugged into the unit has several digital settings you can use to control whether you are cooking rice or meat. It has settings for both brown and white rice. Or you can choose not to use those settings and use the digital temperature control. The probe also has a timer that you can set for cooking times.
I decided after my first time using the George Foreman Multicooker that I made the process myself a lot more difficult then it needed to be. I had never had a steamer before so I wanted to make something with rice, chicken and vegetables. I went on a search for the perfect recipe and found myself disappointed that the cooker itself didn’t come with a book of simple recipes but in the product guide it did direct me to the George Foreman Cooking site for recipes. When going online I found the website to have many meal ideas for the Grill but not necessarily for the Multicooker which left me a little frustrated. So giving up on the perfect recipe I decided to try doing something on my own. I didn’t know how to cook the rice and chicken at the same time so I started the white rice in the bottom of the cooker and used my handy measuring cup that the cooker came with so I could get the right amount of water. I had defrosted my chicken and thought I could perhaps add it to the rice in the bottom of the cooker or steam it on top in the steaming basket. Boy was I wrong when I discovered that wouldn’t work I pulled out the Forman Grill to cook my meat on. About half way through the rice being finished I added broccoli to the steaming basket above the rice to let it cook.

Once the rice and broccoli were done I diced up the chicken and added them all together. Then added some sauce and cheese on top. It turned out pretty darn good!
The very next night I decided to simplify it more and not over think the process. I defrosted some hamburger and put about a pound of it in the bottom of the cooker. I browned it just like I would in a normal frying pan but using the serving paddle that comes with the multicooker to stir and brown the hamburger with. I decided the serving paddle became my best friend during the process as it was smooth on the bottom and didn’t scratch the teflon. Once the Hamburger was browned I added water, pasta noodles, cream of mushroom soup, diced onions and sour cream for stroganoff and let it cook. Stirring it occasionally I would check the temperature to decide whether I wanted to adjust it or not and turned the adjustable steam vent if I wanted the stroganoff to thicken up or not. I found the food cooked evenly and turned out delicious!!

I love the concept of the George Foreman cooker and the different cooking options it gives to the user. The probe mode buttons and indicator lights made it easy to use and navigate.
The multicooker is easy to clean out once it has been used. No submerging it into water, heavy scrubbing or even putting it into the dishwasher! It wipes right out with a cloth for very easy clean up! Even though I have had my George Foreman Grill for 12 years and it still works great to this day I was even more reassured when I also saw that the George Foreman company includes a 3 year limited warranty. So if you want to make life a little easier in the kitchen I say the George Foreman Smart Kitchen Multicooker is the way to go.

Price: $79.99, but on sale for $39.99 right now!

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The product reviewed in this article was a sample provided by George Foreman through Family Review Network. All opinions remain 100% my own.

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    I got one today, and was also disappointed there were no recipes in the box! Now I’m trying to find one online. I may just do the rice and veggies and use the grill for chicken like you did–but I do wish I could figure out if you can it all in one pot–that was sort of my goal with this gadget. Hope it works!

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    So happy you did thei wonderful review! I have wanting to know about this because I was wanting to buy one but didn’t know how great it was till I read your review. Will be buying one for sure, thank-you!

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