How Do You Say That? (Dialect Vlog Hop Part 2)

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Annie from MamaDweeb has another Dialect Vlog Hop going around so I thought I would record another one.  Here’s my first one if you want to watch that.
The words and questions are different, but there were a few after looking at them that I could recall others calling them something different than I do.
Here’s another one from Idaho/Utah in all it’s glory…


How do you say these words?
Roof, Root, Illinois, Arkansas River, Missouri, About, Ask, Abdomen, Especially, Hierarchy, Often, Realtor, Coyote


1. What do you call it when friends get together and eat food outside?

2. What do you call the meal at noon? What about 6pm?

3. What do you call the thing you put your groceries in after you buy them?

4. What is it called when you ride a sled down a snowy hill?

5. What is another word for a stream you find in the woods?

6. What is the piece of furniture you store you clothes in?

7. What do you call the stuff you throw away?

8. What is the huge piece of furniture in your living room that at least 3 people can sit on?

9. What is the common/slang way for where you live to say, “Calm down”?

10. What do you call the colorful candy toppings you put on donuts?

If you are participating, please link up so I can come watch your vlog!!

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  1. 9

    I love these vlog hops and I think your’s is very similar to what I say except for often (the “t” is silent where I come from) and I pronounce hierarchy with an extra syllable than almost everybody on the blog hop.
    Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog post ..Howd Yall Say That Again Part 2

  2. 10

    I’ve only heard tubing used when you do it on the water, never on snow.
    Robyn Wright of Robyn’s Online World´s last blog post ..How do you say

  3. 11
    Rachel C says:

    Pretty much the same as Indiana. I don’t say the ‘t’ in “often” though. It’s fun to watch these 🙂

  4. 12

    Very cool! I really liked your vlog. I sometimes say BBQ too.
    Sheilacakes´s last blog post ..Giving A Little Thanks

  5. 13

    pretty similar to me – we call it sledding though if we go on a sled, tubing if we go on a tube.

  6. 14

    Most of ours are the same. I’ll be posting mine later this afternoon. I really do find this so fun!

    And tubing here is generally just on water, though we do use tubes do go down the hills.
    Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama´s last blog post ..New Universal Pictures Movie HOP in Theaters April 1st!

  7. 15

    So fun! The word I always say for calm down to my boys a lot is chill or chill out! Maybe that’s just me though. 🙂 I have heard simmer down though. Me and my friends used to say it a lot in HS.

  8. 16

    That’s interesting about the tubing … around here tubing refers to being on the water dragged by a boat on a big floaty tube.

  9. 17

    Yay! So glad you joined Tiff!

    LOL @ your comment about abdomen….I forgot you were in school for that.

    Tubing? Thanks for explaining cause I didn’t understand why you would call it that.
    YES!! You called it Creek, the “right” way LOL

    Simmer down now LOL! Yup, totally funny. We don’t say that very much around here, but I have heard that one.
    Annie @ Mama Dweeb´s last blog post ..How Do You Say that in Kansas Vlog Hop 2!

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