Chuggington Lunch Boxes For Kids

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Chuggington Lunch Boxes
Chuggington fans are able to take their pals anywhere they want to go, including with their lunch now. New to the Chuggington scene are the lunch boxes for kids. They come in a couple fun designs with familiar faces like Brewster, Wilson and Koko. We’ve entered the real school zone as Chan is in kindergarten this year. However, since we have half day kindergarten here, he does not eat lunch at school. That doesn’t mean that we can’t use the Chuggington Lunch boxes though. They are nice to carry snacks in the car, and the boys love knowing that they have a lunch box that is just for them.

koko wilson brewster lunch box

These lunch bags are a soft box shape measuring 8x4x10. They hold plenty of food, snacks, and even a drink. The inside is insulated and can easily be wiped down. The zipper comes around 3 of the sides and has a padded carrying handle. The graphic on the front is cute, and would make a great addition to any Chugger’s collection.

We took our lunch boxes for a picnic to the park a few weeks back. The weather was absolutely fabulous for October, and our local splash pad was still open. We packed sandwiches, cheese, crackers, gogurts, and a treat for dessert along with a bottle of water for each of the boys. The bags held more than enough and the boys loved having their own lunches.

This is a fun lunchbag for any Chugger. The only con would be that when you hold the lunch bag by the handle, all of your lunch settles into the bottom of the bag, squishing your sandwich if you have one. These bags are pretty affordable, and Toys R Us even has them for under $5 right now!

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    Such a cute lunch box!! My grandson is starting to really like the show, and I think he would LOVE to have this!

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