First Sports Experience

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Old Enough For Sports?
I have always known that having boys meant trying sports. It seems like it’s almost like that’s just what boys are supposed to do, right? Hubby and I decided this last fall to sign Chandler up for basketball. He had to turn 6 before the end of the year in order to play, and he did. Right before the season was supposed to start, we got an e-mail saying there weren’t enough kindergartners that had signed up and that they would be playing with first and second grade kids. I was immediately a little bit nervous for him, but knew it would be pretty relaxed and hoped he would have a good experience.

8 practices and 8 games later, the season is done. Chan was the youngest and smallest on his team. A lot of the time he had no clue what was going on, but sometimes that made it all the more fun to watch. 🙂 I will say that he played on a fantastic team, and had the best coaches. We knew a lot of the kids on his team from church and everyone was kind and fun for him to be around. When I asked him about the season, he told me he had fun and likes to play defense. He wants to play again next year.

I’m wanting to get him exposed to other things as well, so he’ll be playing baseball this spring, will probably have some swimming lessons in the summer as well. I thought about maybe enrolling him in a gymnastics class or some sort of instrument lessons in the future as well. I just want him to get a feel for something that he really wants to do and don’t want him to feel pressured. It’s never fun as a kid to do something that you feel pressured to do from your parent. If he ever stops enjoying something, he doesn’t have to do it.

When was your child’s first sports or lessons experience? Was it a good one, and what did you learn as a parent from it?


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    Adorable photo! Go Chandler! My daughter was and is never interested in any sports, aside form ballet which she loves. My 23 month old is so active, I will definitely try some sports if he is interested, which will be hard for hubby and me, as we are the LEAST of sports people! We will try things and see what he likes! Husband is all for music lessons, and I would like martial arts if my son wants to!
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    Boys (and girls) are so cute at that age with sports. Our son’s first was soccer at 5, then he did basketball and tried 2 seasons of baseball before we finally found the right sport for him … Football. Now that’s a game that will make you nervous watching your kid get knocked around.
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    Congrats to the first ports experience! My son’s first experience was a swimming contest at the school, and he had won the 2nd price so he was very happy about it! Anyway, I think that children must do sports only for pleasure, they are too young to take the pressure of a championship yet.
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    You already know the answer to that one! Moura wanted to learn how to swim from the get-go. Age 4 started with lessons year round. Now 8 years later and 3 years of swim team, I have learned a lot. (1.) If they make and have friends on their team, they will tend to enjoy it more. ( 2.) Having a great coach and mentor helps a lot. (3) It is NOT about the parent and their unfulfilled needs and wants in sports. HOWEVER, sometimes when they don’t feel like going to swim, I still make them go. Why? They do so much better when they get the exercise in , and not once have they gotten in the car afterwards and said, “I wish I hadn’t gone.” (4) If my kid’s stroke mechanics improve and she drops a second or two at meets, that is a success. ( 5). It teaches them time management skills. Driving to practice and spending time at practice takes up a lot of time! I can think of some senior swimmers that have earned college scholarships, are straight A students, National Merit scholars/ honor society. They also never stay out past 10:30 or 11 at night as they usually have 5:30 a.m. practices. (6.) It has been Ceese’s unconventional method of occupational therapy. What a bonus for them! As far as exposure to other things, during our two week break between swimming, Moura will be attending a waterpolo camp. Something fun that involves water, and is not merely watching that black line for lap beyond lap, underwater.
    Fun, fun, FUN!
    Go Chandler!!!! Sounds like he had a ball (pun intended) and it was a good exposure for him!

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    This was Rylan’s first year doing sports and he had a blast playing basketball.

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    I am so glad that he is really great on the sports he choose! 🙂
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    Samantha says:

    I was immediately a little bit nervous for him, but knew it would be pretty relaxed and hoped he would have a good experience.
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