The New Car

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Ever since my hubby and I have been married (almost 8 years), he’s driven an older beater car with no air conditioning. He’s been through 4 different cars in that time. I know it hasn’t been enjoyable coming 30-45 minutes home from work in a car with no air conditioning, but we’ve made do with what we could at the time. The most recent car that he’s been driving started to have a lot of problems. We put $500 into the car a few months ago with the knowledge that we were going to have to do some more repairs in the next month or so. We begin to weigh the pros and cons and decided it was time to go car shopping. We had a budget in mind that we wanted to stay under and got pre approval from the bank. Then it was time to do some shopping. We had a few different vehicles fall through from private sellers when we ended up at a dealer that we bought my car from a few years ago. Hubby went and looked at an Audi A6 that had very low miles, took it for a test drive and bought it.



When he came home, I was surprised to see that it was something that had fallen into our budget. It’s loaded and is very smooth when riding or driving it. Before you think that we have a lot of money to buy a luxury car, I’ll let you know that it’s 9 years old and our car payment every month is very low. Hubby is totally loving having a car to drive that is dependable, and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t having fun with a sporty car with a big engine. 😉


Now we have to go car insurance shopping. I’m sure our rate will go up a little bit since our last car wasn’t worth much, but we will be looking around to compare car insurance. Our current insurance provider is great, but we shop around every year and have been with many different companies over the past 10 years. It’s amazing how much shopping around for insurance can save you.


When was the last time you bought a vehicle and do you shop around yearly for car insurance?



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    You sound like a wise budget person. My last car was a long time ago. I didn’t shop annually, I own a condo and the same insurer gave me a good deal (I did shop pricing at that time) – also I get a discount for long-term association w/the same insurer – there are also discounts for safe driving history, etc. I love Audi 6 – that is the car I would choose.

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    I like it! Very nice! I always find car shopping very stressful!

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    Jodi Tillman says:

    Love the car and happy that yall were able to get something better. I also shop around for insurance each year best way to save

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    can we say JEALOUS!:) love it!
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    Yay on the new car! No air conditioning is dreadful. We just bought our minivan last year so I’m hoping I don’t have to see another dealership for at least 3 more years.

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    Congrats on the new car! To answer your question, no I’m terrible with doing regular comparison rate shopping. Once I’m satisfied with a company, I tend to just stay there. I need to be a little better about it though!
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    Jennifer h says:

    Nice!! And yes, I try to shop around each year for a better deal. We just switched this year. 🙂

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