Marathon Running Series – Training Schedule

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This next month is going to beyond crazy. My husband has a few business trips, I am going to Blogher in NYC, we are heading to Disney for 8 days, then up to a cabin with family for another 3. School starts in the midst there. My husband told me he’s going to be in his office at work 2 days out of the entire month. I’m a bit afraid because it’s packed so tightly. I sat down and realized that unless I sit down and really create a running schedule, I’m not going to be prepared for my marathon. Before my first marathon, the longest run I did was 17 miles. I only did it once and didn’t feel as prepared as I should have been. It’s going to be tricky trying to get training in while I’m on vacation, but I know it has to be done. I took Hal Higdon’s training schedule and revamped it a bit for myself to make something that will work with all of our vacations, work schedule, kid’s school, etc. I will keep you updated on how everything is going, but if I share my running schedule here, I will be more accountable. The Hal Higdon training schedule is about 16 weeks, and I’ve followed those weeks pretty closely, I just need to really buckle down now. Some of those longer runs seem a bit daunting to me but I know I can do them if I put my mind to it!  (Sorry if it’s kind of small, it’s bigger on my spreadsheet.)


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    Wow, now that’s a training schedule! Wish I had the strength to do all that!

  2. 7
    kelly nicholson says:

    I wish i had time and money…you would no me as the guy who run in marathons all over the us

  3. 8
    Katharina says:

    What an inspiration! I don’t run but I definitely need to come up with something like this to keep me accountable for the other things I want to do like my walking, etc. I’ll be following your progress!

  4. 9

    That takes some dedication. I’m really impressed. Maybe someday I’ll run one!

  5. 10

    I will forever be in awe of your dedication to running and training. I haven’t gotten the courage to take up distance running (never was very good at it even when I was in track).
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    • 11

      It’s a bit therapeutic for me as well, I always feel good after a long run. As far as distance running, it’s all in your head. I never ran track or really ran at all until 2 1/2 years ago. I’d never run more than 3 miles before that. It’s amazing what some training and mind power will do. In that 2 1/2 years, I’ve run a marathon (soon to be 2!) and 5 half marathons.

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