Happy Halloween!

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Our Halloween was filled with parties, trick-or-treating, candy, candy and more candy.  The boys looked nothing short of adorable.  We hope you had a happy and safe Halloween!




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  1. 15

    cute costumes!!

  2. 16
    Vickie Couturier says:

    those are the cutest costumes,,an they look like they were warm too,,adorable!

  3. 17

    Those are the cutest costumes! The furry one on the left looks so soft!

  4. 18

    Love those costumes!

  5. 19
    Sarah Osborne says:

    LOVE those costumes!

  6. 20

    Did You Make their costumes? Surely the cutest I’ve seen to date!

  7. 21
    Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I LOVE their costumes!!!! So adorable! Carter was a bowling ball this year! LOL

    • 22

      How cute that he was a bowling ball!? Was it a costume you bought or made?

      • 23
        Laura Jacobson says:

        We actually searched all over and could not find a kids bowling ball costume anywhere, so we made it out of black felt!

  8. 24

    they look so cute!

  9. 25
    courtney b says:

    adorable costumes! i love the blue monster!

  10. 26

    Those costumes are adorable! Your kids too of course!

  11. 27
    Karen Glatt says:

    What cute Halloween costumes! We had a great Halloween becasue it was warm where we were at! I had a lot of trick or treaters this year, and it is always great to get to see the kids in their costumes!

  12. 28

    Adorable! I love monsters inc I saw a child with the sully outfit last night and it sparked talk of the sequel. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  13. 29
    Stephanie says:

    aww so cute!!

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