Training for a Half Marathon While Pregnant

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Training for a Race While Pregnant

I signed up to run a half marathon when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I signed up, fully aware that I was already pregnant. Since I started running on a regular basis almost 3 years ago, there have been a lot of challenges and triumphs. Running during pregnancy is a whole new experience for me. I walked a lot with my other two pregnancies, but never ran. I’ve battled with feeling sick and have been spotty when it comes to working out and running. This is really frustrating for me as I’m used to working out 5 days a week. I’m starting to get some energy back and have been having some good days without feeling sick, so I thought I would jump more into my training this last week. After 3 days of running, I started to get so much pain in my left hip that I could hardly walk. I’ve taken the last 3 days off and decided that I’m definitely just going to have to listen to my body when it comes to running. I’ve never had hip pain like this, and I’m sure it’s due to the joints loosening from pregnancy.


When I went to my first OB appointment, I fully expected my OB to shut down the idea of running a half marathon. Instead, he encouraged it. He told me to just listen to my body, walk if I needed to, and not too push it too hard. I’ve already noticed a difference in my running and pace. Normally, I run very comfortably at a 10 minute mile for miles on end, and can push myself to a 9 minute mile for a half and 8 1/2 minute miles for a 10K. I’ve been averaging around 12 minute miles right now, but I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant, and what’s important is that I am continuing to stay fit and active.  I know that it will not only benefit me, but baby as well.  (Below is a pic of baby about a week ago.)  Growing just like he/she should be!



When I trained for the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, I created a training schedule for myself that I stuck to. I used Hal Higdon as a guide. Normally I would train with his intermediate half marathon schedule, but I decided to stick to Novice and add an extra day of cross training in place of the running.

I’m really hoping that my body cooperates and that I’m able to train like I want to. If not, or if I have to take days off, that’s ok too. I will finish the half marathon, even if I have to walk some of it. No shame in that. I’ll be almost 22 weeks when I run the half, and I fully expect to have a good sized belly at that point…I always do. 🙂
Below is my half marathon schedule which starts this week! I’m pretty excited but nervous about it too.



Have you run a race while pregnant? How did it go? Any tips?


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    BarbeeGirl2010 says:

    I have been running for just over a year and my first half was the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll in Nov 2012. I’ve run 5 halfs at this point and I’m currently in the middle of a training program for this year’s Rock ‘n Roll. I’m about 5 weeks now and was worried about keeping up my training schedule. I’m so glad glad to see it’s possible but of course I’ll ask my doc about it when I go.

  2. 13
    Vickie Couturier says:

    good for you,,that is so great that you feel up to doing this

  3. 14
    Janet W. says:

    Wow good for you! Now I really have no excuse to not do some form of exercise!

  4. 15
    Monica P says:

    This is very inspiring! Please keep it updated on the process!

  5. 16

    Good for you! I stopped running just before I got pregnant (last semester of University and was running out of time) and was misinformed that I could not take up any exercise while pregnant that I was not doing when I got pregnant. My daughter is 16 months and I have yet to take it up again. Thank you for the motivation.
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  6. 17

    Oh goodness! This is impressive, I cant even do that and Im NOT pregnant!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Tweens Can Be Nice Too??

  7. 18

    Congrats and way to go! I ran until I was 30 weeks pregnant with my third. I originally started that pregnancy training for a half marathon, but plantar fasciitis prevented me from racing it. I did manage an 8k race that I actually did quite well at. It can be done – just listen to your body and stay relatively consistent! pCheers to a healthy, active pregnancy!
    Janice – Fitness Cheerleader´s last blog post ..In Like a Lion… My Goals for March

  8. 19
    saminder gumer says:

    this is awesome. i am so envious of you. i do not think i could do this. i hope it goes well.

  9. 20

    I think it is awesome that you are continuing to run while pregnant. I’m sorry that you are having hip pain already, but I know that you will listen to your body and finish the half marathon, no matter what!
    Whitney @ It’s Gravy, Baby!´s last blog post ..Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get the Sillies Out! Tour Review

    • 21

      Gotta love the aches and pains of pregnancy, I’ve just never had hip pain like this. It’ll all be worth it in the end. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!

  10. 22

    You can totally do it! I wish I would have been able to keep running through this last pregnancy. Your schedule surely is inspiring, I cant believe you’re doing so well with the morning sickness and all.

    • 23

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m just hoping that my body cooperates since it’s unknown territory. You’ve been quite an inspiration yourself! And I haven’t been doing great with the morning sickness. Working out has been really spotty for me. I’m hoping that it starts to subside now that I’m into the 2nd trimester.

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