Baby By Stage via Ultrasound

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I won’t be afraid to say that I am pro life when it comes to a baby.  Unless of course, the mother’s life is at risk or in other extenuating circumstances, a life is a life.  You may or may not know, but I work part time as an Ultrasound Technologist.  In my field, I get to see a lot of different things via ultrasound.  I scan just about everything from abdomen, pelvis, legs and arms, babies and more.  I see a range of emotions from a patient as it can be a happy or sad experience for them.  I didn’t work in ultrasound with my first 2 babies, but after seeing this little girl at every stage, my stance on abortion is even more pronounced.  I first saw a heartbeat at 5 weeks and 3 days.  She was alive, living, had a heartbeat when only the size of a tiny sesame seed.  I believe she had a spirit at conception and that her purpose was to come to have a body and be born into a loving family.  I wanted to share her growth and development over the last 5 months.


12/30/2012: 5 weeks 5 days, Baby has a heartbeat! The size of a sesame seed.

Baby Ultrasound 5 weeks 3 Days

1/10/13: 7 Weeks 2 days, Baby is getting bigger – the size of a blueberry.

Baby Ultrasound 7 weeks

1/24/13: 9 weeks 2 days, I see arm and leg buds!  – the size of a green olive

Baby Ultrasound 9 Weeks

2/3/13: 10 weeks 5 days – The size of a lime.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 9.20.24 AM

2/16/13: 12 weeks 4 days, size of a plum

13 weeks ultrasound

03/08/2013: 15 weeks 4 days, size of an apple

15 weeks 4 days ultrasound

3/30/2013: 18 weeks 4 days, It’s a GIRL!

18 weeks ultrasound girl picture

4/3/2013: 19 weeks 1 day, size of an heirloom tomato

19 weeks ultrasound

4/28/2013, 22 weeks 5 days, Face shot!  Size of a spaghetti squash

22 weeks ultrasound

5/27/2013, 26 weeks 6 days.  3D ultrasound of her face and profile.  Size of a cucumber

26 weeks 3D ultrasound girl

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.48.06 AM

If you’ll notice, the pictures have gotten farther apart.  I scanned myself a lot at first until I felt her moving for peace of mind.  Now that I feel her thumps, kicks and rolling around all day long, I don’t see her via ultrasound quite as often.  There you have it – baby by ultrasound through the 2nd trimester!  Life is the most amazing thing to me and I’m thankful to a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed our family with it.

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  1. 39

    I feel the same way- a woman doesn’t have the right to take a life because the life she is taking exists in her body. It’s a human being, where ever it happens to be located.
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  2. 40

    Loved this! I actually lost all my ultrasound pics from early in my pregnancy. Pretty bummed about it. 🙁
    Leilani´s last blog post ..That Time I Met 98 Degrees!

  3. 41

    It is so amazing isn’t it!! Every time I see an ultra sound I am blown away!
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  4. 42
    marissa lee says:

    Thank you for sharing your little blessing with us…i always get excited when they send me for an ultrasound..i love seeing my unborn’s truely awesome.

  5. 43

    Awww so sweet! It’s nice to see baby before actually seeing baby 🙂
    courtney´s last blog post ..Dishes Sparkle and Shine with Cascade Platinum #MyPlatinum

  6. 44

    That is awesome you got to see the baby at 5 weeks. When I was pregnant, they would not even see me until 8 or something like that.
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  7. 45

    This is SO cool! Obviously for you, you know exactly what to look for in an ultrasound. I loved the one where you caught her yawning and think that’s such a special thing that you can show her when she gets older. 🙂

  8. 46

    What a special way to share your baby!

  9. 47

    Aww I love these ultrasound pics. So sweet.
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  10. 48

    It’s so amazing to see the progression here and I know it’s fun for you to be able to watch Miss Nova grow. I can’t wait until my next ultrasound!
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  11. 49

    This is such an amazing way to see the baby. Such great images.
    Vanessa: thequeenofswag´s last blog post ..Join Me For An Instagram + Vine Blog Hop!

  12. 50

    So cool! That is one of the things I liked most about the surrogacy. We got frequent scans, so I could really see how she great every few weeks!
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  13. 51

    That is amazing watching her grow.
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  14. 52

    That’s so cool! I got the one ultrasound at 5 months and that was it. What a great way to chronicle baby before she’s born!
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  15. 53

    awesome photos!! congrats!
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  16. 54
    Janet W. says:

    Ultrasounds have always amazed me! It’s so wonderful to be able to watch your baby grow inside of you!

  17. 55

    That’s so amazing! I didn’t know you could see the heartbeat so early, how cool!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Summer is Coming… {&It’s Delicious} #smoressmiles

  18. 56
    courtney b says:

    amazing.. im 39 weeks today and hurting!!

  19. 57
    Sandy VanHoey says:

    It was a very difficult time and one I’ll never forget. I was only about 12 years old and what scared me so bad was her almost Hemorrhaging. She kept me home from school that day because she felt something was happening….it surely did

  20. 58

    Isn’t human life and development amazing?! I always cherished seeing my little ones and appreciate the technology that enabled me to do so!
    Marcie W.´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – 5/29/12

  21. 59

    I can’t even believe how clearly defined the features are. This is phenomenal!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..It’s a Once a Month Thing I Don’t Hate #CookWithSpreads

  22. 60

    I remember those exciting days.
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  23. 61
    vickie couturier says:

    I totally agree with you,,im a retired nurse that used to work postpartum an then for a ob/gyn doctor,,ive seen women use abortion as birthcontrol,,one lady stands out,she had 6 previous abortions mostly in the second trimester,,an then had a still born baby,,an just couldnt believe it had happened to her,,it was so hard for me to show emphaty for her an requested that I be removed from taking care of her,,,ppl dont seem to realize that the more abortions you have takes a toll on the body ,,abortions werent meant to be a type of birth control because you are too lazy or whatever to use proper birth control,ive seen too many come in with 5 or more abortions in the second trimester,,your baby is so beautiful an now ill get off my soapbox,,

    • 62
      Tiffany says:

      Wow, that is really sad. 6 abortions? I would think the cost of birth control would be much cheaper than aborting a pregnancy. The sad thing is, so many women would LOVE to be able to adopt or have a child of their own and when women make choices like that, I think it’s completely selfish. I’m right on that soapbox with you. 🙂

  24. 63

    Wow, you have so many pics!!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..My New Camera

  25. 64
    Sandy VanHoey says:

    Amazing pics and what you can do these days to follow the progress is amazing. The pic at 12 weeks reminded me of when my mom miscarried at around 12 weeks and I was with her. The baby actually fell into the toilet, I cried and cried and had to get it to send with her to the hospital. I love that we can follow along with the growth of our babies.

    • 65
      Tiffany says:

      That breaks my heart to hear that story. I can’t even imagine or fathom what you both went through.

  26. 66

    It truly is a miracle. I so loved seeing your ultrasound images!
    Donna´s last blog post ..Coping Physically, Emotionally and Practically with Cancer

  27. 67

    Awww, that’s so awesome!

  28. 68

    It’s amazing to see a baby grow.

  29. 69

    This is really neat for you to share this with your readers. I’ve always been pro-life.
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  30. 70

    Wow, you can really make out her face so clearly in the last one.
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  31. 71

    Those images are truly amazing! I bet you are excited about your new little one! Good luck, and congratulations.
    Cascia Talbert´s last blog post ..Memorial Day Weekend and Kitty Humor

  32. 72

    How cool that you can scan yourself!
    Jenn´s last blog post ..Our First Photo Canvas Prints

  33. 73

    such a wonderful photo grouping and I know the baby will love them one day
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  34. 74

    Love this!! Pregnant woman and babies always make me smile! Can’t wait to see the little girl.
    Colleen´s last blog post ..Bring on the Summer Travel with Hankook Tires

  35. 75

    This is REALLY cool to watch!! Please keep this up!

    And you are beautiful as a PG woman!

    trisha´s last blog post ..Don’t be a victim this summer!

  36. 76

    Isn’t it so exciting?! Baby looks so healthy too, congratulations!
    Penelope (NYC Blogger)´s last blog post ..Bringing The Family Together #KingsHawaiian

  37. 77

    Loved seeing your sweet baby in each stage! It’s so precious that God allows us to see “inside” as He is forming our sweet babies!

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