Exercising Options During Pregnancy

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Exercising During Pregnancy
Since I ran my half marathon last month, it seems like I’ve slowed down a lot. I was dealing with tendonitis in my one foot for about 2 weeks and that really limited what I could do. Now it’s feeling a lot better, but with the added weight gain and the pressure of baby, I’m finding myself having a really hard time running. I’m still trying, mind you, because that is where my comfort zone is, but I don’t make it very far. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve had to find some alternative workout programs that don’t involve so much impact. Here are the types of low impact exercise I’ve either been enjoying or want to try.


Yoga: My sister and I went to a Yoga class a few weeks back and I’m hooked now. It is definitely a change of pace and I had to change some of the poses due to to my belly. I’m normally a big cardio girl, but it was a nice change of pace to slow down, think about my breathing and keep control of my body. Much to my surprise, I was very sore the next day. This lets me know that I’m using muscle groups that I don’t normally use. I’m going to continue to do Yoga and I’m so excited to have discovered it.


Exercise Pregnancy Yoga



Walking: Just because I can’t run, doesn’t mean I can’t walk. Walking is generally a lot more comfortable. I have to make sure I’m not going for too long because my body is tired the rest of the day, but it’s a nice alternative.


Water Aerobics and Swimming: I swam competitively in high school, so I am no stranger to the pool. I have yet to make it there to swim laps or do water aerobics, but I fully intend to. Water aerobics can be great during pregnancy because it isn’t hard on your joints but still gives you a great workout.


Playing With My Kids: School will be out here in a few weeks and I have a fun packed summer for the boys and me. Just by staying active with them, it gives me the much needed exercise that I need. This week alone, we’ve gone on bike rides, walked to our splash pad and have flown kites together. I think this is my favorite option of exercise because it allows me quality time with my boys which is priceless.


Exercising While Pregnant


Did you exercise during your pregnancy? What was your favorite thing to do to stay active?

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  1. 22

    I did a lot of walking to stay active during my pregnancy. I think it really helped when it came time to deliver my son.
    Angela´s last blog post ..Win 4 Tickets to See Disney Live in Augusta

  2. 23

    I wish I could have exercised more
    Maryann´s last blog post ..Ice Cream and Summertime

  3. 24

    Those are great tips for soon to be moms.
    Vanessa: thequeenofswag´s last blog post ..Cars World Grand Prix Splash Speedway Track Set! #MattelDisneyInsider

  4. 25
    Janet W. says:

    Great tips! It’s so important to exercise and stay healthy during pregnancy!

  5. 26
    vickie couturier says:

    some good points an tips,,not pregnant so I have no excuse not to do something

  6. 27

    Great post! I swam in HS too and love and miss the water. Yoga is something I’ve wanted to do forever, and plan to start this week!

  7. 28
    marissa lee says:

    I am 5 months pregnant and i do alot of walking and i have a 19 month old active little girl..so i keep myself active…thank you for sharing.

  8. 29

    Ha! My legs were so swollen my last month that the only exercise I got was putting them up on an ottoman! The water aerobics sound great though!
    TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs´s last blog post ..Destin Snorkel – The BEST Destin Snorkel, Snuba, Dolphin & Fish Excursions #InDestin

  9. 30

    I didn’t exercise at all during my three pregnancies, however, hindsight is always 20/20! These are great suggestions.
    Marcie W.´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – 5/22/13

  10. 31

    I did a lot of walking and water exercise with my last.
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..Why Buy It – When You Can Win It!! #win #giveaways

  11. 32

    I like to walk and do yoga. Anything low-impact.
    Leilani´s last blog post ..28 Week Bumpdate

  12. 33

    I really wish I would have done more to stay active this last pregnancy and then I wouldn’t be in such rough shape now.
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..Organize Your Family Life with LivingTree

  13. 34

    I *really* wish I had exercised during my pregnancy…. it was foolish to have not done so.
    Rachel @ Following In My Shoes´s last blog post ..100 Ways to Have Summer Fun

  14. 35

    These are excellent work out option when you’re pregnant. I wish I would have been able to work out more when I was pregnant.
    Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving´s last blog post ..Sitting isn’t as harmless as you think

  15. 36

    I should have exercised more when I was PG but I had GD and was tired all the time
    Maryann´s last blog post ..Palmolive Soft Touch Review #PalmoliveSoftTouch

  16. 37

    I wasn’t allowed to do much of anything either with the surrogacy. I walked a little and rode my bike, but that’s it.
    Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy.com´s last blog post ..Our Disney Room Makeover Reveal

  17. 38

    Due to some bleeding early on I wasn’t allowed to do much exercise or even lifting 🙁
    courtney´s last blog post ..The MoonWalk New York City 2013

  18. 39

    I couldn’t manage much more than sleep the last few months.
    Robin Gagnon {Mom Foodie}´s last blog post ..A New Way for Bloggers to Earn Money

  19. 40

    Swimming during pregnancy was dreamy, all the pressure and pain on my pelvis was gone. Great tips!!
    kristin´s last blog post ..Get Closer to Go Further – Our Durex Experience‏ #GetCloserGoFurther

  20. 41

    It’s definately a must!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..What’s in Your Purse? Purse Giveaway

  21. 42

    I used my stationary bike a lot when I was pregnant. Since I was due in April, the middle and end was during winter which made it difficult for me to do anything outdoors in the Northern Climate. I would take a book and read while I cycled which made the time go faster and it was nice and low impact.
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