Joovy BabaSling Review

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BabaSling Review
I’m a little bit of a newbie when it comes to baby wearing. I did have one other baby carrier with the boys when they were little, but it was never very comfortable. I didn’t use it much and ended up getting rid of it after my second son was born. Since it had been 5 1/2 years since I’d had a baby, I decided to look into baby wearing again. I was amazing at the options that there are out there. Slings, soft shell carriers, and wraps are a few varieties. I’m open to trying anything and was excited when we got the Joovy BabaSling baby carrier to review.


About the BabaSling from Joovy:
This hammock style sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine while providing essential closeness and bonding between parent and baby. With five carrying positions and easily adjustable straps (can be worn on right or left shoulder), theBabaSling is so easy to use it can be safely shared with grandparents, older siblings and caregivers.


Red Joovy BabaSling


I’ll admit that I pulled the BabaSling out of the box and stared at it for a few minutes before attempting to put it on. It’s one large piece of fabric with a padded strap and a few buckles. I started reading and was impressed with the versatility of the sling. For those that aren’t familiar with slings, I would suggest watching the BabaSling tutorial videos. This was the only way that I could understand how to use the sling. Below are images on the sling and each of the parts.


Joovy BabaSling



There are 5 ways that the sling can be worn, which are illustrated below. You can also breastfeed in the sling. The BabaSling weighs under a pound and the strap is nice and padded. It can be used with newborns and with toddlers up to 2 years of age and 33 lbs.


JoovyBabasling Carrying Positions


Nova is almost 3 months old and 14 lbs. She has pretty good head control at this point, but not enough that I can do the side saddle. I tried a few of the other positions. The first position that I tried was the sleeping tiger. I just couldn’t get it right, Nova was never comfortable. I’m not sure if it would be better for smaller babies, or if I just wasn’t doing it right, but every time I tried it, she started screaming. Alas, I have no picture of sleeping tiger. 😉

The next position that we tried was easy tiger. She was more upright and it seemed more natural to put her this way. She actually liked it, and was snuggled close to me. She got sleepy in this position, which let me know she was relaxed and happy.


BabaSling Easy Tiger



Nova’s favorite of all three was the Little Joey. She loves facing outward to see things. This was the most comfortable and hands free position for me too. In this position, you can’t bend down without holding onto the child, but for walking around and staying upright, it’s really a great one.


Joovy BabaSling Little Joey


Overall, I really like this sling. I wish I would have had it right when she was born so I could tell you how it was with an 8 lb baby, instead of one that was 14. I’m looking forward to trying out the side saddle position as she gets a little bit older. Like any baby wearing product, this is one that you need to practice with and wear around the house a bit to find what is most comfortable for you and baby. The BabaSling comes in 7 different colors and retails for $99.99, which makes it very competitively priced as compared to other baby wearing products.


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  1. 24

    With all the different ways you can use it and for as long as you can use it, I like that it really is fairly economical when you factor those things in.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Fandango Holiday Giveaway #TheGiftofFandango

  2. 25

    I would have loved something like this when my son was a baby. I love the color red, too!
    Donna´s last blog post ..Letters to Our Sons – December 2013

  3. 26

    I like that you can wear it so many ways!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..Blu-ray #MovieMagic GIVEAWAY #giveaways #win

  4. 27

    Looks like an amazing carrier!
    Vanessa: thequeenofswag´s last blog post ..Celebrate Your Child’s Milestones & A Pampers #Giveaway. #SwaddlersFirsts

  5. 28

    I wish there would have been more options for baby wearing when my children were younger. This looks like a great one!
    Crystal @ Simply Being´s last blog post ..The Best Gift, Free Shipping Codes + $100 Kohl’s Gift Card

  6. 29
    Maryann D. says:

    I wish I had BabaSling when my kids were babies. I love it and think it is so convenient and versatile. I will tell my niece who just had a baby about it.

  7. 30

    can’t wait for baby girl to grow a bit so I can use the babasling with her.
    It is SO comfy and easy to adjust!

  8. 31

    I was always intimidated by baby wearing when my kids were young, but this sling looks super easy to use. We’re also long time Joovy fans, so that helps!
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  9. 32

    I can’t seem to use a sling properly. Give me a crazy wrap and I am fine, but I am never comfortable in a sling. This one does look like a pretty nice one, though…much more cushiony than the ones I’ve used.

  10. 33

    I’ve never used one but it looks easy enough!
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  11. 34

    Love it! I wish I would of had one of these when my kids were infants!
    April Decheine´s last blog post ..Panko Crusted Tilapia Fish Tacos

  12. 35

    Love the red color! My sister has a BabaSling and loves it!
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  13. 36

    That looks so much nicer than many that I’ve used. And I love that red! So pretty.

  14. 37

    I wish I would have had something like this with my daughter. It looks so comfy.
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  15. 38

    This seems so much easier to use than a ring sling!
    Lolo´s last blog post ..Thankful Turkeys | Thanksgiving Craft for Families

  16. 39

    I haven’t tried a sling like this before, only a ring sling. I’ll have to look into trying this one because I babywear all the time.
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  17. 40

    I love theBabasling! we actually have it in the organic option – so comfy for babies and toddlers 🙂
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  18. 41

    I never had any luck wearing a sling – so many make it look effortlessly easy, though! 🙂
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  19. 42

    So neat! 🙂 I have several friends who have joovys and swear by them! Love the versatility!

  20. 43

    That sure has a ton of ways it can be worn… I’d probably end out with a crooked mess, but that’s just me.
    Robin Gagnon´s last blog post ..Juices, Carrot Farmers & Instacouponing… Oh, My! #BolthouseFarms

  21. 44

    I was never comfortable with a sling, but I’d love to give it a try again with this baby. My favorite carrier has always been a mei tei.
    Paula @ Frosted Fingers´s last blog post ..Know how you can prevent RSV!

  22. 45

    We love our BabaSling! I agree, there was a learning curve at first, but once you get it adjusted and know how to use it, it’s awesome! The two straps to adjust the top and bottom of the sling are perfect, so it functions like a ring sling. We usually do the side saddle carry 🙂 Great pics!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey´s last blog post ..the Give Back event!

  23. 46

    I’ve never been able to quite figure out how to wear a sling, adjust it correctly, and be comfortable but I’m definitely tempted to give the BabaSling a try. Love that color too!
    Whitney @ It’s Gravy, Baby!´s last blog post ..RSV Protection & Prevention Tips – #RSVAwareness

  24. 47

    She’s so comfortable in it and it looks easy to use. That’s my must have, it has to be easy!
    kristin´s last blog post ..Lowe’s Black Friday Deal Reveal – Dremel Giveaway

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