TIME for Kids: Big Book of Why

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We received a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions remain my own.


TIME for Kids: Big Book of Why
My oldest son just turned 8 and is very much into wanting to know the why’s and how’s of certain things. He’s always asking questions and is very inquisitive. I love that he does that because it helps him to learn about the world around him.


TIME for Kids has come out with a new book, which is awesome for any boy or girl that can read. Titled Big Book of Why, this hardback book outlines 1,001 new facts that are funny, interesting, gross and more. There have been a lot of times that I will ask my son to read it out loud because there are so many cool facts that I was unaware of.  The book also has cool pictures and explains things in a clear, concise manner that is easy for kids to understand.


Big Book of Why


About the book from TIME:
This book is a follow-up to the first Big Book of Why, which has sold more than 150,000 copies to date. With 192 pages of new content, Big Book of Why: Crazy, Cool, & Outrageous is divided by subject area – the human body, animals, nature, the Earth, space, science, technology, transportation, U.S. and world history, world culture, arts and media and sports and games. Each answer is accompanied by either a photo or illustration.



Reading Big Book of Why with Grandma


Sample Questions in the book include:
Human Body
Q. Why do I have nightmares?
A. Nightmares are just scary dreams. You might get them because your body is relieving stress, you are ill or you experienced something scary when you were awake.

Q. Why are so many people afraid of spiders?
A. We’re not born afraid of spiders. It’s something we learn. Some scientists think humans are naturally worried about animals that move quickly, as spiders do, and the fact that some spiders are poisonous certainly adds to the fear factor.

Outrageous!: Flowers are supposed to smell sweet, right? Well, don’t get a whiff of the massive Titan arum. This plant, which only flowers every four to six years, smells like rotting meat!


We love this book and are planning on investing in the first one for my son for Christmas.  It’s priced at $19.95 for a hardback copy and is definitely worth the investment. You can actually buy the book right now for only $12.50 from Amazon as well: TIME For Kids BIG Book of Why.


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  1. 31

    What a cool book! My boys would love this.

  2. 32
    Maryann D. says:

    My son always enjoyed books like this. I think it is educational and interesting and may help answer quite a few questions for children.

  3. 33

    What a great book! I bet my niece would love it!
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  4. 34

    What an interesting and fun learning tool for kids.
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  5. 35

    My son and I love these type of books. 🙂
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  6. 36

    I think my son would love this book, he is always asking WHY?!
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  7. 37

    Looks like a really great book!
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  8. 38

    This is such a fun book!

  9. 39

    I love this idea and what a perfect book since kids always ask “why”
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  10. 40

    This book is perfect for some children I know. I get asked why about something at least 5 times a week from them. I like that the explanations are written in a way that kids can understand.
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  11. 41

    I need to get this for my kids, they would love reading these facts.
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  12. 42

    This book would make a great present. All kinds of fun information in there so development of mind is good for children !
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  13. 43

    Love this. I need to pick one up for my kids.

  14. 44

    My daughter LOVES these books.
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  15. 45

    My kids love learning unique and interesting facts such as those included in this book. Great gift idea!
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  16. 46

    I love books like this, especially since I often learn along with my son!
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  17. 47

    That sounds like a wonderful book for an inquisitive kid! Our daughter’s first words were ‘what’s that?’ so this is the kind of book she would have loved when she was younger.
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  18. 48

    I HAVE to get this for my kids!
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  19. 49

    This would make a great present. All kinds of fun information in there!
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  20. 50

    My son is only two, but we might need to put this book on our shelf anyway – I’m sure there’s tons of things in here even we don’t know!
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  21. 51

    My older daughter LOVES stuff like this. She would love this for Christmas. Thanks!

  22. 52

    This book is the sort of thing kids don’t get excited about on Christmas day, but it’s a sleeper… they will end out spending a lot of time with it.
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  23. 53

    This looks like a great book that I can enjoy with my kids.
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  24. 54

    This is a book I would of loved reading to my kids, great review!
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  25. 55

    My boys would love this. braxton is so curious!! Awesome!
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  26. 56

    My curious son would totally love this
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  27. 57

    I have to say that I think I would enjoy this as much as the kids!

  28. 58

    We love these kind of books. My son always did like them, even when he was too young to read.

  29. 59

    This is really neat, I loved that you shared a few of the Q and A’s sounds like a book that can answer tons of questions!!!
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  30. 60
    Mia Dentice Carey says:


  31. 61
    vickie couturier says:

    my bigger grandsons would like this,,they are always asking Why??

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