Tips for Maternity Fashion

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This post is brought to you by QueenBee Maternity.


When you are pregnant, your body changes a lot. Having been there 3 different times, I think I have a pretty good idea of what those changes are. I’ve always liked the first trimester. I could wear my own clothes and although my pants started to get snug, I didn’t really look pregnant. The second trimester is generally when I transitioned to maternity clothing from retailers like QueenBee.  Towards the end, I always had a hard time feeling cute as I tend to carry right out front. The following tips are ones that I wish I would have known with my first pregnancy but have learned over time.


Maternity Clothing


1. Cute Comfort – There’s nothing worse than getting a pair of maternity pants or a shirt that is uncomfortable. Look for clothing that is not only fashionable but that has spandex or stretch to it. Pants with a stretchy maternity band or an adjustable waist are a plus when it comes to bottoms. It will accommodate your growing belly and be comfortable for you.


2. Dresses and Skirts – I’ve had my kids in all different seasons. My first was born in Fall, my second in the winter and my 3rd in summer. Dresses and skirts can be worn in all seasons and can be worn your entire pregnancy. Some maternity shirts I would grow out of, but dresses were always with me to the end. They can be worn alone in warmer weather, or you can add a cardigan and some cute riding boots in cooler weather making it a versatile staple.


Maternity Fashion



3. Pre pregnancy Sizing – Shop with your pre pregnancy size in mind. I generally wear about a size 6 bottom and small to medium top when I’m not pregnant. I almost always stuck to medium pants and tops while pregnant and they would fit. This was especially helpful when buying online.


4. Accessorize – Adding a belt, chunky necklace or a pair of great earrings can add and enhance any outfit.


5. Budget for 3rd Trimester – I remember getting to the 3rd trimester and realizing that I was growing out of my maternity clothes. With my first pregnancy, I ended up wearing my husband’s t-shirts and shorts at the end and always felt frumpy. This time around, I did it differently.  What I did, and what I would suggest, is to buy a few new maternity tops from an online retailer like QueenBee Maternity so that you have something that fits for the last month.


Baby Center also offers some great tips for dressing your baby bump.


What tips or tricks have you learned when it comes to pregnancy and fashion?

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  1. 28
    C R Williams says:

    Dresses were my fave when I was pregnant. Makes me feel so comfy.

  2. 29

    Maternity fashion has come such a long way since I was pregnant.

  3. 30

    I have no tips…haven’t been preggo in almost 10 years!

  4. 31

    My goal this last couple of months has been comfort first!
    Lolo´s last blog post ..25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas #ElfontheShelf

  5. 32

    I panicked for a while when I was pregnant because I had NOTHING to wear. At only 4’9″ tall it was really hard to find maternity clothes that fit me. I ended up wearing a lot of large shirts with the sleeves rolled up!
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Waterford Fleurology for Holiday Gift-Giving

  6. 33

    I love the dress you’re wearing in that pic! I had a really hard time finding cute stuff when I was pregnant. There are so many more options out there now!
    Jenn @TheRebelChick´s last blog post ..Cheesy Spinach Puff Pastry Pinwheels Appetizer Recipe #HolidayHelper

  7. 34

    I am SO outgrowing my pregnancy clothes right now. I’ve spent the whole day pulling up my pants and pulling down my shirts. You were so cute when you were pregnant!
    Paula @ Frosted Fingers´s last blog post ..I chose Fresh Step in a blind sniff test! #PlantPower

  8. 35
    Maryann D. says:

    I never had a lot of nice clothing when I was pregnant. I did have some hand me downs. You gave great advice for all.

  9. 36

    These are great tips. I love your 30 weeks pic! So pretty!
    Lisa – Between the Kids´s last blog post ..Minecraft Hide n’ Seek Rules and Instructions | #xbox #gamer

  10. 37

    Maternity clothes have sure come a long way over the years. 🙂 Great tips!
    Donna´s last blog post ..Comment on Totally Awesome Thanksgiving $300 Giveaway by Katie

  11. 38

    The first trimester was my favorite too. I like staying in my own clothes for as long as possible.
    Angela´s last blog post ..The Ultimate Thanksgiving Twitter Party #ThanksgivingTips

  12. 39

    When I think back about what I wore during pregnancy, I am fairly appalled. But that’s all they had .Y’all are much better off!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..Curry Pumpkin Stew

  13. 40

    Great tips! I’m sure if I was pregnant these days I wouldn’t be mulling around in gigantic maternity tents or horrifying overalls.
    Marcie W.´s last blog post ..Kitchenbug Is A Recipe Box, And A Really Good One!

  14. 41

    These are cute ideas! You look like a model 🙂
    Penelope (NYC Blogger)´s last blog post ..Sure, Mama, I’ll Hug Him

  15. 42

    These are some really great tips and that outfit is adorable!
    Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins´s last blog post ..Looking for the Perfect Flower Arrangement for a Special Occasion?

  16. 43

    great tips! I was most likely the least fashionable preggo!
    courtney´s last blog post ..Grandma’s Salad Dressing Recipe | Featuring STAR Olive Oil

  17. 44

    Awesome those are great tips!
    April Decheine´s last blog post ..My new home

  18. 45

    Awesome tips! I bought a lot of clothes at Target so they were budget friendly.
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..Just Dance 2014 #JustDance2014

  19. 46

    Such great tips! I lived in dresses for the third trimester – they grew more easily to accommodate my belly *and* I had some ventilation to keep things cool down under. 🙂
    Julie´s last blog post ..Friday I’m In Love: Freshbox, Dwell Store, Your Own Private Island

  20. 47

    These are great tips. I could never do the dresses, but they are a great way to make a wardrobe last since they are so flexible. I am doing another surrogacy in the new year, so these tips will come in handy.
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..Hexbug Nano V2 Party – Psst. #TheyCanClimb

  21. 48

    I hated the fact that I even had to invest in maternity clothing. But in the third trimester, it’s just unavoidable because nothing else will fit.
    Leilani´s last blog post ..Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile #Giveaway

  22. 49

    Great tips! That last one is especially true, even though I thought everything would be plenty big enough. lol

  23. 50

    Maternity clothes are so much more fashionable than when I had my first two.
    Colleen´s last blog post ..Get Fit and Google Now with Moto X

  24. 51

    I never really bought maternity clothing. I mostly kept comfortable in maxi dresses, yoga pants, and using skirts as a blouse for my expanding belly (I read this tip in a magazine from Cynthia Rowley, I believe).
    HilLesha´s last blog post ..Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea Giveaway

  25. 52

    Great tips and cute clothes!

  26. 53

    Great tips for sure, and I love your maternity picture with the week you are on! Fun way to remember!!!
    Kelsey Apley´s last blog post ..FREE Must-Have Christmas Masterpieces MP3 Download

  27. 54

    All great tips, especially budgeting for the third trimester! Between my huge growth spurts & the changing weather, I’m finding myself in need of clothes right now at 28 weeks. I do have a lot that’s lasted since the beginning, but I definitely need to add a few new items!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Making Bathtime Fun & Educational with the Tubby Table! {Review & Giveaway}

  28. 55
    Vickie Couturier says:

    some really good points an tips,,I have 2 daughter in laws that are expecting an both due in is all into looking really well an the other is younger an just wears tee shirts,an sweat pants,,they are so different

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