Ogden Half Marathon

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If you’ve been following my journey here on the blog or instagram, you know I’ve been training for a full marathon. I ran a half last month and had signed up for a full this month. A few weeks ago, I realized I wasn’t at all trained for my marathon like I should be. I hadn’t done any runs longer than my half marathon. Between working nights and having a baby that doesn’t sleep well at night, I’m pretty tired most of the time. My friend that I was running this race with talked me into running the half with her. We had to be a bit sneaky and got onto the half instead of the full marathon bus but we made it!


We decided instead of racing for time, we would make it fun and stop at every mile marker to take a picture. We ended up running the whole thing at about a 10:30 average pace so we weren’t too slow either. I’m thinking I’ll wait until the baby is a bit older to try to train for anything longer, but a half marathon is still a big accomplishment. ­čÖé






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    Vickie Couturier says:

    I think you did amazing,,im glad you decieded not to try the long one,,you will do it soon though I have no doubt,,congrats and glad you had fun

  2. 17

    Congrats! A half is still way more than I could do. You’ll get to do your full marathon when the time is right.
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  3. 18

    A half marathon and then a marathon was my dream. But I think that dream is out due to my knee:( I may train and we’ll see because I can’t let that dream go. You are such an inspiration!
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  4. 19

    Tiff, you are on my inspiration list! I love watching all your running posts everywhere (truly)
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  5. 20

    Congrats! Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun!
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  6. 21

    How fun!!! My husband is currently training for a 30 mile trail run. Crazy I tell you! You did the right thing going for the half. It’s better to wait then to finish hurting and hating the journey. Congrats!
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    Amazing, and inspiring! Love the pictures!
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    Great job! I wish I had a running buddy to do these types of runs with.
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    Congrats to you! A half is on my bucket list!

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    Heck yeah, that’s a big accomplishment. It’s HUGE!
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  12. 27

    Way to go, Tiffany! I loved seeing your pics!
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  13. 28

    Sneaky sneak! But I completely understand where you’re coming from. Congrats for running the half! ­čśë
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    A half marathon is a big accomplishment indeed! Especially with a baby and night work, whoohoo! I love that you stopped to take pictures at every mile. I’ll have to remember to do that if I am ever able to run a half marathon again.
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  15. 30

    You were definitely faster than me! You look so proud of being done!
    Holly┬┤s last blog post ..Happy Memorial Day

  16. 31

    OH FUN!! Keep up the great work! The marker 11 photo is the best, I think!
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