Overnight Blackberry Oatmeal

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Have you ever tried an overnight oatmeal? This overnight blackberry oatmeal is a good alternative for when you are busy in the morning. Making breakfast in the morning always seems to be a struggle for me. I tend to go for easy options like cereal and yogurt. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m just not a morning person and when I do get up and go down to the kitchen, I end up just standing there wondering what to eat. Overnight blackberry oatmeal can be prepared ahead and will give you a few days of breakfast as it can be stored up to 3 days in the refrigerator.
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I bought Mason Jars like these from Amazon and they were the perfect way to store and eat them and you can t grab and go in the morning.


The original recipe from Betty Crocker called for Greek Yogurt and after making it with Greek yogurt, I decided that it was too thick. It wasn’t as thick and I liked the texture better when made with original smooth style yogurt.  If you are looking for other quick recipes, this berry protein pancakes recipe is definitely a good one to check out.



Overnight Blackberry Oatmeal


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Overnight Blackberry Oatmeal
Recipe type: Breakfast
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
A delicious overnight oatmeal that can be kept in the refrigerator up to 3 days.
  • 32 ounce tub of Smooth Style Vanilla Yogurt (I used Yoplait)
  • 1 cup old fashioned or quick cooking oats
  • 4 teaspoons chia seed
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • blackberries to garnish
  1. Mix all ingredients in large bowl
  2. Divide oatmeal into 4 containers with tight fitting lid
  3. Refrigerate overnight and up to 3 days.
  4. Garnish with additional fresh berries

There are other fruit combinations that you can use, strawberries and raspberries are really yummy with it.  You can also switch up the yogurt and use strawberry or some other smooth style.  Have you ever made overnight oatmeal?


Overnight Oatmeal




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  1. 25
    James Robert says:

    This looks like one my oldest girls would really like.

  2. 26
    shelly peterson says:

    This looks really good and so easy to do. The kids will love it.

  3. 27
    Vickie Couturier says:

    interesting,havent heard about this one before but id be willing to try,,don’t know about the grandkids,they probably wouldnt

  4. 28
    Shannon says:

    This sounds great. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!

  5. 29

    Wow, looks really tasty! I am very impressed!
    trisha´s last blog post ..What’s that smell? Oh. It’s me.

  6. 30
    Janet W. says:

    I’ve never made overnight oatmeal before. This looks delicious! I’d love to try your recipe!

  7. 31

    This looks delicious!

  8. 32

    I am so going to try this, I love oatmeal and blackberries!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Peanut Butter Banana Honey Waffled Sandwich

  9. 33

    I keep hearing about overnight oatmeal but haven’t tried it yet. You make it look exceptionally delicious with the black berries!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..7 Ways to Help Guests Feel More at Home

  10. 34
    Cynthia R says:

    This looks like such a refreshing delicious breakfast, and I so love blackberries too!

  11. 35
    Julie Wood says:

    WOW! This store that I go to always has the yogurt in big tubs for a really good deal. But I always look at them and wonder who uses them. I am going to make this delicious and filling Overnight Blackberry Oatmeal. It is so easy to make.

  12. 36

    That looks positively yummy. I’ve not done the overnight oatmeal yet, but you’ve got me completely interested.
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..These Squishy Little Shoes #Skyscape

  13. 37

    Ooh yum! I’ve made overnight oatmeal before but it was a different kind- I LOVE blackberries! Thanks for the recipe!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Celebrate Your Heroic Mom For a Great Cause #MyHeroMom

  14. 38

    I’ve never made overnight oatmeal, but it sounds like it would be really yummy.

  15. 39

    I love overnight oats. I put a little juice in there too.
    Emily´s last blog post ..How To Make A Beautiful Bed

  16. 40

    This looks delish. I LOVE Oatmeal and have heard great things about overnight oatmeal
    Toni´s last blog post ..On The Go Comfort With Reebok Skyscape Shoes #SkyScape #MC #sponsored

  17. 41

    I make overnight oatmeal all the time! It is really good and I love that I can mix up the flavors. Love that you added chia seeds, they are my fav!
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  18. 42

    I am SO weird about consistency – but I am trying to eat more oatmeal.
    Lynsey @MoscatoMom´s last blog post ..That Time I Hung Out With Jane Seymour… #OpenHearts

  19. 43

    What a great meal idea that looks really quick and easy to make. Healthy even. Does it work with strawberries too?
    Crystal Green´s last blog post ..Logic of English Review

  20. 44

    Wow, talk about quick and tasty looking. I’ll have to give this a try. Thank you!
    Digna D.´s last blog post ..The Coobie Bra: It Truly is the Most Comfortable Seamless Bra Ever!

  21. 45

    Um, yes please! It looks so delicious and easy too!
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  22. 46

    I love that is ready when you wake up. I need more shortcuts!
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  23. 47

    Oh yum, those berries look so good. This sounds delicious and interesting. I’ve never tried making oatmeal this way before.
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  24. 48
    Sarah L says:

    No, I haven’t didn’t even know I could make it this way. I’m not a morning person either, so having something ready when I get up is a good thing.

  25. 49

    We love oats and we love blueberries! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Cat @ TOTS´s last blog post ..Connecting As A Family! How To Make Summer Memories That Last.

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