Swinging Towel Bar Jewelry Holder

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It seems like I’ve always had problems trying to figure out how to store my jewelry, especially my long necklaces. I have a jewelry box that is great for shorter necklaces, but the long ones just get tangled. I also used to have a jewelry tree that had hooks on it. It ended up breaking and also wasn’t really tall enough for my long necklaces. My mom happened to be here last weekend and found my huge pile of tangled necklaces. She was determined to find a spot for them. As I was putting away laundry, she asked me to come look at her idea. Lo and behold, she used our swinging towel bar as a jewelry holder. I immediately loved the idea!





You can purchase swinging towel bars for as little as $6 on Amazon like this Swinging Towel Holder.  If you want to spend a bit more and get one like I have, the Ikea Swinging Towel Holder is under $20. The nice thing about this jewelry holder is that none of your jewelry gets tangled and it’s easy to see your options. When I want to put a necklace or bracelet back on, I put it on the end and slide the rest of it back. It’s also a great option if you have kids. You can mount it higher on a wall so it’s out of reach of little hands. My boys aren’t too into my jewelry, but I can only imagine that my daughter will want to be in it as she gets older. I’ve had my jewelry on the bar for well over a week and I find that I am wearing it more and it works well. I like that I can swing out the specific bar that I need to take off a bracelet or necklace.  I also have two extra bars that I could use for watches or more necklaces.  Simple and easy solution!



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  1. 22
    Vickie Couturier says:

    yes very clever ideal,,I hate jewelry in a box,too much of a tangled mess,,now if I can talk my husband into building me one,,if I tell him how smart and clever he is,he will make it himself and save me the money

  2. 23

    I love using things for what they weren’t intended. Sometimes thinking outside the box creates something better. 🙂

  3. 24
    Rebecca Parsons says:

    I think this idea is fantastic. I love creative solutions like this.

  4. 25
    Sarah L says:

    That is a great idea. Three cheers to your mom. I like how a simple solution works well.

  5. 26
    Julie Wood says:

    I need to get one of these swinging towel bar for my jewelry. I can put it in my bedroom and have my jewelry organized. What a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. 27
    Sherrie C. says:

    Love the Ikea Swinging Towel Holder you reviewed. I don’t have a ton of jewelry but this is just cool and I could free up some space on my dresser.

  7. 28

    What a great idea. I would love having this.
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  8. 29

    This is such a fab idea, thank you Tiff!!!
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  9. 30

    That really is a smart way to use a towel bar, and an inexpensive jewelry organization method!
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  10. 31

    Such a great idea! I don’t have a lot of jewelry but maybe if I had what I do have within easy reach I’d wear it more often.

  11. 32

    This is a great idea! I also become annoyed when necklaces do not fit right in a jewelry box. I may even be able to get this high enough so the cats don’t think it’s a rack of toys. 😉
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  12. 33

    This is a great idea for limited space. I am thinking this will work for my girls in another year or two!
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  13. 34

    That is so smart! Your mom is clever AND walks too much LOL. She beat me this week on Fitbit.

    • 35
      Tiffany says:

      I keep expecting her to slow down since she’s almost 65, but she continues to amaze. She was here last week and worked on my house and yard for 3 days straight. I had to take naps and she kept going. I swear she is the energizer bunny.

  14. 36

    Ok, this may just be the most brilliant idea I’ve seen yet to store jewelry. Love it! The fact that you can swing the bars out is very cool, keeping things from getting tangled.
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  15. 37

    I love this idea! Plus, you have some beautiful pieces, and who wouldn’t want to show them off!
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  16. 38

    I LOVE THAT!! Such a smart idea!!
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  17. 39

    Now that’s crafty, I defiitely need something for all my accessories.
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  18. 40

    love ideas like this of using something for something else

  19. 41

    I like this idea so much more than the old drawers or other things. This makes sure you can still see all the pieces. Great idea!
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  20. 42

    Very clever. I could use something like this for all my long pieces of jewelry.
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  21. 43

    What a brilliant idea! I have a jewelry box as well that do not fit my necklaces. Love this
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