Alex Mitnick: Love Songs For My Baby

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Love Songs For My Baby
Music is and always has been a big part of my life. I started playing the piano at a young age and continue to do so today. It’s therapeutic and good for the soul. As a mom of 3, it’s important for me to instill a love of music in my kids. Alex Mitnick from Alex and the Kaleidoscope is an advocate for music. Last week, he came out with an album called, “Love Songs For My Baby.” The album includes 12 songs and basically expresses his feelings of when he’s alone with his son.



Alex Mitnick Love Songs For My Baby


After previewing some of the songs, I can definitely tell it’s a feel good album. I like the acoustic guitar and the vocals are fantastic. As I started playing the songs, my 10 month old daughter smiled and started dancing and moving around.


I had the opportunity to have Alex answer some questions and you can see the interview below:


I see you’ve been involved in music and teaching for quite some time. How did Alex and the Kaleidoscope television show come about?

The ‘Alex & The Kaleidoscope TV show’ was born straight out of the last 15 years of my life as both a music teacher and performer for kids. For years I’ve been entertaining and inspiring kids through fun and interaction concerts and music lessons and I’ve had the pleasure of watching great teachers turn the world in which we live into a wonderfully curious place for kids. So, it only seemed natural to bring this experience to a larger audience with a TV show. The whole idea of the Kaleidoscope is that when you look at something through the Kaleidoscope, suddenly, where something may have been uninteresting before, once you add music and animation and dancing to the subject it becomes much more stimulating and fun – therefore the kids want to learn about it and will forever associate the knowledge they gain with a joyful experience. This is what builds a life of learning and what turns happy kids into healthy and productive adults. That’s been my vision all along and fortunately for me one of my earliest fans was a TV producer, Angelina Cicala, and she introduced me to our director Jarett Bellucci, and the three of us finally made a push for the TV show in 2012 and doors have been opening ever since.


alex kaleidoscope band



How long has the band been together?

The band has taken on many forms over the years but the current line up has been touring together for about five years now. Everyone in the band is phenomenal player in their own right and they are all involved with their own projects in Philadelphia. I’m lucky that they like to play with me! Parents get really into the band because we like to jam and stretch things out a bit at our shows – we really get into it and everyone comes along for the ride – not just the kids!


How do you balance family life with your career?

Fortunately for me I have an amazing wife who is also busy with her own career so we have a real respect for each other’s work. Our son is 15 months old and we both love spending time with him so it’s just that – a balancing act! One thing is for sure is that when you have kids you’re forced to let go of a lot and simply accept things as they are. There are days when you just can’t get everything done. Period. As hard as this can be at times it has been such a gift for me because instead of worrying so much abut the future and everything that needs to get finished I’ve been able to remain much more focused on the present moment and I’ve actually become much more efficient with my time and energy. It didn’t happen over night but eventually you just learn to put everything in it’s right place and get through life one day at a time.


What is the best way for parents to instill a love for music in their children?

Well, the short answer is really simple – for better or worse – children learn everything from their parents – especially in those first few precious years of life, so, they will love what you love! I always say it’s simply a matter of living a life with your kids that is full of music – on the radio, singing in the house, going to concerts. Making music a natural part of everyday family life is the key. I actually wrote a blog about this exact question so here are five ways you can incorporate music into your everyday life with your kids:


To learn more about Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band, preview songs and buy:
Visit the Alex and the Kaleidoscope website
Purchase Love Songs for My Baby



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  1. 12
    Maryann D. says:

    My kids always listened to tapes as young children and of course now that they are older they still love music. My family was musical and we grew up with my dad playing a harmonica and singing. This album seems great.

  2. 13

    My son, fiance, and myself sing constantly. I wish they could hear us in the car. My son loves music and at 4 has shown interest in learning piano.

  3. 14

    I always wanted to be musical. But I’m not much. I wanted to play the guitar and write my own songs but I never got very far. This sounds like an enjoyable album.
    Kimberly Grabinski´s last blog post ..5 Amazing Places to Go for a Jog – Go There With My Virtual Mission

  4. 15

    My husband and his entire family is musical. Me…not so much. I played the trombone because it was the only thing I could do while I had braces.
    Not So Average Mama´s last blog post ..Protect Yourself From the Sun in Style with a Cappelli Straworld Tote & Hat Combo!

  5. 16

    I played classical music for Colton all the time when he was baby. He is super smart — so maybe that is why 🙂
    Mommy Has A Life´s last blog post ..Make Your Own Ice Cream in a Bag

  6. 17

    What a great interview and this looks sooo cute!
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Jenny McCarthy: Not Okay with Chemicals in Kids, Okay with Adults Inhaling Chemicals

  7. 18

    This looks really cute, I loooove music with and for kids. I adored taking “mommy and me” music classes with the babies when they were small!
    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting´s last blog post ..The Best Friend Surprise

  8. 19

    How cute that is. We always played music and read to my son when he was younger. He still remembers to this day.
    Digna D.´s last blog post ..Hottest Best Buy Gifts for Your #GreatestGrad

  9. 20

    How cute! We are HUGE music fans here too. In fact we have a radio going in the house 24/7… always have that I can remember.
    Lynsey @MoscatoMom´s last blog post ..Wieners Gone Wild – A Gourmet Hotdog Cookbook

  10. 21

    I played music for my boys when they were younger. I have slowly gotten out of practice… and NEED to do it again more. 🙂
    Rachel @RunningRachel´s last blog post ..Rocking the JabraROX

  11. 22

    The reason behind the album is so sweet! I wish I was that talented. I show my love to my sons in other ways though. 🙂
    erin´s last blog post ..A Florida Fourth of July @Rayovac #USA #PortablePower

  12. 23

    I played music to my kids so much when they were young. I really think that is one of the reasons they both are so artistic and smart.

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