Downy Wrinkle Release Review

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I received a Downy Wrinkle Release review kit  to conduct this review. Opinions remain 100% my own.


I have a confession, I am the world’s worst wife when it comes to ironing clothes!  I don’t know why but I hate to iron and rarely do it.  My husband wore a shirt recently that he hadn’t in awhile. When I complimented him on it and asked why he hadn’t worn it, guess what his answer was?  It was because it was wrinkled and needed to be ironed!  Isn’t that sad?  My poor husband usually irons his own clothes.  Imagine my excitement when I got the chance to review the Downy Wrinkle Release Plus product.  


About Downy Wrinkle Release

When the kids are out of school and wreaking havoc on the house every day, what parent has time to get out the ironing board, wait for the iron to heat up and then iron an outfit in the morning? Finding time to shower and brush your teeth is hard enough. This summer when your linen, cotton and lightweight summery shorts and shirts are a wrinkly mess instead of ironing, you can simply spray the wrinkles away with the new Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. Spray it on clothes, give them a tug to loosen wrinkles and then smooth them flat. As your clothes dry the wrinkles will magically disappear.




Sounds pretty cool right?!  I know I am definitely a busy mom.  I have 3, soon to be 4, kids and they keep me on the go. I don’t have a lot of time to iron and it’s not a priority on my list when I get those precious moments of me time.




Downy sent me this awesome package with several different sizes of the wrinkle releaser plus as well as a Downy t-shirt to try it out on.  I must admit I was a little skeptical to see if it really would get the job done.  It’s simple to use and the directions are 3 easy steps;


1- Spray fabric with a sweeping motion until slightly damp
2- Tug & Smooth
3- Hang.


The wrinkle releaser got out the majority of the wrinkles and the shirt definitely looked lots better.  I think this would be especially helpful while traveling when all your clothes get wrinkled from being in a suitcase.  It comes in a small travel size that’s perfect for travel or on the go.  If you hate to iron like me, this is definitely a product you should check out.  You can buy Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus at a retailer near you.


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  1. 17

    I need this. I haven’t picked up an iron in years. (And I mean that literally.)
    valmg @ Mom Knows It All´s last blog post ..EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

  2. 18

    I hate ironing, so this might be a good choice for me.

  3. 19

    We iron so little that we don’t even own one anymore, oops! So ,this would be perfect for us.
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  4. 20

    I am ironing challenged so this may help a lot!
    Kimberly Grabinski´s last blog post ..Will Run for Bacon – Join Me in Chicago June 7th #BaconChase

  5. 21

    All of Downy’s products are amazing. I’m definitely adding this to the linen closet soon.
    Sarah Marturano´s last blog post ..Is The World’s Toughest Job Being A Dad?

  6. 22

    I can imagine how much this would simply OR eliminate an ironing routine. something to look into.

  7. 23

    I always travel with a travel size Downy Wrinkle Release in my bag. I use it all the time. I hate to pick up an iron.
    Tonya {The Traveling Praters}´s last blog post ..A First Time Visit to Cedar Point

  8. 24

    I usually just get sheets, but maybe I should rethink that.
    Robin Gagnon´s last blog post ..Patriotic Pudding Pops

  9. 25

    I hate to iron too. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I touched an iron. I was taught how to do it, but I really just can’t stand it. It’s time consuming. I love the idea of this product, and will certainly have to give it a try.
    Crystal Green´s last blog post ..Top 10 2014 Father’s Day Suggestions

  10. 26

    My husband can’t live without Downy Wrinkle Releaser, especially during the warmer weather when he doesn’t want to use the hot steamer for his shirts.
    Karen Coutu´s last blog post ..Give Dad a Gift for Each Reason They Love Him! (An Easy #FathersDayCraft)

  11. 27

    I have the travel size in my suitcase! It helps SO much when you are cramming all your clothes in!
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted´s last blog post ..Pumpkin Banana Cream Pie {Recipe} #PumpkinCan

  12. 28

    You can’t be the world’s worst wife at ironing because *I* already am! LOL Gonna have to check this out because I can’t keep restarting the dryer to make the wrinkles go away, my poor electric bill lol
    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting´s last blog post ..Man Cave Inspiration and Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  13. 29

    Very cool! My clothes are in a constant state of wrinkles 😉 This would be so great (for my husband) tee hee

  14. 30

    That’s so interesting. I haven’t seen it in the stores by us yet. But I’m an obsessive ironer, so i don’t know that I could give up my obsession to test it out! 😉
    Denine, from We Know Stuff´s last blog post ..#AD Father’s Day With Bigelow Tea PLUS Mint Tea Ice Cream & Iced Blueberry Acai Tea Recipes

  15. 31

    I would be completely LOST LOST LOST without this stuff. I use it every single day, especially with a kid who is in private school and wears a uniform every day. I use it on her blouses all the time. I love the nice, but not overwhelming smell, and how quickly it works without making the fabric sticky or stiff!
    Audrey at Barking Mad!´s last blog post ..Bikini Season Makes Me Stabby! #Tilex

  16. 32

    I don’t go anywhere without this stuff. It makes my life SO much easier!!!!!
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..How To Make the Perfect Burger

  17. 33

    I need some of this! I recently pulled my ironing board out, dusted it off, and proceeded to try and find my iron. When I returned back into the room ato find my kids were standing around it excited, and asked where we were going! My poor Arizona kids thought it was a surf board!! Haha
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