18 Fun and Easy After School Snacks

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Fun and Easy After School Snacks
My two older kids are back in school full time. I’m finding that I really miss them and summer went way too fast. When they walk through the door, I’m so excited to see them, but food is usually the first thing on their mind. They both eat around noon and don’t get home until around 3:30 so I definitely understand why they want a snack at that point. If I don’t have something ready for them to eat, they usually want ice cream or something else that isn’t incredibly healthy for them. If I have something ready for them though, they usually eat it all up and then have the fuel to get their homework done. I created a collection on foodie of some very fun and easy after school snacks. A lot of them incorporate whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies so they have nutritious choices when they get home.


Check out 18 Healthified After School Snacks

by Tiffany Nielson Snedaker at Foodie.com


I like the idea of making snacks fun for kids. Mine get excited about shaped pancakes so I know some of these would be a huge hit with them. One of my favorite recipes from this collection is the celery airplanes. It combines peanut butter, celery, graham crackers and rolos for wheels to give them some veggies, protein and a bit of chocolate as well.


fun and easy after school snacks
I’m going to continue to add snacks to this collection as I find ones that my kids would like. It will be great to reference too. Now I just need to start a board for dinners that would be quick and easy as well. You can make your own collection on foodie. Just sign up for an account and start adding recipes different collections that you create. You can also install the bookmark tab that lets you add from any website that you are on. I find that I actually use it a lot.


Do your kids have a favorite after school snack?



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  1. 19

    What neat snack ideas, I always run out of ideas when it comes to good healthy snacks and I don’t want them to get burn out on same things
    Crystal Rogers Walker´s last blog post ..18 Fun and Easy After School Snacks

  2. 20

    CUTE! My son will eat anything that looks like something else so I’ll be trying a lot of these!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Become #PartOfOurFamily with Head & Shoulders

  3. 21

    Aww love that fruit fish snack and I know my kids will enjoy it too.
    Kira´s last blog post ..No Fuss Banana Bread from Scratch

  4. 22

    I tend to bring snack to school when I pick up the girls. We love hummus and veggies or greek yogurt with wold honey fruits and nuts.. You’ve shared some great ideas.. I love making food pretty and that little airplane is great!

  5. 23

    My boys start school on Tuesday so I need some ideas! I need to add a few to my own collection, thanks!
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted´s last blog post ..NatureBox: Back To School Snacking Made Easy #natureboxsnacks

  6. 24
    James Robert says:

    I’m not too much into fancy things, just not too good at it but I do need the quick and easy snacks for after school for my kids. You ladies do a much better job

  7. 25

    What a cute collection of snacks. I love the airplane one and the mouse crackers. Too cute. Very fun for the kids. Seems like they eat more when you get creative with the food.

  8. 26

    OMG some of these are so cute! Love the litlte fishies.

  9. 27

    Thanks for all these ideas! My children always complain about having the same snacks over and over again.
    Karen Coutu´s last blog post ..Lists of Common & Not-So-Common Items to Label for Back-to-School This Year

  10. 28
    shelly peterson says:

    A snack is the first thing on my sons mind when he gets home from school too. These are some fun and yummy snacks that he will love for sure love. I like the pretzel stacks and apple sandwich ideas.

  11. 29

    Those fruit fish are so cute! So are the graham cracker airplanes!

  12. 30

    OMG, those airplanes and the orange fishes are so cute! I would never be that creative with snacks.

  13. 31

    Those fish fruit snacks made with the oranges are CUTE!
    Sara P. (@SensiblySara)´s last blog post ..What makes me great? And 5 ways to boost your confidence!

  14. 32

    That almond butter honey yogurt dip sounds amazing!
    Kimberly Grabinski´s last blog post ..Embracing My Mess with Delta Faucet #HappiMess

  15. 33

    That little airplane is so cute — my preschooler would be into that!
    Kayla´s last blog post ..prosperity candle set giveaway

  16. 34

    Is it bad that *I* still get just as excited about “cute” snacks as my girls do? LOL
    Lynsey @MoscatoMom´s last blog post ..#Whole30 Approved Baconnaise

  17. 35

    Oh my gosh! I love the little orange fish!!! So cute!!
    Lisa – BetweentheKids.com´s last blog post ..bitti tutto ones&twos diaper review | #clothdiapers

  18. 36

    Great collection of snacks! My boys would flip for that graham cracker and celery plane. So cute.

  19. 37

    I love the snacks that look like cute little fish & mice. I know my kids would gobble those up so quickly!
    Crystal´s last blog post ..Cinnamon Sugared Almonds

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