Taking the Plunge – Cutting off all my Hair

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Cutting Long Hair into a Pixie Cut
I’ve had long hair most of my life. There have been two different times when I’ve cut it off. I had a bob as a sophomore in high school and then cut my hair in an a-line when I was pregnant with my son who is 6 1/2. Since then, I’ve only trimmed my hair and it’s grown out to be more than halfway down my back. Long hair is definitely beautiful but taking care of it and styling it is not all that it’s cracked up to be. My hair is incredibly thick so it takes around 40 minutes to blow dry and style. More often than not, I would wear it in a bun, ponytail or braid because it took too long to do. The baby was always pulling it out, my hubby would roll on it at night, I had to use so much conditioner to even get through it. I could go on and on. I finally decided that I needed a change and not even a small change – a drastic change. I found a few pixie cuts that I liked and found a stylist that was great at cutting them. I took some before pictures and headed off to the salon.


Before cutting all of my hair off


I showed the stylist my inspiration and she got cutting. I knew I wanted to donate my hair to beautiful lengths so we cut the braid off first. My braid was around 15″. That was at the nape of my neck so we cut off a ton more getting it up to the pixie cut.


pixie cut


I’ve always had naturally curly hair in the back but I didn’t realize how curly it was until it was boy short. I’ve given into the curl and wear the back curly. I have to use a ton of product on my hair but it generally only takes me about 5 minutes to style which gives me a lot of my time back. I also find myself doing my makeup every day which usually doesn’t happen for me.


Pixie Cut Thick Wavy Hair


I do wish that I would have taken footage when I went to the salon or even a video before I left, but I’m glad that I at least took before pictures. I feel very brave for doing this and I’m still trying to get used to it, but I do like it.  Here is a vlog I did about a week ago with the new cut!


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  1. 19

    You are so pretty!! I have never had short hair, I’m afraid. But it looks amazing on you.

  2. 20

    It is super cute. I cut off all my hair a couple of weeks ago and I hate it… but, oh well!
    Notorious Spinks´s last blog post ..Keeping Track of Health Goals with #BalanceRewards #shop

  3. 21

    Love the cut on you! Looks gorgeous! I have such a hair attachment I don’t know if I could go so short!!
    Denine, from WeKnowStuff´s last blog post ..Ladybugs as a Natural Pesticide with Adelphi Green

  4. 22

    So daring, I love how it turned out!
    Deanna´s last blog post ..Out and About in Old San Juan: The Puerto Rican Flag

  5. 23

    I think it looks great! I just cut my hair pretty short too!
    Mel Outnumbered´s last blog post ..Back to School fashion Trends from JCPenney

  6. 24

    I LOVE pixie cuts! I think they look super sexy, and yours is no exception! Way to go!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Leaf Rubbing Fairies Craft

  7. 25

    Having just cut 20 inches of hair off total in the last 9 months I hear you! It’s been SO much easier on a day to day basis and I can actually really do a 10 minute shower too! I love being able to roll over in bed and no longer wake up feeling like I”m getting strangled! You look great! You were a bit more daring and went shorter than me! Mine is longer in the front though!

  8. 26

    I still can’t believe you actually did it. You would look absolutely adorable no matter what you did, but I love this cut on you. It is nice to know you can get a pixie cut even with thick wavy hair, because that is why I have always avoided them. I think it is wonderful that you are donating the hair. I have always wanted to, but my hair will never grow past shoulder length for some reason,it just stalls out.
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..5 Easy Weeknight Meals #PastaFits #MC

  9. 27
    Barbara Montag says:

    I love it – looks great on you!

  10. 28

    You rock that pixie cut so hard! I don’t think I have the face for it, but I’m dreaming of going shorter myself.
    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting´s last blog post ..Enter to Win the Tommee Tippee Fiesta Fun Time Collection of Bottles

  11. 29

    It looks AMAZING!
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  12. 30

    That is certainly a change! I like the pixie cut on you — I don’t know if I could rock a short cut like that!
    Kecia´s last blog post ..Today is National PLAY-DOH Day!

  13. 31

    You look like a totally different person but you look beautiful both ways! You obviously are talented with your hair.
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  14. 32

    Oh, wow! You are so brave! Your new cut looks so cute on you and that was so awesome of you to donate it.
    Chrysa´s last blog post ..Fashion Project – Fashion for You + Funds for Charity

  15. 33

    I just love that you donated the extra locks, and the cut is super cute on you. I love the way the curls in the back stand out!
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..PediaSure Provides Complete Balanced Nutrition For Children

  16. 34

    You are so awesome! I don’t know if I could cut off all of my hair to donate. But seeing how great you look is motivating!
    Crystal´s last blog post ..Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats

  17. 35

    You can TOTALLY rock that. I cut all of mine off once – it was awful. My head isnt shaped right or something LOL You look fab – and MAN I bet it has to be a million times easier to deal with.
    Lynsey @MoscatoMom´s last blog post ..Halloween Treats that Give Back with Wendy’s

  18. 36

    That is fantastic. I cut mine all off a few months ago, but I wasn’t brave enough to do a pixie cut. Your hair looks fantastic!
    Denine Anderson-Regan´s last blog post ..5 Things Every Soccer Kid Needs Before The First Game

  19. 37

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE your new haircut! It looks fantastic on you. I’ve done it twice, but never that short. lol
    Mimi´s last blog post ..Type 2 Diabetes In Our Cat Simba

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