Toys For All Ages From Hasbro

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Toys for All Ages From Hasbro
My kids spent a large majority of their time playing with toys. I don’t mind that because it expands their imagination, skills and teaches them how to play together. Hasbro always has a great lineup of toys for all ages and I wanted to touch on some that have been introduced to our house.





Kre-O Transformer Sets
The Kre-o Transformer sets are a great idea for any child aged 6-12 years old. Because my boys are 6 and 8, they are both interested in building and constructing. My boys had fun building the KRE-O Transformers Age of Extinction Grimlock Street Attack Set. It includes 106 pieces, a gold knight optimus prime and 2 vehicon KREONS as well as the dinosaur. It’s fit in nicely with their other building and Kre-o sets and was something that they could build on their own without help.  There are also a lot of other sets that are available through Hasbro for any child that likes Kre-O.  This set retails for $19.99 and can be bought at Hasbro or a retailer near you.


Kre-o Transformer Review



Another fun toy for the younger crowd is the Playskool Stack ‘N Spin Monkey Gears Toy. This toy is suitable for 9 months and up. It has a central button that is pushed to activate the gears. There are 9 interchangeable gears, lights and music. It is suitable for ages 9 months and up. My 13 month old loves this toy and it has quickly become one of her favorites. This toy is available also from Hasbro and other national retailers for $19.99. It would make a great gift for a first birthday!


Playskool Gears Monkey





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    my boys absolutely love Hasbro lego line. I always fell for the baby stuff they have though.

  2. 6

    My daughter loved the gears toy when she was little… I like that they made it into a monkey character now.

  3. 7

    My 13 year old still plays with LEGOs all day, every day. When he’s not allowed to play video games, that is. He’s a little young for his age which I love. 🙂
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  4. 8

    Our family loves Hasbro toys- high quality and the kids love them!

  5. 9

    My son LOVES the KREO Transformer sets! I should plan on buying him a few more for Christmas this year.

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