Choosing the Right Workout Clothing

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Choosing the Right Workout Clothing
I’m a runner. It’s my exercise of choice, helps me clear my mind and keeps me healthy. When I’m in good shape, I could run for miles on end. Maybe that’s the reason I’ve loved training for half and full marathons. I also love workout clothing and have two big drawers full of shorts, compression pants, tanks, tech shirts and more. Choosing the right workout apparel can be key to getting the best workout. Here are a few tips on choosing good clothing that will help optimize your workout.


Workout clothing


1. Breathable fabrics – Choose fabrics that will breathe and not weigh you down. For example, a 100% cotton t-shirt will absorb sweat, therefore leaving it heavy and wet. I’ve noticed that cotton can also cause chafing and doesn’t move as well. Choose fabrics that are moisture wicking breathe. Polyester and synthetic blends will usually breathe much better.


2. The Fit – The fit of your workout clothing is more important than people think. There’s nothing worse than doing a workout and thinking about how tight your pants are the whole time. Dress yourself to be comfortable in clothing that fits. Don’t buy a pair of workout pants or a shirt that is too small. Buy as you change sizes and make sure it fits comfortably. On the flip side, don’t let your clothing be too big and baggy. Nobody wants to pull up their pants 100 times on a run.


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3. Quality – Choose quality workout clothes because they will get washed a lot. I have a load of workout clothes every week because obviously I wash them after one wear. I’ve noticed certain brands don’t hold up as nicely and generally they have been cheap. It’s worth it to me to invest a bit more to get something that’s going to last longer. Online stores like Sweaty Betty have an awesome selection of quality workout clothes. They have tons of cute stuff too!


4. Dress for the sport & weather- I have a LOT of running clothes since I run most of the time. I opt to run in compression shorts and pants or running shorts. I don’t wear my yoga pants while on a long run because I will chafe. My yoga pants are great for yoga and other low impact sports that require a lot of stretching.  If you are working out outdoors, make sure to dress appropriately for the weather so that you aren’t cold or overheated.


5. Do your research – Do some research on workout clothing and find what works for you. When I first started running, I got blisters ALL of the time. I finally found that a wool running sock worked best for me and no longer get blisters on my feet when I run. All it took was some research and reading what others It’s important to be properly dressed for your sport you participate in.


What is your favorite way to get your sweat on?

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    Maryann D. says:

    I do like all of these tips. Breathable fabrics is very important to me as well as quality.

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