Recognizing Wins and Cutting out Unrealistic Expectations

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There are so many nights when the kids go to bed and I look around. Laundry everywhere, carpets that need to be vacuumed, piles of mail and bills, toys strewn across the floor. There have been times that I’ve looked at my disaster of a house and felt like a complete failure. Or my husband has come home from work, dinner isn’t made and it looks like I’ve done nothing. Luckily, I married a great guy who helps out rather than complaining about my unorganized mess.


I wish I could say that the reason that I didn’t get anything done some days is because I spent all day at the park with my daughter, or spent hours doing something charitable, but that’s usually not the case. We play, she eats, and takes 2 naps. 2. Sometimes I nap while she naps because she doesn’t sleep through the night. Sometimes I catch up on some reading or a favorite television show I’ve wanted to watch. Other times I find myself trying to work on church obligations. Sometimes I sit down and find myself answering e-mails, checking Facebook and trying to catch up on my blog. Then she wakes up from her nap and I realize I still have not idea what’s for dinner and the 10 loads of dirty laundry are still staring me in the face.


Unrealistic Expectations of a Mom


Over the past month, I’ve had some religious experiences and some epiphanies as a mom as well. They’ve been eye opening to say the least and my faith and resolve to be a better person has grown stronger. I realize that my day depends on my attitude, small goals and most of all – spending time with the people I love. Instead of creating a to do list that is impossible to get done, I give myself 2-3 tasks and bask in the win of getting those tasks done. It might be 2 loads of laundry and prepping dinner. It could be sweeping and mopping the floor. A few days back, I had the goal to do 3 loads of laundry. I didn’t clean the kitchen at all that day, but I did get 6 loads of laundry washed and put away. I recognized that win and went with it. I also spent time snoozing on the couch that day and played with my kids. I spent time pillow talking with my sweet husband at night. Instead of looking at what I didn’t get done, I felt so fulfilled in what I did get done. I looked around at the end of the night and embraced the fact that I had a roof over my head, delicious food to eat and a beautiful family.


Being a Mom



Being a mom is hard. It seems sometimes if we aren’t perfect or don’t fulfill our never ending to do list that we think we are failures. We aren’t! We moms are important and wonderful and special. Wake up each day with a small goal in mind, take time for yourself and spend time with your family. Cut out the unrealistic expectations and give yourself some slack if there are dishes in the sink all day long. Of course there are still going to be days that you feel cruddy and get down, but everyone has those days. Take each new day and embrace it. Because you are worth it, and you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.



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    I can not even begin to tell you how badly I needed to read this today. I have been having a lot of days where I get to the end of the day and think “WHY didn’t I get X, Y & Z done?” I do need to start focusing on the wins. Thank you for the important reminder.
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    Thank you for the reminder. I feel like I go through this every day as well. I hate the guilt and need to just realize that not everything is going to get done and that is okay!
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