Helping Pregnancy Morning Sickness, Sea-Band Mama

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It’s hard to believe that my baby girl is 15 months. I’m trying to come to terms that she is now a toddler and exploring her independence. It seems like just yesterday, this picture was taken. I was 38 weeks pregnant with Nova and she was born just a week later.



With each of my pregnancies, I’ve had around the clock “morning sickness” until 16-17 weeks. With my first pregnancy, it was almost 20 weeks. I didn’t throw up a lot, but constantly had that nauseating feeling. This last pregnancy, my husband and I took a couples vacation to California. I was about 13 weeks pregnant at the time. We ate at so many restaurants and for the most part, all I wanted was bland vegetables. We went to a buffet one night and all I could stomach was some cucumbers. We joke that we paid $10 for a cucumber. When it has come down to it, things like Sea-Bands and Ginger have helped immensely in curbing my morning sickness. The bands use a form of acupressure. I wore them quite a bit with my first pregnancy and noticed that they helped.


Sea-Band Mama has an all new lineup of products including:

  • The Acupressure Sea-Band
  • Essential Oil Rollette with Ginger and Spearmint
  • Ginger Lozenges with Folic Acid

Each of these products helps combat morning sickness and I think it’s nice that the lozenges also contain folic acid, a critical component to a developing baby. This Sea-Band Mama Video tells more about the products.

Once my morning sickness passed, I usually had some pretty strong cravings. With my first, it was fresh strawberry slushes and canned green beans. I could never get enough. With my second pregnancy, I could literally eat a jar of pickles in one sitting. It was funny because pickles are one of those joked about cravings and I definitely had it. This last time around, I was just hungry all of the time and food always sounded good once I overcame the morning sickness stage. Generally I either wanted something really salty or something really sweet!


As a mom of 3, I definitely would recommend the Sea-Bands and products including Ginger. They really do help! The products are affordable too and you can get all 3 for just over $20. Click the following to find out where you can buy Sea-Band Mama Products. You can also learn more on the Sea-Band Mama Facebook Page.




For more information about Sea-Band® Mama and to learn more about morning sickness visit 

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