PricePatrol App – Holiday Gifts for Less

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Holiday Gifts for Less
I can hardly believe that Christmas is next month. To be completely honest, I haven’t really started shopping yet. I was so preoccupied planning our big family vacation, and now that it’s over, Christmas is staring me in the face.

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When it comes to holiday shopping, I am definitely a bargain hunter. I shop sales and will start watching for good deals on toys that my kids really want. To get the most for my money, I’ve installed PricePatrol. It’s an app available for iOS and Android users that actually lets you search locally for items, set a price and then alerts you when it comes up with a match within a certain distance that you set. The app works wherever you are and alerts you instantly when a price drops.




More about PricePatrol from their website:
PricePatrol is a one stop shopping discovery and price alert web and mobile application that does all the hard work of deal searching for you.

We constantly scan a growing number of over 20 Million items at over 120,000 retail locations finding the best prices on the items you want!


I decided to give PricePatrol a try and downloaded the app to my phone. Then, I started collecting Christmas lists. My 9 year old has a Nintendo 3DS on his list. I’ve been pricing these out anywhere from $150-170. It’s a little more than I would like to spend. I searched for the product on the PricePatrol App. It came up with a few different options and I know he would like the Aqua color. I selected the category as Toys & Games, gave it a search radius of under 10 miles and set my max price as <$180. You can see my parameters for the product below.


PricePatrol App


I set the max price a little higher because I wanted to see where it was offered around me. As you can see, there are 2 different products just a mile away from me. If I actually click on one of the items, it pulls up information on the item, the address and store of where it’s at and allows me to get directions, call the store or buy it now. Pretty handy, right? I saved the search to my radar and will let PricePatrol do the rest. By setting up push notifications, I will get an alert when the price on this item drops. There are also options to share on social networks which can be handy if you know someone also looking for a great deal on the same item.

PricePatrol App




You can edit radar items, assign a category, and deleting from your list is also easy. Overall, I think it’s a great app for those looking for deals on holiday items. We have a budgeted amount for Christmas, so if I can spend less, I can get more items for everyone on my list.


PricePatrol is giving away $75 Visa Gift Cards. To be eligible to win, download the PricePatrol app or Visit the PricePatrol Pinterest boards.


Win Visa Gift Card PricePatrol


What’s on your list this holiday season?

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  1. 20

    What an awesome app! I’m on the hunt for chromebooks for the girls for Christmas and this will save me some serious ad stalking time.
    Jen – Life With Levi´s last blog post ..DIY Dog Chew Toy: 10 minute project #TreatThePups

  2. 21

    I also set the max value somewhat high on the grounds that I needed to see where it was offered around me. As should be obvious, there two separator items simply a mile far from me. In the event that I really click on one of the things. It pulls up data on the thing. The location and sore of where its at and permits me to get bearings, call the store or purchase it now.
    Nicole´s last blog post ..Hot Mom Topics: Toilet Training 101

  3. 22

    Oh wow! This is going to come in handy this year as we have a couple of really big ticket items on both of our daughters lists. We don’t check papers for sale prices and looking things up online can be horribly time consuming, so this is really useful and practical for us! I’m off to download the app!
    Audrey at Barking Mad!´s last blog post ..Are Kids Getting Meaner?

  4. 23

    I’m the same way. I’ve always loved to bargain shop. Thanks for the heads up on this app! 🙂
    HilLesha´s last blog post ..Music Made Me Do It: $700+ SOL REPUBLIC Music Prize Pack Giveaway

  5. 24

    When you’re out and about shopping and want to make sure you’re getting the right deal, this is especially perfect. I like this app a lot!
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..Using Furniture in Multiple Ways

  6. 25

    Love all of these apps that help us get the best prices out there! Definitely useful this time of year.
    Crystal´s last blog post ..Difficult Care Conversations Made Easier

  7. 26

    I am so glad to learn about this app, and just in time for the holiday shopping season.

  8. 27

    Oh I need to do this! I am just starting to plan out gifts but being able to save money on them would be so nice, especially since hubby’s present is going to be expensive.
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Disney’s Maleficent is Available Now!

  9. 28

    This sounds like such a neat app. I love that it will help save money!

  10. 29

    My son is obsessed with everything Paw Patrol.. I’m going to get him this for Christmas.
    Raijean´s last blog post’s Top 10 Places to Visit in the Chicagoland Area

  11. 30

    Oh this is a great idea! I love finding the best price and having this do the work for me is a huge timesaver, especially around the holidays.
    Kimberly Grabinski´s last blog post ..Just Say NO to Elastic Pants – NatureBox for Healthy Holiday Snacking

  12. 31

    Oh, I will have to download this app. Looks extremely helpful for that dreaded holiday shopping!
    Shop with Me Mama (Kim)´s last blog post ..What Has Music Made YOU Do? #MMMDI (Huge Giveaway!)

  13. 32

    I try to save where I can, and if I know that there’s a better deal somewhere else I’ll happily hunt it down. This app makes it so easy!

  14. 33

    This is an app that I would download to my phone as it helps me save money. It also let me pick the area near my home for it to search. Every little help to save money is a bargain in my book.

  15. 34

    That’s a pretty cool app, especially for those big ticket items…thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Video: How to Tie a Knot for Sewing in 4 seconds!

  16. 35

    OHH I love that you can check in different mileages. We live in the middle of nowhere and travel a distance to any major stores.
    Holly´s last blog post ..5 Tips to Get Your Energy Going

  17. 36

    Wow, that’s a great ap! it’s going right on my phone– I have a few things I’m looking for!
    Wendy´s last blog post ..Wanted: A Friend

  18. 37

    This is awesome! I love how it helps with finding good deals for holiday shopping. This will come in handy.

  19. 38

    Nice! This is a really awesome tool for the holidays! And I love that it gives push notifications when the price drops. Very cool.
    Pennywise Cook´s last blog post ..13 Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

  20. 39

    I have done some Christmas shopping but I am nowhere near being finished. I had hoped to be completely done before Thanksgiving, but that’s not likely to happen at this point. I have personally been wanting an iPad, so I will be downloading this app to watch for the best price! It will also come in handy when looking for gifts for my kids.
    Whitney Jordan´s last blog post ..Choosing The Perfect Christmas Card

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