ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow

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Written by Janaca,Contributor

The product in this post was received as a sample. All opinions remain my own.


I love companies that are started by moms because you know they have the child’s best interest in mind and have learned from having their own kids what moms are looking for in products.  ClevaMama is one of those companies!  Moms Suzanne Browne & Martina Craine started Clevamama baby products in 2003 to help make parents lives just that little bit easier. The Irish family company launched in America last year with a splash: their signature extra-large Splash & Wrap Hooded Towel quickly shot to #1 on in the hooded towels category.  They have lots of great products for bathtime, bedtime, feeding and safety and are excited to announce the launch of the new ClevaCushion 10 in 1 nursing pillow on Amazon!

Pillow 7Pillow


About ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow

 Designed with comfort, multi-purpose and value in mind, the 10 in 1 ClevaCushion is the perfect pillow from pregnancy right up to stroller and everywhere else in between. It’s made with Clevamama’s proprietary ClevaFoam, which has been scientifically proven by Trinity College, Dublin, to reduce Flat Head Syndrome by reducing pressure on the baby’s cranium while increasing support and ensuring correct alignment of the head and spine.

The super comfortable nursing pillow comes with an adjustable strap to give that extra support and stability needed during breast or bottle feeding. The extra comfort insert cushion transforms the nursing pillow into a luxurious baby nest offering optimum support to baby’s head, shoulders and torso. It also makes the perfect bolster seat for when your baby is learning to sit upright, and the included colorful toys make tummy time more fun. The insert plus two padded harness straps can also be used in a car seat, stroller, high chair or bouncer. Cover is removable and machine washable.
Pretty awesome right?  When  you have a baby there’s always a lot of gear that you need.  I love items that are versatile and the ClevaCushion is definitely that with lots of different functions!


Pillow 3

Pillow 2


I just recently had a baby and was excited to be able to try the new ClevaCushion 10 in 1 pillow out with my sweet newborn!  Janessa made a perfect little model as we tried out a few of the many different uses.  I used it in our bassinet and loved the extra comfort it provides for baby and she seemed happy with it too!


Pillow 6


The baby seat worked great and is a fun option.  She looked so comfy and had a nice nap.  When she woke up I think she likes being propped up and able to look around on her own.


Pillow 4


I also tried it out in her bouncer and again I thought the extra support and comfort was great.  She’s still so little she doesn’t have a lot of control over her neck and head yet.  Her head usually leans really far to one side or the other.  I liked that this product kept her head centered and provided the support she needs.


Pillow 5

I also tried it as the feeding pillow.  I’m nursing and it’s nice to have something soft for baby to rest on and helps my arms not to get too tired.  My babies get nice and chubby quick so I’m excited for that extra support during feeding times!  🙂

The material is bright and fun and really soft.  I think the pattern is cute too but do wish there were other patterns or colors to choose from.  Having a girl it would be fun to have pink or purple!  I’m also grateful that the cover is removable and machine washable. Janessa spit up a few times on it already so that’s definitely a great feature to have!


You can buy the ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow on Amazon for for $79.99.

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