Lullaby Light Up Pillow

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Written by Janaca, Contributor




Lullaby Light Up Pillow
My kids are obsessed with pillows and blankets.  If you were to look on their beds right now you would find at least 3 or 4 blankets and a few pillows.  I know it’s because cuddling with blankets and pillows makes them feel secure and safe as they go to sleep.  I was able to review this fun pillow from Juzt 4 Kidz called the Lullaby Light Up Pillow!  It’s definitely one that will be a favorite for sure.  It’s a fun pillow/blanket combo that has LED lights and plays lullaby music.  There are 6 animals to choose from; giraffe, cow, monkey, penguin, frog, and duck.


Nightly bedtime battles and dark-room distress are no more with Lullaby Light Up Pillows. These sweet, slumber-inducing cushions come with a soft pillow and detachable blanket (both washable) that’ll entice even the most anxious sleepers to lie down in bed and snuggle up with their plushy pals. Melodious lullabies comfort and soothe, while LED lights glow ever so gently to evoke the starry skies. Before you know it, your little ones will be drifting off into dreamland.



I was sent the smiley frogy and think it’s pretty cute!  It comes with 3 AA batteries that you install and then it’s ready to go.  The battery pack is located inside the pillow in a little pocket that you get to by unzipping the back.  On the battery pack there is an on/off switch.  If it’s switched to on it can then be turned on and off from the outside by pushing the power button in the top right corner.  I really like that you can unzip and take off the cover so that you can wash it as well as the blanket.  The lights and music also have an auto cut off after about 16 minutes.  Definitely a plus so you don’t have to sneak in and turn it off after your little one is asleep!




More About Juzt 4 Kidz

Children have very creative imaginations and we should help them nurture it to bloom. Remember your first doll or security blanket that you would never let out of your sight? We believe that with our added LED lights and lullaby music your child will find that sense of security with our pillows, meanwhile our pillows will teach, entertain, and serve as a sleeping aide while on long road trips or in the comforts of their own bed.

We are proud to say that Juzt 4 Kidz supports several children’s hospital by donating our pillows to kids!We need to educate and lead by example to our young generation that giving back to the community and kids in need is a great thing! As long as Juzt 4 Kidz is in business, helping kids will remain a cornerstone for us!


I was impressed and loved that the company supports children’s hospitals and are generous by donating their product!  Being in the hospital is a scary thing and I can just imagine how happy a child would be to receive one of these light up pillows.




My only complaint about this pillow is that the coloring wasn’t what I was expecting.  On the website the frog was a nice shade of green with a pale yellow lining around the edge. When I received the smiley frogy I was disappointed to see that it was a very bright shade of green and yellow and was almost neon.  Had I known the coloring on the website wasn’t accurate I probably would’ve gone with a different animal.  It’s still a very cute product but I did feel that the pictures on the website were misleading.

The Melody Mates Lullaby Light Up Pillows retail for $29.99 and you can purchase them online!

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    Scratch that, all my kids would love this! 🙂

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    Very cute pillow, love that it lights up, reminds me of my daughters pillow pet. The duck one would be nice.

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    My son would love this!

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