Preparing and Starting Your Day With Kelloggs

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This is a post written by me on behalf of The Motherhood and Kellogg’s. All opinions remain 100% my own.


Kellogg’s Big Day
You’ve often heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is a great way to jump start your metabolism for the day and give you everything you need to conquer your day.


Kelloggs Mini Wheats


Like many families, we have a routine on how we wind down for the night and how we wake up in the morning. Evenings usually consist of homework for the kids, dinner, some free time, brushing teeth, reading and prayers. The boys make sure that their alarm is set as they are fairly independent in the morning. I work a lot of nights and it’s incredibly hard for me to get going in the morning. My boys are 7 and 9. They wake up an hour before school, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast and put their shoes and backpack on. They are usually ready by the time I roll out of bed and I’m grateful they are so responsible. Having a routine helps them get going and about 90% of the time, they will have cereal and milk for breakfast. They can make it themselves and it’s really their favorite thing to eat. Whether you are preparing for something big in your life, or the everyday grind, having a routine sets you up for success.


Kelloggs Big Day


Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats are a favorite in our house. It is full of whole grains and fiber which keeps us all going until lunch time rolls around.


Frosted Mini Wheats


Kellogg’s has teamed up with Dr. Travis Stork and he has some great tips on how you can be successful when you have a big day ahead. He suggests:

  • Lay out your clothes the night before to help streamline your morning routine.
  • Create a “must achieve” list for the morning to help yourself stop stressing about those tasks at night, leading to a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Plan out what to have for breakfast, and nothing is easier than setting out a bowl and spoon for a quick, nutritious and tasty bowl of cereal in the morning.
  • If you’re travelling or on-the-go, making sure to pack a nutritious snack (like a baggie of cereal) in your bag to help you avoid hitting the mid-morning lull and picking something unhealthy.

These simple tips are easy to implement and something we can definitely do. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and makes everything run a little more smoothly.
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What do you do to prepare for a big day?

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  1. 3
    shelly peterson says:

    I love Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats. I tend to skip breakfast a lot though but not the kids. I actually will eat cereal anytime of the day. We go through a lot of cereal.

  2. 4
    vickie couturier says:

    my kids love kelloggs,,cant keep their products in my house

  3. 5
    James Robert says:

    My kids LOVE frosted mini wheats and I am glad because I feel though they have had a healthy breakfast after they finish

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