Charmin – What Do You Do When You Run Out? #EnjoytheGo

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Charmin, What Do You Do When You Run Out?
Toilet paper. That ever important staple that you take for granted until it isn’t there. I’ll admit that I’ve had my fair share of times when I run out of Charmin. I have resorted to yelling for toilet paper and even used the drip dry method. Too much information, right?


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Charmin posed the question to a few different people, “What Do You Do When You Run Out?” Honestly, this question made me think of running. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a marathon runner. I just ran a marathon a few weeks ago down a popular canyon in my area. To train for this race, I ran several 20 mile runs down the canyon. Being a mother of 3, I often find myself having to go while running. It wasn’t until my first canyon run that I stopped 4 times and found myself wishing I had toilet paper. At the end of my run, my friend told me that she carries some with her. Now that’s genius. Don’t let yourself run out, carry it with you! 😉 Yeah, I’m a proud toilet paper carrier when I run now. You totally need it!


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I mentioned above that Charmin asked this question. I found the video quite humorous and there were many moments that I could relate.



After writing this post, you might know me a little too well. Bathroom subjects can be touchy sometimes but not when relatable humor is included, right? We’ve all been there.
I’ve openly admitted that I’ve done the drip dry and not even used toilet paper sometimes when running.

Here’s the confession session: What Do You Do When You Run Out?!

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  1. 11

    I always have a box of kleenex on the back of the toilet, so it works well as backup. We also always have a roll of toilet paper, paper towel, and a box of kleenex in each vehicle. Comes in handy more than you might think. I also always have a kleenex or two in my purse.

  2. 12

    We’re pretty good about always being stocked but I hate it when you use a public restroom and there’s no toilet paper! In the past I’ve used the drip dry method (so gross) but now I carry a travel pack of tissues just in case!

  3. 13
    Julie Wood says:

    I have tons of toilet paper stocked up. And if I run out, I will go to the store no matter what time of the day it is! Running out of toilet paper is the worst!

  4. 14

    We always buy in bulk when it comes to toilet paper! Running out is the WORST thing possible in my opinion!!

  5. 15

    I like Charmin. It’s one of our favorite toilet paper brands

  6. 16

    We are always stocked up, just in case. Your never too stocked up enough, definitely.

  7. 17

    I’ve been known to grab a baby wipe if needed since we have them in every room! I’m *usually* pretty good about keeping a few rolls in each bathroom, though!
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  8. 18

    As a non-runner that never would have occurred to me but it is smart of your friend to do that. Running out of toilet paper is my worst nightmare!!
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  9. 19

    My hubby always comes to the rescue! He plans ahead and hides an extra roll. He’s also always got some stashed in the car or a backpack. He started doing that when we were potty training our oldest daughter who just turned 18. Never lost the habit and I’m grateful for that!
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  10. 20

    I always bring some when we go camping! I’d hate to run out and have my kids staring at me handing them leaves. There’s so much annoyance in those glares!

  11. 21

    Running out is the worst! I bought a year supply of toilet paper last year at my local warehouse store after we ran out once at our house. Never again! That is not a great feeling.
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