Guidance and Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Giveaway)

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Breast Cancer Awareness
I will never forget rotating through the breast care center when I was doing my clinicals as an ultrasound student. I spent 6 weeks at this center and although I work in general ultrasound now, I will never forget that rotation. I saw many women on a regular basis who were diagnosed with breast cancer, coming in for a biopsy or trying to figure out if a lump they were feeling was cancerous. It was such an emotional roller coaster and I felt for each of those women.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Breast Cancer affects more than 250,000 women each year and is the leading cause of cancer among Latina and Hispanic women.
AllState has partnered with Hollye Jacobs to offer a FREE digital download of her companion guide, Silver Lining. The guide is a support and resource for those impacted by breast cancer and is available in English and Spanish.


Silver Lining Companion Guide


The guide is a condensed version of Jacobs’ book “The Silver Lining: A supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer,” and offers readers:

  • Practical Tips
  • Important Information
  • Inspiration for those undergoing Breast Cancer


“Allstate is dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of women across the country,” said Stacy Sharpe, senior vice president of corporate relations, at Allstate Insurance Company. “It is Allstate’s hope, and the hope of our agency owners across the country who have volunteered to distribute the guide, that it will prove to be a source of comfort, knowledge and inspiration to all who read it.”


Breast Cancer is definitely scary, but if you have been affected by it, you aren’t in it alone. After looking through the guide, I am convinced it can make a positive impact to those who read it’s words.

You can get your FREE e-book from Allstate or pick up a copy from a participating distribution center near you.

One Babes and Kids Reader is going to #WIN an awesome Breast Cancer Awareness prize pack that includes:

  • E-book Download of The Silver Lining Companion Guide
  • $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Pink Pashmina



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    I’d leave this at the infusion center at the hospital (when I drive a relative there for unrelated appts). There are lots of nice people there in the waiting room.

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    This would be great to share with my Grandma.

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    Great Giveaway!

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