Easy, Functional Kid’s Rooms With Zipit Bedding

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Zipit Bedding
My boys have been in bunk beds together for 5 years. I’ve gotten to the point that I’ve given up trying to have them make their beds. In fact, it’s pretty hard for me to make their beds as well. Although my boys opted for their own rooms about a month ago, we received some Zipit Bedding to try out for their beds when they were still in bunks. After using this bedding for some time, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Zipit Bedding Logo


The bedding is simple and one piece. The sheet is attached and the comforter on top zips up on both sides, making it resemble a sleeping bag. My boys both have the navy/stripes bedding. The actual bedding is reversible and allows them to have solid blue on the top or stripes which are actually glow in the dark! In each side of the bedding, there is a small zipped pocket. My boys like to keep their glasses and a small flashlight in the pockets and they are a fun touch. Best of all, when they get up in the morning, they simply zip up their bedding and their bed is made! It makes for kids that don’t whine and one happy mom.


zipit bedding before and after


When you are ready to wash Zipit Bedding, you pull the one piece off and throw in the washer. They are compact enough that you can do the whole bedding set in a regular sized washer. I do wash my boy’s bedding in cold to prevent from fading and after 4 washes, it still looks like new.

The bedding is fairly light weight, so during the winter months, I add an extra blanket for the boys since we keep our house fairly cool. There are 10+ styles available and even glow in the dark! My daughter is still using her crib at age 2, but when we move her to a twin sized bed, we will be buying zipit bedding for her as well.




Pricing is $60 for a Twin Sized set of  zipit bedding and and $80 for a full queen which priced well in my opinion for a specialty item that you can’t get anywhere else. The bedding set also comes with a matching zipit pillowcase.

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    Well this is genius, to say the least. I’d almost want it for my own bed, but I’m not sure if I’d like sleeping in a sleeping bag type of thing. I tend to roll around a lot and mess up my sheets like crazy. My kids aren’t too restless though (from what I can tell) so I think this would work great for them.

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