Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

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Saving Money During the Holidays
The holidays are among us! With Thanksgiving next week, and Christmas and New Years next month, our family has a busy month ahead of us. Just last night, we pulled out all of the Christmas decorations. Our house is now decked out in holiday cheer! The holidays also mean full houses, hosting parties and family coming to stay. Spending can quickly skyrocket if you aren’t careful between buying supplies, food and gifts. I have some money saving tips that are going to help you save some money the next month!


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1. Compare quality: Sometimes we are quick to grab supplies for our home off the shelf without taking the time to compare. Take Charmin Ultra Mega Roll for example. If you were to see it next to a leading toilet paper on the shelf, you might see that there are 1000 sheets per roll on both rolls. However, upon further investigation, you actually get a bigger bang for your buck with the Charmin. See the side by side comparison of the two. It’s easy to see that you will use less because of the quality, thickness and softness of Charmin. With the leading toilet paper, I was using twice as much because it was 1-ply and tore easily if I wasn’t careful.


Charmin Mega Roll


2. Watch Sales: Start watching sales now! Just because you might not need a certain gift or food until the end of December, doesn’t mean that you can’t watch for sales on it now. If it will stay good for a month or is non-perishable, pick up on sale and save yourself some money.


3. Wants Vs. Needs: Take the time to really figure out wants vs. needs this holiday season. Cut down on the Christmas gifts or unnecessary items that you don’t really need. This will free up extra room in your budget and even give you some leeway to be generous and donate to those less fortunate this season.


4. Reuse: Have a peanut butter jar that’s empty? A Charmin toilet paper roll that you just finished up? Use them to craft with your kids or to hold treats to give to a neighbor. Watch for ways to reuse containers in your home when they are empty. You’ll be saving money and helping the environment!




What is your biggest money saving tip when it comes to the holidays?

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