Alpharetta Best Orthodontist Recaps: 7 Facts About Orthodontic Treatment for Your Children

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Orthodontic treatment for children can help to save good teeth from going bad. As a parent, you are committed to providing the best care possible for your child from head to toe. By taking them to a pediatric dentist beginning at the age of one you can ensure good teeth for life. But what about orthodontic treatment; when should you take your child in for his or her first orthodontic visit? Here are the top 7 facts about your child orthodontic treatment provided to you by Alpharetta orthodontist Dr. Nima Hajibaik.


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Fact # 1. Although there is no set-in-stone age to begin going to the orthodontist, the magic age is ideally at 7-years-old. Some parents may wait until there are visible signs of crowding teeth before taking a child to the orthodontist, but by this time, it may be too late. Although your child may not need braces at this age, it’s best to play it safe and take your child in around the age of 7 unless you can see potential problems early on.


Fact # 2. Crooked teeth can be self-inflicted and other problems can be hereditary. Sometimes a child may have an overbite from thumb sucking and this would need to be corrected as soon as possible. Allowing your child to continue sucking its “binky” or pacifier too long also causes misshaped teeth. In other cases, your child may have an underdeveloped jaw bone due to heredity which would need to be corrected before bone mass becomes hardened and set at an advanced age where surgery may be needed to correct the problem.


Fact # 3. Not all children will need braces. But that does not mean you should forgo visiting the orthodontist. You don’t have a crystal ball to look into that will allow you to see into the future. You should go in for routine visits to ensure teeth are growing at the proper rate and that there are no foreseeable problems with jaw alignment, bite or overcrowding.


Fact # 4. Eating and drinking certain foods can wreak havoc on your child’s braces. Try to have your child avoid popcorn, hard or sticky candy, chewing gum, sugar laden beverages or overly sweet juices. Hard candy can cause damage to braces and this will need to be repaired by the orthodontist. Sweet sodas and juices can cause bacteria to thrive which can cause cavities while undergoing orthodontic treatment.


Fact# 5. Your child still needs to brush and floss his or her teeth everyday, twice a day. Just because your child has braces this does not mean routine hygiene falls by the wayside. It is imperative to purchase a soft-bristle brush and dental floss made especially or cleaning braces. Be sure your child also focuses between and behind teeth to prevent tooth yellowing and cavities.


Fact # 6. All braces are not alike. Although the traditional wire braces are mostly used in many cases, you can opt for clear or ceramic braces or even Invisalign if severe overcrowding is not the issue. There are more choices today than ever before for a wide selection of children’s braces.


Fact # 7. Once your child’s braces have been removed, that is not the end of orthodontic treatment. Once your child’s braces are removed, he or she will be fitted with a retainer. It is imperative that your child wear the retainer in order not to undo all the hard work and effort put into getting straighter teeth. Also, if your child is involved in playing sports, have them wear their retainer during games or practice or arrange to have one supplied by the school.


Dr. Nima Hajibaik with Newpark Orthodontics is the best orthodontist in Alpharetta. Dr. Nima is a member of American Association of Orthodontics as well as American Dental Association and is voted best of Alpharetta for three consecutive years. He provides orthodontic treatments for all ages including children, teens and adults. Dr. Nima at Newpark Orthodontics accepts all major insurance and provides all types of dental braces including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, clear braces and Invisalign. At Newpark Orthodontics, Dr. Nima also offers flexible interest-free payment plans and financing.

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    Wow, I didn’t know that the ideal age to take a child to the orthodontist was as young as seven. I guess it makes sense because it can be a good age to start monitoring adult teeth development and mandibular and maxillar bone formation. Problems are easier to fix if they are spotted earlier. I’ll keep this in mind when I have kids.

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