Pass the Puffs With Lotion This Winter

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Pass the Puffs
This last week, our family has had a bit of a rough go. My oldest son came down with a cold. He had a runny nose and coughed for several days. He finally started to feel better when my 2 year old started getting the same symptoms, although she was fevering as well. After 4 rough days, we headed to the pediatrician today to find out that my 2 year old has RSV and double ear infections. We’ve done a lot of snuggling, watching the snow fall and have constantly had a box of Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues by our side. With how delicate her little skin is, I don’t want her nose to be drying out with how much we’ve had to wipe it.


Puffs With Lotion


Puffs Plus Lotion is dermatologist tested tissue to be gentle on even sensitive skin and helps lock in moisture better. I definitely know that I can feel and see a difference when using Puffs Plus Lotion.


Even though my toddler has been sick, that hasn’t stopped my boys from going outside to play in our newly fallen snow. We’ve gotten over a foot of snow in the last few days and it’s been so fun and beautiful. As a mom to 3 little kids, I have a few tips when it comes to winter play for your kids.


Puffs with Lotion


  • Buy snow clothing ahead – If you live in an area where it snows during the winter, buy snow clothing a year ahead. You can buy in bigger sizes than you need and will find great sales this way. That way, when the first snow or cold day of the season hits, you’ll know you are prepared.
  • Overdress – It’s better to overdress your child than underdress when it comes to outside play. They can easily shed layers if need be, but if they are underdressed, they might get cold! I always layer a t-shirt and sweater under their snow coats.
  • Ready to warm up – Be prepared to help them warmup when they come back inside. I think this one is common sense or maybe motherly intuition, but if I have some hot cocoa going and a box of puffs for runny noses handy, it sure helps. You can also stuff a few puffs into their pockets in case they need them while outside!


Puffs Lotion


Whatever your family activities may be this winter, don’t forget to pack the Puffs With Lotion so you have them handy!

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