Baby Trend Snap Gear Infant System Review

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Baby Trend Snap Gear
I’m entering the 3rd trimester and we are so excited to be welcoming a little baby boy to our family in May. With this being baby #4, I’ve become somewhat particular about baby gear. I’ve been through a LOT of it over the last 10 years. I’ve used and tried a lot of brands and found things that I do and don’t like. When I learned about Baby Trend’s Snap Gear System that is available exclusively at Target, I was so excited. I had a travel system with my first and second kids, but it was basically an infant seat that snapped into a stroller and that was that.


Baby Trend Snap Gear

The Baby Trend Snap Gear Line gives you the versatility of being able to use an infant seat not only in the car and on the go, but in a high chair and stroller setting. The line consists of an infant seat, high chair, and 2 different types of strollers. I’ll be introducing you to:


Infant Seat
First up is the infant seat. It is available in 3 different colors, comes with a super comfy infant insert, a base that works with LATCH or a seatbelt and a 5 point harness.
The actual seat is rather lightweight and includes Baby Trend’s Delta handle which is a triangle shaped carrying handle at the top of the handle. After using a traditional handle and then Baby Trend’s Delta handle with the Inertia and my last child, this is the only way to go. It’s easier and feels much less clumsy when you are trying to carry the seat around. It has an adjustable no re-thread system which means that you can actually higher and lower the head rest and infant straps without ever pulling them out. You simply turn a dial on the back of the seat to adjust this feature and can see it in action in my video later in this post.


Baby Trend Snap Gear Infant Seat
There are a ton of other awesome features, but the one that sets this apart is the Snap Gear feature. You have adapters on the side of the seat that allow it to snap into the high chair and stroller. It’s easy to do and only takes a few seconds. The Snap Gear Infant Seat is suitable for a child up to 30″ and 32 lbs.


A La Mode 3-in-1 High Chair
Next up is a high chair that grows from your child as an infant and well into the toddler and preschool years.


Baby Trend Al a Mode 3 in 1 high chair snap gear


This particular high chair can accommodate the infant seat when snapped in or the high chair seat. The high chair seat can also be used as a booster for up to the table eating when your child is ready. The high chair base folds up and has locking wheels on the bottom which make it portable and easy to move from one room to another. My current high chair doesn’t have wheels or fold so I appreciate these features a lot! There is a second tray on the top that you can snap off to clean, a washable fabric cover and 3 point harness. A bar at the bottom of the chair provides a place for little feet to rest and the chair is adjustable height wise. It’s comfortable for my little one and sleek looking.


Baby Trend Snap Gear High Chair


Manta Snap Gear Jogger
The Snap Gear Jogger is not only compatible with the infant seat, but gives you so, SO much more. You can pull the seat out and snap the infant seat in, or use the seat that it comes with to have your child forward facing, backwards or even in a pram. I have another stroller that is similar in style, but the price point is 3 times as much. Converting this stroller is a breeze which is nice. I actually prefer this stroller as it is a jogger and has jogging wheels versus a regular plastic wheel. The canopy has a peek-a-boo window and covers quite well. The basket underneath is incredibly roomy and easy to access. It folds down easily, but isn’t the most compact. This is expected of a full sized stroller though. The handlebar is adjustable and like the high chair and infant seat, it’s really a nice looking stroller.


Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger


It’s hard to fully show you just how these 3 pieces of baby gear work together in pictures, so watch the video below to learn more about all 3 items and how they snap together!



Although I haven’t used this line in it’s entirety and won’t until our little boy arrives, I am confident in Baby Trend and their quality of products. I loved my Baby Trend infant seat that I used with my daughter and have recommended it to several who are in the market for an infant seat.  I also just really like how the products work together and that I’ll be able to use many of them for years to come with my daughter now and our baby on the way.


Baby Trend High Chair


Lastly, the price is just right. When you start looking at baby gear, you’ll notice that there is a whole spectrum of pricing. For a cheap to moderate travel system that isn’t near as versatile, you are looking upwards of $200. This whole system you can get for under $400 and I believe it’s built to last!



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