Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Spring

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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
It’s starting to warm up here and aside from a few cool days, I can feel that Spring is here! I’ve been getting a bit of an itch to organize and clean. It could be due to the fact that the seasons are changing or that I’m expecting a baby in just over a month. With the organizing, I’ll be taking inventory of what household items I need to buy or replenish. Charmin is a constant in our household. I keep a supply in a pantry closet downstairs and tend to buy in bulk. It’s never question what toilet paper I have stocked, we are a Charmin family. Charmin is a constant in our house, even when the seasons seem to ever be changing.


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Cleaning and dejunking with the Spring season also gives you the opportunity to repurpose certain items, including toilet paper rolls. Instead of throwing out toilet paper rolls when you are done them, keep them for some crafting ideas for your kids, bird seed feeders, or even to get a head start on your gardening. Below are some fun and unique ideas on what to do with toilet paper rolls.


Charmin Toilet Paper Crafts


You can visit any of the links below to make these fun and easy crafts with toilet paper rolls:
Finger Puppet Kit
Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters
Bird Seed Feeders
Toilet Paper Tube Boats
Spring Tulip Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Now is a great time to stock up on Charmin toilet paper and start saving your rolls to do some of the fun activities featured here. You can click the image below to get $1.00 off coupon for your next purchase of Charmin. Clip and print the coupon and save on great toilet paper!


Charmin Toilet Paper Coupon



Which toilet paper tube craft would you be most likely to do?  Are there other ways that you repurpose the rolls?

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  1. 16

    Another creative way to reuse and recycle toilet rolls. I love the ideas of making a decor out of it. Kids and adults will surely have fun doing it.

  2. 17

    I always save my Charmin toilet paper rolls for crafts. The kids make the cutest Christmas trees and paper lanterns with them.

  3. 18

    We love recycxling here at home and you just added some ideas of what we can do.

  4. 19

    Some fun DIY projects there. It’s all about reduce, reuse (perfect for you guys) recycle. right. And a HUGE congrats on the new baby on the way.

  5. 20

    So many cute ideas here! I love these kinds of crafts for spring ans the bird feeder one awesome!

  6. 21

    I really like all of these. That’s a great idea! I love recycling products like this when I can. I like the idea of growing plants in them.

  7. 22
    Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I always save my toilet paper rolls for crafts. These are great ideas for how to use them.

  8. 23

    These are all great craft ideas! My girls love to do crafts and we always have a ton of toilet paper rolls lying around!

  9. 24

    Aw, good luck with your new baby! Thats so exciting. We have made those bird feeders, but those boats are super cute!

  10. 25

    I’m loving these clever ideas. The seed starters are awesome. We probably end up throwing out more toilet rolls than necessary.

  11. 26

    Those are some great craft ideas! I don’t have any kids to craft with, but I do enjoy making up games for my dog. In one game I take an empty toilet paper tube and put a treat inside. I then fold the ends closed and let my dog have fun tearing the tube apart to get to the treat.
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  12. 27

    What some great ideas – I love the birdseed idea, think I might have to try that one myself. x

  13. 28

    These are brilliant ways to use toilet paper rolls. I usually just throw them away. Now I know what to do with them.

  14. 29

    Using toilet paper tubes as seed starters is a great idea! They’re strong enough to hold the starting mix, but will break down in the ground when you plant them.
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle´s last blog post ..4 Tips for Smoothing Rough Elbows & Knees

  15. 30

    These are great ideas. It’s amazing how many things one little cardboard tube can be used for. They’re magic, really.
    Paula Schuck´s last blog post ..Free Monologue Sites for Child Actors

  16. 31

    I have a ton of these toilet paper rolls lying around! I need to do a few of these projects with my kiddo! They looks like a lot of fun!

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