Think About Your Eyes

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I’ve worn corrective contact lenses since I was a teen. My vision in my left eye has always been pretty bad and my right eye would compensate for it. My right eye eventually got to the point where it needed a prescription as well. For the last 15 years, I’ve depended on prescription glasses and contacts to help me with everyday tasks. I get an eye exam each year and just a few years ago, I learned even more why it is so important.


Think About Your Eyes


I am generally a healthy person. I don’t take medications, exercise regularly, try to eat well. I went in for an annual eye exam a few years ago and my provider discovered that I had pigment dispersion syndrome. It’s basically where the colored part of your eye sloughs off the back and can get trapped in the area where your eye drains. It’s normal to have a little bit of this pigment slough off, but I had so much coming off that it was starting to block those drains, causing my eye pressures to be extremely high. After more testing, it was found that I’d lost a little bit of my peripheral vision in my right eye. Since that eye exam, I’ve had several other tests done and go in often to monitor my condition which is early glaucoma since I have a small amount of vision loss. I didn’t have any symptoms, I couldn’t tell that some of my peripheral vision was gone. I simply went in for my yearly exam and it was caught early.


Think About Your Eyes is a national campaign that makes individuals aware and encourages yearly eye exams. It encourages people to learn about the benefits of comprehensive eye exams and what it can do for you. Even if you don’t wear corrective lenses, getting an eye exam to check out the health of your eye is extremely important. If you get those yearly exams and have some sort of issue, you can get it taken care of early like I did with my pigment dispersion syndrome.


Think About Your Eyes



You can find a provider near you, watch videos, learn about vision correction, diseases and so much more at Think About Your Eyes.


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Not only should you be aware of your eye health, but your children’s as well. 2 out of 3 of my kids wear glasses and we begin taking them to an eye doctor around age 4 or 5 to ensure eye health and that they are properly seeing.


When was the last time you had an annual eye exam?

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    Janet W. says:

    I probably don’t get my eyes checked as regularly as I should. What a great campaign!

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