Her First Mother’s Day, #ThanksBaby

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#ThanksBaby For Making Me a Mom
When a baby is born, so is a mother. It’s unlike anything you will ever experience, holding that newborn in your arms for the first time and knowing that they are yours. For me, that experience was 10 1/2 years ago. I have great memories of how I felt and how my life and world changed after giving birth to my son. I’ve often reflected over the past 10 1/2 years at how much I’ve grown as a person, thanks to this little baby. As I get ready to give birth to my 4th baby in just a few days, I’m so excited and grateful to start all over again in the joy of motherhood.


#ThanksBaby Pampers


This Mother’s Day, Pampers wants to thank babies for making a mom’s world a happier place. For allowing her to grow, learn and love like she has never before. Pampers has released a new #ThanksBaby video that is heartwarming and beautiful. It rings true in every sense for me as a mom.



Thanks to Pampers and as a part of their Baby Board, I was able to celebrate a new mother who just gave birth to a new baby girl. I know that her life has changed for the better as a mother.


Pampers #ThanksBaby


It was so fun being able to shop for her and buy her and her baby many essentials as they start out on this journey together. Baby has a whole new wardrobe that will bring her up to 9 months and diapers and wipes that will keep her set for months to come. We were able to gift mom with new clothes as well, gift cards to eat out so that she can spend more time with baby, a soft shelled carrier to keep baby close, treats, bath and body products and more.


Pampers #ThankYou Baby


Her reaction was wonderful and it was so fun to be able to do. You can get a peek at her reaction and also her sweet baby girl below.



I’ve trusted Pampers for many, many years and parents have been using and relying on Pampers for more than 50 years. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage.


#ThanksBaby Mother's Day



Visit Pampers to learn more about Pampers products, join the Pampers Rewards program, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.  You can also


I want to wish all moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope it is wonderful and special.    I encourage to to think back on when you first became a mom and help me in celebrating those who have just become moms for the first time. Please join me in tweeting why you are thankful for baby using hashtag #ThanksBaby.


Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post making it possible. I am a member of the Pampers Baby Board and all opinions remain my own.

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