He’s Here! #ThankYouNurses

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I can’t believe our little guy is finally here! He made his appearance back on May 9th and weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz. No wonder I was so uncomfortable! I have had all 4 of my babies c-section, so after he was born, we spent 4 days in the hospital. Those 4 days just happened to be during Nurses Appreciation Week which ran May 6-12.  Here is a picture of our new baby boy, isn’t he sweet?


#ThankYouNurses Pampers Campaign


Pampers launched their first #ThankYouNurses campaign this year. It is a program that celebrates nurses in their care for babies and parents. I was blessed to get some phenomenal care while I was in the hospital.



One particular nurse was also a lactation consultant and took extra time to give me some hands on nursing tips that nobody had ever shown me. Another nurse was sensitive to my emotional needs and stayed in the room and chatted with me one night when I was having a hard time. Another neat experience included the charge nurse helping me supplement my baby when his weight loss became too much while in the hospital. She sat by my bedside to help me supplement while I nursed him.

As part of the Pampers Baby Board, I am provided with opportunities that are unlike any others. This campaign has been no exception. I put together 12 gift bags for nurses while I was at the hospital and gave them to all of the nurses and nurses aids while we were there.




We actually ran out on the 3rd day and my mom made up another 8 bags that were a little different than the original, but still expressed our thanks for our care on behalf of Pampers, so we gave out a total of 20 nurses gifts.  The original gift bags included: a water bottle, gift card for 2-3 smoothies, soap, chapstick and then another little bag that had chocolate.


Nurse Appreciation Gift Ideas


It was fun to see the gratitude of those nurses who took care of us. I think sometimes nursing can be an exhausting and thankless job. All of them were working 12 hour shifts and a few of my nurses were pregnant themselves. They worked with smiles on their faces and talked to my baby in sweet, hushed tones. They kept me updated on what was going on with my baby, made sure I was comfortable and included me in their bedside report when a new nurse would come on. I am so appreciative of everything they did for my son and me while we were there.


Nurse Appreciation Week Gift Ideas



To celebrate National Nurse Appreciation Week in May, Pampers Swaddlers announced a grand prize nurse honoree. They wanted to thank her for her dedication and commitment in making life better for babies and new parents. The nurse selected was delivery nurse, Anne Gallagher. She has been a nurse for 38 years and is currently working as one at University of Illinois Hospital. She focuses on empowering moms to form special bonds with their newborns. You can read more about Anne’s story and watch her submission here.


On behalf of Pampers and this new mom,  to nurses everywhere who are working hard to make life better for mom and baby!




This post was written as part of the Pampers Baby Board.  All opinions remain 100% my own.

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