Summer Fun, Barbecue Tips and Tricks

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Summer Barbecue Tips
The kids will be out of school at the end of the week, the weather is warming up and all of my flowers are in full bloom. Summer is finally here and I am more than excited. Throughout the summer months, we throw and attend barbecues many times a month. There’s something about friends and family, a grilled burger and a fresh slice of watermelon that just screams summer. I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to throwing the perfect barbecue.


Charmin Summer


1. Get a head count – Plan ahead and get a head count of how many will be attending your barbecue. It’s never good when you don’t get a count and have more people show up than you have food.

2. Stock up – Stock up on essentials in your home. This could be toiletries like Charmin Ultra Mega Roll or extra paper towels and plates. You don’t want guests yelling from the bathroom that they need more toilet paper, although that could be comical. I wouldn’t want to be that guest though! Charmin Ultra Mega Roll lasts longer than even the leading 1000 sheet brand, based on average usage, so you can rest easy knowing you will have enough. Charmin is also clog free, guaranteed which means that everyone can enjoy the go without worry.


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3. Lather up – Have sunscreen and bug spray if needed available for guests. I’ve been there, done that when I’ve forgotten sunscreen. At that point, I’m scrambling all around and asking for sunscreen so that my fair skinned kids won’t get sunburnt.


Kid's Spray on Sunscreen before being rubbed in


4. Potluck It – Barbecues can be overwhelming and you don’t need to do all of the work! Assign out salads, fruits or desserts to guests coming to the barbecue. It will lighten your load and may give you some new recipes to try!


These are just a few tips to keep things running smoothly, which is a plus when it comes to hosting guest.


We have our first family barbecue in just a few weeks and will be hosting close to 30 people. I’m going to be utilizing my own tips and will ask people to bring side dishes so I can worry less about food. I’ll also be making sure that all of my bathrooms are stocked with Charmin Ultra Mega Rolls so that my guests won’t be stuck in a stinky situation!


What tips do you have for the perfect summer barbecue?

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  1. 3
    Laura S. says:

    You always need sunscreen!

  2. 4
    vickie couturier says:

    good tips,,we always keep a container of ice with drinks it in ,nice and cold for those days outside grilling

  3. 5
    Julie Wood says:

    I think that pot luck and having everyone bring something is very good as to not make the host do all the work. We also love to have outdoor games for the kids and plenty of fun time swimming.

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