Cool Summer Play with H2OGO!

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H2OGO! Backyard Water Toys
Things are definitely heating up here where we live and most days have been in the high 80’s and low 90’s. The kids are out of school and we decided to celebrate with a little backyard party. They invited some friends and were pretty excited. We had root beer floats on board and with the help of H2OGO!, we were set for the ultimate backyard water party.


H2OGO! Logo


H2OGO! has a pretty fun lineup of summer products to keep you cool this summer. For our outdoor party, we had the H2OGO! Tether Ball Splash, Color Wave Pool, and Backyard Triple Water Slide.


H2OGO!Tether Ball Splash
The Tether Ball Splash is a fun spin on regular tether ball. It combines a fun, classic game with water play. Setup for this particular toy was simple and straight forward. There are 2 areas where you add air and then one area at the bottom that you add water to. The water on the bottom makes the toy weighted so that it stays put on the ground. After attaching a hose to the bottom of the tether ball toy, water is propelled up into the ball and shoots out in all different directions. My kids really had a lot of fun with this toy, hitting it back and forth. We did have 2 different hoses hooked up when we first set it up and there wasn’t a lot of water pressure. We unhooked one of the hoses and the toy worked a lot better with increased water pressure. H2OGO! Tether Ball Splash is definitely affordable at under $10 and can be purchased online at Walmart.


h2ogo! tether ball splash



Color Wave Pool
If you are looking for a good sized kid’s pool, the color wave pool is a great choice. It holds up to 147 gallons of water and has 2 chambers for air. The fun thing about this pool is that you can add size C batteries to have the sides light up for nighttime play as well. It rotates between 5 neon colors. The pool is well built and although we’ve only been using it for a week, it’s already withstood a lot. Setup is also easy and we used a small air mattress blower to inflate it in a matter of minutes. The pool is my daughter’s favorite and she has played in it every day this week. The H2OGO! Color Wave Pool is priced at $39.99 and can also be purchased at Walmart.


H2OGo Color Wave Pool


H2OGO! Triple Backyard Waterslides
These waterslides take me back to when I was a kid, although they were nowhere near as cool as the triple slide we received. H2OGO makes these slides in single, double and triple sizes. There is an inflatable launch pad at the top of the slide which makes sliding easier on the belly, and a pool at the end for a big splash landing. On the side of the waterslide are areas where the water shoots out to keep the slide wet. With 18 feet of sliding length, it’s a good sized, fun slide. The triple slide retails for $30, with the double and single being even less than that. You can pick the H2OGO! Triple Backyard Waterslide also at Walmart. It’s even on sale at under $20 which is a steal for this fun toy!


H2OGo! Triple Waterslide


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  1. 4
    josh dillard says:

    having a newborn i think i like the pool best haha sit out there and hold him soaking in it in the shade, he loves bath time already sitting in wading water with his mama letting himself soak

  2. 5
    Maryann D. says:

    All of these would be a lot of fun in the summer. My kids would have loved the H2OGO!Tether Ball Splash in our yard!

  3. 6

    Oh those are all so neat! I love that H2OGO!Tether Ball Splash!! Our little one loves running through the sprinkler..he would have so much fun with it.

  4. 7
    Janet W. says:

    The Color Wave Pool is so neat! My grandsons would love how it lights up!

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