Feeding Transitions with the Joovy Boob Bottle

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Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set
When I had my son 3 1/2 months ago, I knew I would be transitioning back to work. As much as I didn’t want it to come, it did. We’ve always introduced our babies to the bottle at a few weeks old, but sometimes it’s been a trial and error process for what they like and what they will take. When my son hit 4 weeks, I knew it was time to introduce it. Our breastfeeding relationship was great and I hoped that he would transition between the two without trouble.


Our first attempt to offer a bottle was with the Joovy Boob. Joovy sent us the PPSU Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set that includes several Joovy Boob bottles and everything else you might need that is bottle related for the first year. Without hesitation, our little guy took the bottle and drank 3 ounces.


Joovy Boob Bottle


He didn’t miss a beat and was happy and satisfied after his feeding. I could breathe a sigh of relief at this point. He’s continued to take the bottle and I believe it’s because Joovy’s design has a naturalistic feel of the breast. The set is also great quality and is holding up nicely.


Joovy Boob PPSU Gift Set


The PPSU gift set includes:

  • 3 9oz./260ml Bottles with stage 2 nipples
  • 1 9oz./260ml Insulator
  • 3 5 oz./160ml Bottles with stage 1 nipples
  • 1 5oz./160ml Insulator
  • 2 Breast Pump Adapters
  • 3 Sealing Caps
  • 1 Stage 1 nipple
  • 1 Stage 2 nipple
  • 2 Stage 3 nipples
  • 2 Stage X nipples
  • 2 Stage 0 nipples
  • 1 Nipple Brush
  • 1 Bottle Brush

I feel like this is a really well thought out set.  Previously with other bottles, I’ve made several trips to the store over many months to buy accessories like a bottle brush or purchase different nipples in a faster flow.  It’s also nice to have accessories like breast pump adapters and insulators to keep milk warm or cold.  They are things I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of but serve a purpose and make feeding easier!  I wanted to show you hands on just how great this set is.  Check out my overview video below to see the PPSU baby bottle gift set.



The Joovy Boob is easy to clean, is BPA and PVC free.  This particular set has plastic bottles, but Joovy also carries a glass bottle set for those that prefer glass over the plastic. Overall, it’s a great system that would take you or someone you know who is expecting throughout all of their bottle feeding days!


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